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Red Star Quartz

A red gem found on rare occasions throughout the world. It is said to contain great power that can be combined with magic to create special substances and living creatures. However, the extremely difficult process must be performed in a specialized workshop by an engineer with knowledge of science, pharmaceutics, magic, and biology, so it is a dauntless, nearly impossible task for most to contend with.


Item Exchange

Theo's Workshop
Name Description Price
Mini Tough Door HP limit +10 2
Tough Door HP limit +30 6
Mini Magi Door MP limit +5 2
Magi Door MP limit +10 4
Mini Power Door ATK limit +1 2
Power Door ATK limit +5 10
Mini Shield Door DEF limit +1 2
Shield Door DEF limit +5 10
Mini Smart Door MAG limit +1 2
Smart Door MAG limit +5 10
Mini Soul Door SPR limit +1 2
Soul Door SPR limit +5 10

How to obtain