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Season of Mayhem


  • Origin: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
  • Type: Challenge Event
  • Reference: Announcement
  • Related Event: Winter Mayhem
  • Event Period: 12/28/18 00:00 - 1/3/19 23:59 PST

Challenge the boss in this high difficulty dungeon and enrich your party with the bountiful rewards that can be obtained during this limited-time event!

Battle Info

Season of Mayhem - Trial (Easy)

Difficulty Energy Battle Gil Unit XP Rank XP Clear Reward
5 1 328 600 155 Icon-Gift Bow.pngGift Bow (200)
Complete the quest Lapis20
No items Lapis20
Use a limit burst ATK +10%ATK +10%
No continues Lapis10
Mischievous Archmage

Season of Mayhem - Trial (Hard)

Difficulty Energy Battle Gil Unit XP Rank XP Clear Reward
40 1 10150 30000 1100 4-star★ Trust Moogle (ALL 5%)
Complete the quest Icon-Red Mittens.pngRed Mittens
No items Icon-Gift Bow.pngGift Bow (10000)
Deal fire damage 3 times or more to an enemy 4-star★ Trust Moogle (ALL 5%)
Defeat mischievous archmage with magic DEF +20%DEF +20%
Mischievous Archmage

Boss Info (Hard)

Mischievous Archmage No. 9054
Race Human, Plant

Mischievous Archmage

Level 99
HP 10,000,000
MP 10,000
ATK 750
DEF 600
MAG 600
SPR 200
Element Resistance
Fire Resistance Ice Resistance Lightning Resistance Water Resistance Wind Resistance Earth Resistance Light Resistance Dark Resistance
- +200% +200% +200% +200% +200% +200% +200%
Status Ailment Resistance
Poison Resistance Blind Resistance Sleep Resistance Silence Resistance Paralysis Resistance Confuse Resistance Disease Resistance Petrification Resistance
null null null null null null null null
Other Resistance
Immune to DEF/SPR break. Vulnerable to ATK/MAG break.


  • Wood Sweep: Physical damage (5x) to all enemies. Reduce DEF/SPR (50%) for 3 turns to all enemies.
  • Unstoppable Hammer: Physical damage (10x) to all enemies. Reduce ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (60%) for 3 turns to all enemies.
  • Don't hurt my tree!: Magic damage (8x) to one enemy. Inflict silence and paralyze (70%) on one enemy.
  • Freeze!: Magic damage (3x) to one enemy. Inflict stop (100%) for 3 turns on one enemy.
  • Fire Extinguisher: Remove all buffs from all enemies. Magic attack with fixed damage.
    See the mechanics page.
    HP damage (60%) to all enemies.
  • Jolly Tree: Mitigate physical and magical damage taken (20%) for 2 turns to caster. (can't be dispelled)
  • ENOUGH!: Mitigate physical and magical damage taken (95%) for 1 turn to caster. (can't be dispelled)
  • Oh no...: Remove all buffs and debuffs from caster.

Attack Pattern

  • Pre-emptive attack:
    • Jolly Tree
    • End Turn
  • If hit with fire before 30%:
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • Continues Turn
  • 100% until 50% health:
    • Every turn: Jolly Tree
    • Remaining actions are:
      • 5% chance: Don't hurt my tree!
      • 40% chance: Wood Sweep
      • 30% chance: Freeze! (Max 1/turn)
      • 100% chance: Normal Attack
  • 50% until 30% health:
    • Every turn: Jolly Tree, Don't hurt my tree!
    • Remaining actions are:
      • 50% chance: Wood Sweep
      • 100% chance: Freeze! (Max 1/turn)
      • 10% chance: Don't hurt my tree!
      • 100% chance: Normal Attack
  • 30% until dead, if not hit with fire four times yet:
    • Every turn: ENOUGH!
    • Remaining actions are:
      • 20% chance: Unstoppable Hammer
      • 40% chance: Don't hurt my tree!
      • 75% chance: Freeze! (Max 1/turn)
      • 100% chance: Wood Sweep
  • Under 30%, after being hit with fire on four different turns:
    • Oh no...
    • Continues Turn
  • 30% until dead, after Oh no... has triggered:
    • Remaining actions are:
      • 50% chance: Unstoppable Hammer
      • 30% chance: Don't hurt my tree!
      • 60% chance: Freeze! (Max 1/turn)
      • 100% chance: Normal Attack


  • See testimonials and discussions.
  • Bring stop and paralyze protection for your provoke tank.
  • Bring a way to dispel stat breaks (e.g. Bushido - Freedom) or a means of break resistance.
  • Refrain from dealing fire damage until the boss is at 30% HP.
    • 30% HP is a hard threshold, which prevents the boss from bring damaged any further.
    • Deal fire damage on 4 different turns to disable the HP lock.
  • Human/Plant killers are effective (e.g. Necropolis)
  • [Bug?] When restarting the game after Oh no..., the HP will be locked at 29% permanently.



Season of Mayhem - Trial (Hard)

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