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How to unlock

To unlock the The Six Realms, the player must be at least rank 108. This is an optional region, and is not required to continue on in the season 2 story.

Go to Militant Town of Moraque and do the Asura's Challenge quest. Use the second exit of the exploration, Pearl Cavern - Exploration and you will unlock The Six Realms in the world map.

How it works

You will start by going to the first exploration, The Deva Realm located at the top. There are 7 explorations total, interconnected to each other in a circular manner. At its center is Asura's Palace, which is where Asura is located.

To unlock other explorations, defeat the realm's respective boss and exit through the blue portal. The portals are found at the end of each exploration. Red portals allow you to return to the stage's starting point. Yellow portals allow you to enter a new stage. Blue portals allow you to complete the exploration and exit the stage.

Exploration maps in the The Six Realms are highly difficult. The encounter rate is much more frequent than regular exploration maps, and the enemies themselves are much stronger. Specific realms have a 100% preemptive strike.

How to fight Asura

Asura stats and strategy: Asura's Palace

In order to unlock the portal leading to Asura's Palace, the boss of each exploration map must be defeated.

Once you have leveled Asura to the maximum level (30), an additional dungeon in The Six Realms, Trial of Asura, will appear. Defeat her immensely powerful version and Asura will be upgraded to 2★.

World Map

The Six Realms


The Deva Realm
The Deva Realm
The Asura Realm
The Asura Realm
The Manusya Realm
The Manusya Realm
The Preta Realm
The Preta Realm
The Tiryagyoni Realm
The Tiryagyoni Realm
The Naraka Realm
The Naraka Realm
Asura's Palace
Asura's Palace


  • Lapis: Lapis700
  • Energy (Exploration): 210

Exploration Guide

While the explorations provides a very large amount of EXP, there are several differences from previous explorations need to be considered before attempting to conquer the area:

  • Each of the 7 exploration areas harbor different monsters, but individually, each area will NOT be divided into encounter zones.
  • Encounter rates are significantly higher and more numerous, and monsters are greatly stronger. Specific realms have a 100% pre-emptive encounter, all of which are not overly dangerous except for the enemies encountered in The Naraka Realm.
    • The Deva Realm features Dragon-type monsters.
    • The Asura Realm features Fairy-type monsters.
    • The Manusya Realm features Human-type enemies. All encounters are pre-emptives that buffs/debuffs themselves or your party.
    • The Preta Realm features Demon-type monsters. All encounters are pre-emptives that reduce all elemental resistances to your party.
    • The Tiryagyoni Realm features Beast-type monsters.
    • The Naraka Realm features Reaper-type monsters. All encounters are pre-emptives that deal 20% of current HP damage to your party.
  • The boss battle is a one-time only event. Any subsequent visits will be without a boss battle.

Recommendations and strategies:

  • Bring multiple sources of Reduce Encounter and/or Spy. Encounter rates are VERY high.
  • Stay close to a chosen exit, in case all resources are exhausted, and you need to clear the dungeon immediately.
  • If you are leveling characters, do NOT to bring small unprepared teams for maximum EXP benefits.
  • Bring a reliable MP healer.
  • Bring a healer who can revive allies.
  • Most opponents can be easily defeated with Status Ailments (preferably AoE).
  • It is not recommended to clear ALL or several maps in one attempt, due to extremely prolonged exploration, as well as risk of losing all progress.
  • When exploring the Naraka Realm, be sure to heal up the party's HP after every fight.
  • For the Preta and Deva Realm bring a magic cover tank with high elemental resistances.
  • For the Asura, Manusya, and Naraka Realm bring a physical cover tank.
    • Building for evade will be the most beneficial.
    • Against the Asura Realm boss, bring a form of reraise or death resistance for your tank and healer.

Megacrysts Guide

Exploration Megacrysts
Icon-Fire Resistance.png Icon-Ice Resistance.png Icon-Lightning Resistance.png Icon-Water Resistance.png Icon-Wind Resistance.png Icon-Earth Resistance.png Icon-Light Resistance.png Icon-Dark Resistance.png
The Deva Realm x x
The Asura Realm x x
The Manusya Realm x x
The Preta Realm x x
The Tiryagyoni Realm
The Naraka Realm x x
Asura's Palace