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Located in the Shop Tab Menu, the Unit Exchange allows players to convert units that have completed their trust masteries (100%) into trust coins. These coins can be exchanged in the Item Exchange for various items including 5★ Select Summon Tickets and 7★ Unit Prisms for certain units (typically from the latest collab events). Raid summons, "free" units (see Category:Reward Units ), and Empty Prism Moogles do not qualify for conversion.

Unit Values

Base Rarity Coins
3★ Trust Coin100
4★ Trust Coin200
5★ Trust Coin500


The exchange store restocks/changes every 3-4 months.

Item Stock Cost
Empty Prism Moogle 2 10,000
5★ Select Summon Ticket 12 5,000
5★ Guaranteed 10+1 Summon Ticket (3★/4★/5★) 4 15,000
EX Ticket (5★) 9 5,000
Guaranteed Ticket (4★/5★/NV) 9 2,500
Super Trust Moogle Exchange Ticket 30 1,000
7★ Unit Prism 1 ea 5,000
Brave Insignia (Joined Forces) 54 100
King Pots 50 ea 200
Gil Snapper Tower 50 100
King Metal Minituar (Max level) 50 150

* Applicable to certain units only (e.g. Marquis de Léon)

Exchangeable Unit Prism History

Unit Start Date
A2, 2B, Dragonlord, Estark, Marquis de Léon 2019-03-07
Demon Rain, Dracu Lasswell, White Knight Noel, Yun,
Rena, Fayt, Adam Jensen, Viktor Marchenko
Grim Lord Sakura, Lucius, Lilith,
Chow, Ang, Qin, Bai Hu & Zhu Que,
Christine, Kryla, Tiana, Felix
Lenneth, Freya (VP), Arngrim,
The Lord of Shadows, Jasper Unbound, Erik,
Sylvando, Jade, Rab, Mordegon,
Eleven, Serena, Veronica
Sora, Cloud (KH), Riku, Sephiroth (KH) 2020-11-26


Preventative Exchange Measures
Unit Status Indicator
Expedition Icon and/or "Expedition" text (if tmr, etc. text is not present)
Locked Lock icon
Arena party Flashes "Arena Party" text
Normal party "Party" text
Companion settings None
Equipment Enhancement
Event Party
Flashes "Equipment Enhancement Party" text
Dark Visions None
Chamber of Arms Can be exchanged