Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki

Season 1: Lapis[]

Chapter Region
Chapter 1 Grandshelt Isles, Lanzelt, Kolobos Isle
Chapter 2 Dirnado
Chapter 3 Olderion Federation
Chapter 4 Zoldaad Empire
Chapter 5 Magi Nation Mysidia, Fina's Psyche
Chapter 6 Gronoa
Chapter 7 Kingdom of Pharm, Land of the Crystals, Wandering Lands
Optional Realm of the Dragon King

Season 2: Paladia[]

Chapter Region
Chapter 1 Aldore, Georl
Chapter 2 Gungan
Chapter 3 Crystallis
Chapter 4 Visectrum
Chapter 5 Visectrum, Town of Desolation Visectrum
Chapter 6 Town of Desolation Visectrum, Magistellus
Chapter 7 Rubiena, The Six Realms
Chapter 8 Rubiena
Chapter 9 Aldore Tower Final Battle, Grandore
Chapter 10 Grandore, Vlad, Various Tomorrows

Season 3: Dimensional Expanse[]

Chapter Region
Chapter 1 Wohlstok, Theater City Wohlstok
Chapter 2 Kingdom of Illumia
Chapter 3 Kingdom of Couleur
Chapter 4 Symphonia, the Scholastic City
Chapter 5 The Fortress City of Berga
Chapter 6 The Evernight Kingdom of Andigo
Chapter 7 Equirelle, The Dwindling World, The Will of Oblivion
Chapter 8 A World Without Fina
Chapter 9 The Lightspring
Chapter 10 The Maidens' Return

Season 4: Levonia I[]

Chapter Region
Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Chapter 2
Chapter 3 Chapter 3
Chapter 4 Kingdom of Elmont, The Capital, ???
Chapter 5 Rovina Ruins, Paladia
Chapter 6 Chapter 6

Season 4: Levonia II[]

Chapter Region
Chapter 7 Rovina Ruins, Past Levonia
Chapter 8 Noble Kingdom of Gordo, Republic of Sherna
Chapter 9 Sovereign State of Nouvgoran, Republic of Sherna
Chapter 10 The Kingdom of Gernveld, Capital of Sherna Rohlestan
Chapter 11 Episcopacy of Sweonaev, Capital of Sherna Rohlestan
Chapter 12 Ilskah, The Fallen Land