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Item Exchange

Can be exchanged for various units and items

How to obtain


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Exchange Shop

VIP Shop
Item Type Currency Limit
1/10 NV Summon Ticket (10) Ticket VIP Coin10,000 1
1/10 NV Summon Ticket Ticket VIP Coin1,000 1
Guaranteed Ticket (5★/NV) Ticket VIP Coin1,750 1
Rare Summon Ticket (3★/4★/5★/NV) (2) Ticket VIP Coin200 2
NV EX Ticket (5★/NV) Ticket VIP Coin1,400 2
NV EX Ticket (3★/4★/5★/NV) (3) Ticket VIP Coin200 5
Omniprism Material VIP Coin2,500 1
5-star★ Trust Moogle (ALL 50%) Enhancer VIP Coin200 8
Ascension Pearl Material VIP Coin200 3
Transcension Pearl Material VIP Coin1,000 2
Gil Snapper Tower (10) Gil Unit VIP Coin60 20
King Metal Minituar (Max level) (10) EXP Unit VIP Coin70 20
Metal Gigantuar's Here! Vision Card VIP Coin700 10
Brave Insignia (Transcendent Heroes) (30) Material VIP Coin200 10
Unit Fragments and Brave Insignias
New fragments and brave insignias appear after their corresponding event ends.
They are rotated out after 27 days.
Gil Shop
Item Type Currency Limit
Esper Shard Material Gil240 -
Beast Meat Material Gil480 -
Pearl of Wisdom Material Gil480 -
Allure Powder Material Gil480 -
Litrock Material Gil960 -
Seed of Life Material Gil960 -
Crimson Tear Material Gil960 -
Mystic Ore Material Gil960 -
Aqua Pearl Material Gil960 -
Luminous Horn Material Gil960 -
Quality Parts Material Gil960 -
Rainbow Needle Material Gil960 -
Esper Cryst Material Gil960 -
Golden Egg Material Gil960 -
Book of Ruin Material Gil960 -
Earth's Core Material Gil1,620 -
Heaven's Ash Material Gil1,620 -
Deepsea Bloom Material Gil1,620 -
Scripture of Time Material Gil1,620 -
Farplane Dew Material Gil1,620 -
Hard Rock Material Gil1,620 -
Fury Seed Material Gil1,620 -
Wicked Drop Material Gil1,620 -
Brilliant Ray Material Gil1,620 -
Lucky Seedling Material Gil1,620 -
Bizarre Box Material Gil1,620 -
Sacred Crystal Material Gil1,620 -
Spiritsand Material Gil2,480 -
God's Reliquary Material Gil2,480 -
Dragon Heart Material Gil2,480 -
Esper's Tear Material Gil2,480 -
Talmonite of Life Material Gil2,480 -
Holy Crystal Material Gil2,480 -
Divine Crystal Material Gil3,960 -
Fairies' Writ Material Gil2,480 -
Rainbow Bloom Material Gil2,480 -
Calamity Writ Material Gil2,480 -
Prismatic Horn Material Gil2,480 -
Calamity Gem Material Gil2,480 -
Grenade Item Gil500 -
Frag Grenade Item Gil1,000 -
Imperial Grenade Item Gil50,000 -
Shuriken Item Gil6,000 -
Fuma Shuriken Item Gil24,000 -
Pinwheel Item Gil65,500 -
Throwing Coin (AMoE) Item Gil3,000,000 -
Throwing Coin (SR) Item Gil3,000,000 -
Throwing Coin (BS) Item Gil3,000,000 -
Falchion Sword Gil1,000 1
Onimaru+ - recipe Katana Gil1,500 1