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Ranking Information

  • Units who can fulfill multiple roles but not at the same time (due to not having enough actions or needing to gear differently for various roles) will be rated according to their best role (or best combination of roles that they can perform within a single fight).
  • In general, units will only receive tags for roles that they can fulfill well enough that they would be within a point or two of their rating based on that role alone.
    • Exception: the support tag is applied to any unit that has significant utility.
  • Unit ratings are primarily aimed at casual players. As a result, units that only excel with very specific team compositions will not be rated assuming those optimal situations. Additionally, ratings are not focused on competitive Dark Visions rankings, as casual players are, by definition, not competitive.
  • Units with the same rating are shown in alphabetical order.

Neo Vision Rating Criteria

  • Units are rated based on their EX+1 awakening, meaning that they have access to their Brave Shift.
  • The unit is considered to have all ability awakenings, latent abilities, and brave ability enhancements unlocked.
  • All non-limited 5★ and NV TMRs are available for build purposes, but ratings may be penalized if the unit relies heavily on multiple copies of a 5★ TM. If the unit is a 5★ base, we will not penalize them for using up to four copies of their own TM, since you need at least five copies of the unit to awaken them to EX+1 (and there's no TM that they could equip more than four of). NV base units will receive minor penalties if they rely too heavily on multiple copies of their own TM.
  • Units will be allowed to use one copy of their STMR.
  • A unit may either use its own vision card at level 10, or any other non-limited vision card at level 4, to minimize any cases of a unit relying very heavily on a specific vision card that players may not have access to.

7★ Rating Criteria

  • As of January 6th, 2021, 7★ damage dealers no longer receive ratings unless they deal enough damage to be competitive with NV units. All existing ratings for 7★ damage dealers have been removed due to their irrelevance to the meta and the upkeep that would be required to fix them any time we reconsider damage dealer rating parameters.
  • The unit is considered to have all of their abilities awakened and all of their latent abilities unlocked (if applicable).
  • All non-limited TMRs are available for build purposes, but a unit's rating may be penalized if they rely heavily on multiple copies of a 5★ or NV TM other than their own (or more than two copies of their own TMR), and said gear does not have budget alternatives from more readily accessible sources (such as 3★ and 4★ TMRs).
  • Units will be allowed to use one copy of their STMR.
  • Gear from events, including the TMs of limited time units, are not allowed, unless it is the unit's own TM.

Chainer Rating Criteria

  • Chainers are rated on an exponential scale, with the starting point for their rating being their average damage output across a standard rotation of reasonable length (typically 10 turns).
  • Each half point represents a 30% damage increase over the prior one, starting with 300 million damage per turn at a rating of 13.0.
  • Because units typically do not land exactly on a damage benchmark, decisions on whether to round them up or down are made based on various factors such as whether they are closer to a higher or lower benchmark, how easily they can gear for killers/survivability/resists, their utility, and any drawbacks associated with their rotation or overall kit.
  • In some cases, units may lose or gain half a point or more purely based on major advantages or disadvantages. For example, Lulu lost half a point for being element locked and losing far more DPS than is normal if she dies.
  • Chainers that only function well when paired with a duplicate receive a half point penalty once their damage per turn falls below 65% of the average damage of the current top five damage dealers.
  • Chaining families that do not have a single member that deals more than 50% of the damage of the average of the current top five damage dealers will lose half a point, unless the wiki ratings team collectively decides that there is a solid reason for that family to not be penalized (such as having many strong support chainers).
  • Which family a unit is a part of is determined not by which frames they *have*, but which frames they can use while still dealing something resembling their optimal damage.
    • For example, although Lulu has Tornado frames, she is considered to be a duplicate only chainer, as her optimal damage rotation involves capping her own Flood chains with Raging Water, something that no other damgae dealer does.
    • A unit's rotation also matters. For instance, if a unit uses both Bolting Strike and Aureole Ray frames in their rotation, but almost all of their actual damage comes from the AR frame attack(s), then they would be considered to be an Aureole Ray chainer, not a Bolting Strike chainer.
    • If a unit has multiple family options that all deal similar damage, their rating will be based on whichever of those families is currently the best.
  • These chaining family tier penalties are intended to reflect the fact that even if a unit's personal damage is not top tier, if they can chain with a strong unit, they are much better off than an otherwise identical unit that can only chain with much weaker friend units.