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Unit's Prism

A rainbow colored stone that holds a mysterious power. These stones are formed from the crystallization of intense energy, and constantly emits a divine glow. Those who are deemed worthy of obtaining these stones are endowed with the power of awakening.


Awakening Material

How to obtain


  • Convert a duplicate 5-star★ unit.
  • Unit-specific Prisms can be bought in the trust coin shop.
  • Unit-specific Prisms of permanent 5-star★ base units can be exchanged for 8 copies of a 5★ Select Summon Ticket.


  • Cannot be sold.
  • The Prism's name will be based on the name of the unit embedded to it. Thus, different Prisms do not stack and they have their own slot in the materials inventory.
    • A unit cannot be converted into it's Prism as long as the player still owns another copy of the same Prism, making it impossible to own two copies of a Prism at the same time.
  • Select Summon Unit List