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Twin Whip

A unique whip which has a tip split in two. The tips are covered with metal so that it leaves a sharp pain in its wake. A slight nick from this whip will leave two red lacerations from the split tip that will make people writhe in pain, so use of this whip is often prohibited when facing other people. The whip is also called the "sousanben," which means to "feel pain spreading in two directions."


Crafting recipe

Materials Gil
Icon-Thickened Hide.pngThickened Hide (15)
Icon-Cursed Tusk.pngCursed Tusk (8)
Icon-Otherworldly Bone.pngOtherworldly Bone (8)
Icon-Spellsilk.pngSpellsilk (5)
Icon-Mythril Ore.pngMythril Ore (3)

How to obtain