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Scorn of the Legendary Stag


Battle Info

Difficulty Energy Battle Gil Unit XP Rank XP Clear Reward
280 10 1 12215 300000 5900 Lapis100
Complete the quest Rising SunRising Sun
Defeat elafikeras with a limit burst 5-star★ Trust Moogle
No items Icon-Trust Coin.pngTrust Coin (250)
Defeat elafikeras' party in 5 turns Icon-5★ Select Summon Ticket.png5★ Select Summon Ticket


Race Beast, Stone


Level 99
HP 280,000,000
MP 100,000
ATK 1,020 + 510
DEF 900
MAG 1,020 + 510
SPR 750
Element Resistance
Fire Resistance Ice Resistance Lightning Resistance Water Resistance Wind Resistance Earth Resistance Light Resistance Dark Resistance
- - - - - - - -
Status Ailment Resistance
Poison Resistance Blind Resistance Sleep Resistance Silence Resistance Paralysis Resistance Confuse Resistance Disease Resistance Petrification Resistance
null null null null null null +50% null
Other Resistance
Immune to DEF/SPR break. Vulnerable to ATK/MAG break.


Name Effect Target ATK DMG Element
Raging Buck

Physical damage (0.9x) to one enemy.

ST Physical

Physical damage (2.2x) to all enemies.

AoE Physical
Multi Horn

Physical damage (3.5x) to all enemies.

AoE Physical
Glowing Horn

Magic damage (0.9x) to one enemy.

ST Magic
Demon's Stone

Magic damage (3.5x) to all enemies.

AoE Magic
The giant horn drains all!

Magic damage (5x) as MP drain (500%) to all enemies.
Fixed* damage (99999) to all enemies.
Restore 100% HP to caster.

AoE Magic Magic, Fixed
Lightspeed Destrudo

Ability 38.png Inflict death (100%) to all enemies.
Remove all buffs and debuffs from all enemies.

Menacing Stampede

Reduce ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (50%) for 3 turns to all enemies.

Sparkling Horn

Restore (9000 MP, 1x) split over 10 turns to all enemies.

Splendor of Deflection

Mitigate physical damage taken (100%) for 1 turn to caster (can't be dispelled).

Splendor of Obliteration

Mitigate magic damage taken (100%) for 1 turn to caster (can't be dispelled).


Attack Pattern


  • Physical attacks with Raging Buck (3/turn max)
  • Magical attacks with Glowing Horn (3/turn max)


  • Pre-emptive attacks:
    • Sparkling Horn
    • Ends Turn
  • 30%:
    • Menacing Stampede
    • Continues Turn
  • Turn Four:
    • Splendor of Deflection
    • Continues Turn
  • Turn Seven:
    • Splendor of Obliteration
    • Continues Turn
  • Turn Ten (and every turn beyond):
    • Lightspeed Destrudo
    • The giant horn drains all!
    • The giant horn drains all!
    • Ends Turn

Attack Pattern

  • Under 75%:
    • 1x Demon's Stone every turn
    • If hit with Limit Burst, uses another Demon's Stone
  • Under 50%, will also use:
    • 1x Multi Horn every turn
    • If hit with Limit Burst, uses another Multi Horn
  • Remaining actions are:
    • One cast of Charge
    • Ends Turn


  • See testimonials and discussions.
  • By inflicting disease, a 10% stats break can be applied to the boss. Toxic Rain, Chaos Grenade, Shijin Spiral, and other status ailment skills will be effective.
  • Especially if going for the 5 turn clear, this is a damage race. The more damage you can bring in, the better off you are.
  • The boss must be killed on turn 4 if physical damage is being used as Splendor of Deflection will prevent any further damage on the following turn.
  • Build up a moderate amount of HP/SPR and have mitigation buffs in addition to other stat buffs for the non-damage dealers to combat any magic damage.
  • The following will be effective sources of killers: Golem, Ifrit, Stone Killer, Beast Killer, Grand Star.

Example Strategy

Find a powerful Cid friend to clear this trial within four turns.

Cover physical on turn one and setup the finishers.

Try not to bring the boss below 75% health until you're ready to kill.

When Cid is ready to land on turn 3, apply Disease, build the chain, prepare a damaging limit burst, then cap with Cid. Moose should be killed if the Cid was strong enough.



