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Port City Lydira
Port City Lydira
World Lapis
Region Lanzelt

This port rests on the eastern shores of the continent of Lanzelt, directly across the sea from Lodin, to and from which ships sail daily. Bustling with trade in the heyday of the mining boom, it has lost most of its luster in the days since Kolobos became a ghost town.


Treasure Map of Port City Lydira

Treasure Chests
1 Icon-Hi-Potion.pngHi-Potion
2 Icon-Antidote.pngAntidote Inside the inn.
3 Icon-Star Quartz.pngStar Quartz
4 Icon-Bard's Tunic.pngBard's Tunic Inside the house, hidden to the right of an old lady.
5 Icon-Potion.pngPotion
6 Icon-Star Pendant.pngStar Pendant
Silver Chests (requires Magic Key to open)
1 Icon-Muscle Belt.pngMuscle Belt - recipe


Quest Map of Port City Lydira

No. Quest name Reward
1 Patron of the Arts Icon-Mage's Habit.pngMage's Habit - recipe
2 Memento of My Sister Icon-Star Quartz.pngStar Quartz
3 The Hungers Game Icon-Earth Key.pngEarth Key #4 (War Hammer)

Patron of the Arts

No. Reward
1 Icon-Mage's Habit.pngMage's Habit - recipe
Start Quest
Receive the quest from #1 on the quest map.
Objective 1: Deliver 8 white magicites
White Magicite can be found in Fulan Pass - Exploration, Lanzelt Highlands - Exploration and Windy Heights West - Exploration collection points.

Memento of My Sister

No. Reward
2 Icon-Star Quartz.pngStar Quartz
Clear Phantom Forest.
Start Quest
Receive the quest from #2 on the quest map.
Objective 1: Look for memento in the haunted forest
The memento can be found in Phantom Forest - Exploration.

Quest marker for Memento from Sister

The Hungers Game

No. Reward
3 Icon-Earth Key.pngEarth Key #4 (War Hammer)
Clear Patron of the Arts.
Start Quest
Receive the quest from #3 on the quest map.
Objective 1: Defeat 10 hungers
Hunger can be found in several zones, the only exploration of which is Societal Ruins - Exploration.

Involved in Quests

Origin Name Location
Village of Kol Nuts Without My Daughter Quest marker for A Mother's Worry


Item Shop
Name Effect Price
Potion Restore HP (200) to one ally Gil100
Hi-Potion Restore HP (500) to one ally Gil500
Antidote Cure poison to one ally Gil100
Eye Drops Cure blind to one ally Gil100
Smelling Salts Cure sleep and confuse to one ally Gil200
Echo Herbs Cure silence to one ally Gil200
Unicorn Horn Cure paralyze to one ally Gil500
Gold Needle Cure petrify to one ally Gil500
Bacchus's Wine Inflict berserk (ATK +50%, auto-attack only) to caster Gil500
Recipe for Potion - Gil30
Recipe for Echo Herbs - Gil60