Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki

Holiday Special

Featured Summon for Holiday Special!

Noctis Arrives!

Featured Summon for Noctis Arrives!

Final Fantasy XIII 2nd Wave

Featured Summon for Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII 1st Wave

Featured Summon for Final Fantasy XIII

  • Units: Snow, Vanille, Sazh
  • Release Date: 2016-12-02
  • Available Until: 2016-12-08

Final Fantasy V

Featured Summon for Final Fantasy V

Dark Destroyers

Featured Summon for Dark Destroyers

Brave Frontier

Featured Summon for Brave Frontier

  • Units: Elza, Tilith, Seria, Karl
  • Time-limited units: All
  • Release Date: 2016-11-11
  • Available Until: 2016-11-24

Final Fantasy III

Featured Summon for Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Halloween Event

Featured Summon for Halloween

Final Fantasy IV

Gacha-Rosa Dark Knight Cecil Cecil Edge.png

Final Fantasy Tactics 2nd Wave

Gacha-Agrias Ramza Mustadio.png

Final Fantasy Tactics 1st Wave

Gacha-Gaffgarion Delita Alma.png

Lightning, Ludmille, Charlotte

Gacha-Ludmille Lightning Charlotte.png

Players' Choice Banner

Gacha-Chizuru CoD WoL Kefka Lenna.png

Fencer, Juggler, Thief

Gacha-Fencer Juggler Thief.png

Leo, Terra, Celes, Locke

Gacha-Leo Terra Celes Locke.png

Kuja, Amarant, Garnet, Zidane, Freya, Lani, Vivi

Gacha-Kuja Amarant Garnet Zidane Freya Lani Vivi.png

Kuja, Amarant, Zidane, Lani, Vivi

Gacha-Kuja Amarant Zidane Lani Vivi.png

Lenna, Warrior of Light, Tellah

Gacha-Lenna Warrior of Light Tellah.png

Hayate, Locke, Artemios

Gacha-Hayate Locke Artemios.png

Kefka, Golbez, Chizuru

Gacha-Kefka Golbez Chizuru.png