Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki

Type Explanation[]

  • Ranking: Units are listed in a sequential manner with the strongest as the first rank.
  • Rating: Units are assigned numerical value relative to their power level.
  • Tier: Units are grouped into several groups based on their similar power level.

Wiki Rankings[]

Link Type Description
Unit Rankings Ranking, Rating, Tier NV units are ranked and rated with minimal STMRs. For more information, refer to the Unit Rating Notes.

Community Rankings[]

Link Type Description
Arena Rankings by Maximum Joe Ranking Curated list of units useful for arena purposes.
Chainer Rankings by Suede Ranking Ranked by overall efficacy.
GL Best Units Tier List Tier The GD3 community manages a tier list that is based on roles excluding chainers. See damage calculations for chainer information.

Defunct Rankings[]

This section is outdated, kupo.
Link Type Description
7★ Unit Ratings Ranking, Tier, Archived Ratings for 7★ units. No longer updated.
Damage calculations by Furcula Ranking Ranked by overall damage.
Role Rankings Ranking, Tier, Archived Ranked by role, features chart sorting units' imperils/breaks.
6★ Unit Ratings Ranking, Tier, Archived Ratings for 6★ units. No longer updated.
Alternate Rankings by Gadflys Comparison, Rating Focused on total base stats of healers in a direct comparison.
Healer Grid by Zyga Comparison grid Meant for players to look for the best options by the numbers only for specific situations.
Chain Factory by DiegoVargas Comparison Chain builder analysis and comparisons.
Ability Awakening rankings by Zixroyt Ranking, Rating, Tier Aimed at those who wants more detailed info about the units ability awakening.

External Rankings[]

Link Type Description
Famitsu - 7★ Ratings
Famitsu - 6★ Ratings
Famitsu - 5★ Ratings
Rating Japanese version, will contain unreleased or different units. Unknown criteria.
Altema Rating Japanese version, will contain unreleased or different units. Unknown criteria.
Brave-Exvius Community Rating Reviews by a defunct player community, looking at unit pros and cons.
Classement FFBE (FR) Community Rating
Builds & Units are ranked with pros and cons, given a role, and tiered. Very detailed rankings: Meta, DMG and TMR. The site is in French.
Memel0rd's Unit Rankings Rating Rankings done by a Unit Reviewer that includes separated P2P and F2P rankings, part of the defunct Brave Exvius forums.