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Slots de Chocobo

Slots de Chocobo


A minigame that players can play using event slots tokens that dispenses several kinds of rewards. Rewards are claimed from the mailbox. Event tokens can be obtained from an event's login bonus, the event itself, and special daily quests.

To be able to play the slots, players must have at least 1 event token.

How to Play

  1. Once past the "Play Slots" and "Yes" prompts, the player will be presented with a screen reflecting the number of attempts required to get the guaranteed rewards and next bonus reward.
  2. Tap the screen or select the "Spin" button up to 3 times to stop each row of slots. If no actions are made, the game will come to a stop automatically.
  3. If any of the rows have 3 of the same image, the player will be rewarded.
  4. Selecting "Next" will allow the player to choose to "Play Again."
  • Fever Time will occur randomly, improving your slot spin and reward. It can take the form of Bahamut firing his megaflare, a Fat Chocobo falling from the sky, or a pack of chocobos running across the slots.
  • Every 10 spins, players will get a guaranteed reward. This means if a player spins the 11th reward, that spin will be get automatically upgraded into a higher placed reward.


Rank Image Slot Rewards
1 Unit-Blue Mage Fina-7.png Icon-Transcension Pearl.pngTranscension Pearl
2 Unit-Vagrant Knight Rain-6.png Icon-1-10 NV Summon Ticket.png1/10 NV Summon Ticket
3 Unit-Pyro Glacial Lasswell-7.png Guaranteed TicketGuaranteed Ticket
4 Unit-Heavenly Technician Lid-7.png Rare Summon TicketRare Summon Ticket
5 Unit-Nameless Gunner Jake-7.png Lapis300
6 Unit-Blossom Sage Sakura-7.png Lapis100
7 Unit-Maritime Strategist Nichol-7.png EX TicketEX Ticket
8 Unit-Trust Moogle-4.png King Metal Minituar (Max level)
9 Unit-Metal Minituar-1.png Burst Pot
10 Unit-Chocobo.png Icon-NRG Restore 10.pngNRG Restore 10 (3)
11 Lapis20

Bonus Rewards

Times Played Bonus Reward
10 Icon-NRG Restore 10.pngNRG Restore 10 (2)
20 EX TicketEX Ticket
40 Guaranteed TicketGuaranteed Ticket
50 EX TicketEX Ticket
70 Guaranteed TicketGuaranteed Ticket
90 5-star★ Trust Moogle
110 Lapis500
120 Icon-1-10 NV Summon Ticket.png1/10 NV Summon Ticket
130 Guaranteed TicketGuaranteed Ticket
140 Icon-Super Trust Moogle Exchange Ticket.pngSuper Trust Moogle Exchange Ticket (10)
150 Guaranteed TicketGuaranteed Ticket
160 Guaranteed TicketGuaranteed Ticket
170 Icon-Omniprism.pngOmniprism
180 Icon-1-10 NV Summon Ticket.png1/10 NV Summon Ticket