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For the FFVI variant, visit Ninja Gear (FFVI).

Ninja Gear

The black uniform of those who work from the shadows. It is jet black in color, which helps its wearer become one with the darkness. This garb is also tailored to fit the body perfectly, which allows ninjas to move swiftly without limitation, though it is impossible to tell where they hire their throwing weapons within it. By comparison, the jet black ninja gear is more often used by higher ranking ninjas, rather than those who have yet to climb through the ranks.


  • Type: Armor (Clothes)
  • Stats: ATK+4, DEF+20
  • Element: -
  • Resistance: -
  • Additional effect: -

Crafting recipe

Materials Gil
Icon-Dark Megacryst.pngDark Megacryst (1)
Icon-Abominable Wing.pngAbominable Wing (5)
Icon-Corpse Fly.pngCorpse Fly (3)

How to obtain