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This page is an exploration stage of the Nirvana Woods dungeon.


Map of Nirvana Woods

Treasure Chests
1 Icon-Earth Megacryst.pngEarth Megacryst
2 Icon-Corrosive Powder.pngCorrosive Powder
3 Icon-Platinum Bell.pngPlatinum Bell
4 Icon-Star Quartz.pngStar Quartz
5 Icon-Sphene Ring.pngSphene Ring
6 Icon-Sectored Circle - Blue.pngSectored Circle - Blue [1]
7 Icon-Pure Stone.pngPure Stone
8 Icon-Hard Pebble.pngHard Pebble
Silver Chests (requires Magic Key to open)
1 Icon-Platinum Axe.pngPlatinum Axe - recipe
Collection Points
Mythril Ore | Gold Ore
Lightning Cryst
Earth Megacryst
Dark Megacryst
Red Magicite | Red Megacite
Black Magicite | Black Megacite
  1. This treasure can be obtained after clearing Ancient Ruins Level 1 and then talking to Madam Edel and Erwin.

Involved in Quests

Origin Name Location
Capital of Despair Hellstya The True Treasure
Quest marker for The True Treasure

Quest marker for The True Treasure
Let's Get Outta Here!
Quest marker for Let's Get Outta Here!

Unit EXP Guide

In order to gain the maximum amount of experience points possible, you must win all monster encounters available until obtaining a certain amount of gil from each of the two zones. You can open the menu to keep track of the amount of gil you obtained from the dungeon. Because the amount of gil you can collect is predetermined, it will indicate your progress in defeating all available monster encounters.

  • Stay in ZONE 1 until you have 6,468 Gil.
    • With Full Steal: 12,936 Gil.
  • Proceed to ZONE 2, defeat all encounters until you have 13,766 Gil.
    • With Full Steal: 27,532 Gil.
  • Defeat the boss, you should have 14,101 Gil before leaving the exploration.
    • With Full Steal: 28,202 Gil.
  • You should conclude the dungeon exploration with a total of x Gil and 67,436 EXP.
    • With Full Steal: x Gil.
    • A one-time event involved in the The True Treasure quest adds 400 Gil and 4,000 EXP to the final total.
Battles Gil Full Steal Unit Exp
Zone 1 15 6,468 12,936
Zone 2 14
Subtotal 29 13,766 27532
Boss 1 335 670
Dungeon Clear
Total 30

Battle Info

Difficulty Energy Battle Gil Unit XP Rank XP Clear Reward
15 30 1000 -
Complete the quest Lapis40
No items Lapis20
Evoke Ifrit Lapis20
Clear without an ally being KO'd Lapis20
Monster Boss Drop
Daeva (4)
Devil Bunny (9)
Downer Bat (15)
Evil Bear (8)
Phorusrhacos (12)
Rose Panther (10)
Viridian Head (10)
Bathin Beast Meat
Book of Ruin
Crimson Tear
Esper's Tear
Heaven's Ash
Life Orb
Rainbow Needle
Thickened Hide