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Username Description Units Link
Raph1e 3 Turns | All Missions A.I. Katy, Sylvie, Esther, Cid, Barbariccia, Friend: Cid YouTube
Pee Mhee Channel 3 Turns | All Missions Radiant Lightning, Kryla, Cid, Radiant Lightning,Christine, Friend: Cid YouTube
Sinzar All Missions Basch, Lotus Mage Fina, Reberta, Warrior of Light Bartz, Aloha Lasswell, Friend: Cid YouTube
[FR]ReiAyanamiTV All Missions Sacred Shield Charlotte, Lotus Mage Fina, Reberta, Heavenly Technician Lid, Esther, Friend: Esther YouTube
Neptunesman 3 turns, all missions, Ignacio finisher Zargabaath, Kryla, Rivera, Ignacio, Christine, Friend: Christine YouTube
RR All Missions Sieghard, Sylvie, Cid, Elena, Esther, Friend: Elena YouTube
Odiril Smallfish 3 Turn All Missions, Reberta Finisher Rivera, Malphasie, Reberta, Sylvie, Barbariccia, Friend : Reberta Youtube
Malignant Rain 3 units, 2 turns, All Missions Regina, D.K Leon, , Friend: D.K Leon YouTube
Alkatrev All Missions A.I. Katy, Sora, Lotus Mage Fina, Elena, Barbariccia, Friend: Sylvie YouTube
GonzytheMage 3 Turn All Missions, Cid Clear Sieghard, Folka, Summer Fina & Lid, Ignacio, Cid, Friend: Cid YouTube
xxmitzburnxx All Missions (Español MX) Myra, Basch, Sylvie, A.I. Katy, Elena

Friend: Cid

Spdy Gaming 3TK w/ 3 Dragoons Lotus Mage Fina, Reberta, Blossom Sage Sakura, Cid, Roy, Friend: Cid YouTube
SinB 1 Turn / All Missions Zeno of the Beta Star, Nameless Gunner Jake, Ignacio, Nyx, Rivera, Friend: Zeno of the Beta Star YouTube
Raph1e Esther refuses to be benched and don't want no finisher, All Missions, 4 Turns Maritime Strategist Nichol, Mercenary Ramza, Warrior of Light Lenna (6★), Esther, Yuraisha, Friend: Esther YouTube
TriHard7 9 Turns :( A.I. Katy, Myra, Kryla, Ignacio, Radiant Lightning, Friend: Radiant Lightning YouTube
Alkatrev 4TK No LB A.I. Katy, Pyro Glacial Lasswell, Emperor, Maritime Strategist Nichol, Raegen, Friend: Yuraisha YouTube
RR All Missions, 4 units, 3 turns, no tank Sylvie, Cid, Elena, Esther YouTube
Naisya Cid Carry with non-rainbow party Cid, Summer Lid, Sara, Krowa, Unei, Ichor YouTube
Jason Gaming All Missions Warrior of Dawn Galuf, Sylvie,Reberta, Esther, Warrior of Light Bartz, Cid YouTube
Edward Thatch One two three Basch, Sylvie, Elena, Esther, Beatrix, friend Cid YouTube
NEMESIS 3 Turns K.O. A.I. Katy, Radiant Lightning, Randi, Cid, Pyro Glacial Lasswell, Friend Randi YouTube
Beautiful Cult of Sieghard 4TK, almost budget clear: no doorpots, minimal STMRs Myra, Esther, Barbariccia, Sieghard, Cid, Friend Esther YouTube
Jason Gaming all mission Warrior of Dawn Galuf, Folka,Sylvie, Hyoh, Aldore King Rain Friend: Aldore King Rain YouTube
d_frEak All missions, dps esther cid, burst 97% to 0 Basch, Sylvie,Rivera, Cid, Esther Friend: Esther YouTube
Giorgio Kazma All Missions LGD | 3 Turns | With Guide | Español Sieghard, Ignis, Summer Fina & Lid, Cid, Aldore King Rain, Friend: Aldore King Rain YouTube
dark_messenger All Missions feat. Dragoons Sieghard, Reberta, Myra, Esther, Cid, Friend: Esther YouTube
Misterdyox FTKO All Mission 5 units (Xuan and Rico replacable) Healing Avatar Lid, Lunafreya, Wild Card Ace, Xuan Wu & Qing Long, Rico Rodriguez, Friend: None YouTube