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The High Seraph


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Battle Info

Difficulty Energy Battle Gil Unit XP Rank XP Clear Reward
15 1 717-1317 6000-12000 365 4-star★ Trust Moogle
Complete the quest 4-star★ Trust Moogle
Clear in 11 turns or more White Orb10,000
No items Wind Resistance +15%Wind Resistance +15%
Clear without an ally being KO'd False SaintFalse Saint
Monster Boss
Ultima Demon (2)
Grand Seraph Ultima

Boss Info

Grand Seraph Ultima
Race Demon

Grand Seraph Ultima

Level 99
HP 4,000,000
MP 15,000
ATK 400
DEF 25
MAG 450
SPR 25
Element Resistance
Fire Resistance Ice Resistance Lightning Resistance Water Resistance Wind Resistance Earth Resistance Light Resistance Dark Resistance
- - - - - +100% +100% +100%
Status Ailment Resistance
Poison Resistance Blind Resistance Sleep Resistance Silence Resistance Paralysis Resistance Confuse Resistance Disease Resistance Petrification Resistance
null +50% null null null null null null
Other Resistance
Immune to Gravity and Death. Immune to ATK/DEF/SPR Break. Vulnerable to MAG break.


  • Grand Cross: Magic damage (1.5x) and inflict one random status effect (poison, blind, sleep, silence, paralyze and disease 10%) to all enemies
  • Mute: Magic damage (4x) as MP drain to one enemy (targets the unit with highest current mp or provoke)
  • Dispelja: Remove all status effects from all enemies (Note: sealable with Manufacted Nethicite or Sealing Blade)
  • The power of darkness is coiling up!: Add dark element to physical attacks for 3 turns to all enemies
    Inflict poison (100%) to all enemies
  • Summon: Summons two Ultima Demons
  • Eschaton: Magic damage (4x) with ignore SPR (25%) to all enemies (5.33x effective mod)
  • Ultima: Magic damage (2.5x) with ignore SPR (25%) to all enemies (3.33x effective mod)

Preemptive strike

  • The power of darkness is coiling up!

Conditional Attacks

  • 90% HP threshold (Max 1/battle): Eschaton, end turn
  • 50% HP threshold (Max 1/battle): Eschaton, end turn
  • Every 2 turns after 80% HP threshold: Ultima
  • Every 4 turns: Mute
  • Every 5 turns: Dispelja, The power of darkness is coiling up!
  • Every 5 turns after 50% HP threshold: Dispelja, The power of darkness is coiling up!, Eschaton, end turn
  • Every 6 turns: Grand Cross
  • On 10th turn: Summon

Regular Attacks

  • Up to 7 attacks per turn
  • Will go through conditional attacks first, then use normal attacks to a total of 7 (unless conditional states otherwise)


  • The Boss can be killed with 2 Agrias' in 2 turns using, for example, Fire-element weapons
    As always, remember to keep your buffs active and the boss' mag broken to survive over 11 turns.
  • On the first turn, the boss will grant your party an 'add dark element to attack' buff, making your physical attacks considerably weaker or downright useless, as the boss has 100% dark resistance.
    • Use mages as your primary damage dealers
    • For physical attackers, bring elemental weapons other than light, dark or earth - the buff will make your attacks half as effective, instead of totally ineffective (an average between the boss' resistances to dark and your weapon's element)
    • Debuff the boss dark resistance
    • Or use Bushido - Freedom or Dispelga on your party (the latter requires Dualcast)
  • The Boss' Grand Cross can inflict a variety of ailments to your party. Consider using equipment, materia or units that resist immobilizing ailments, as well as units that can heal them (examples include: Ling, Lunera, Rasler, Mercenary Ramza).
  • Consider using Diabolos, Sun Barrette, and Demon Killer on your main damage dealing unit - this will give more damage as the boss and its minions are Demons.
  • On 10th turn, the boss will summon 2 Ultima Demons to its aid, which will immediately get a turn, as well as use Dispelja - prepare accordingly.


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Event Period

Event Period:

  • Start: Friday 8/4/17 00:00 PST
  • End: Thursday 8/10/17 23:59 PST

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