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A mysterious map that gives directions on where to go in the Farplane. These maps are found as rare drops when fighting the enemies of the Farplane. Following this map will lead one to an area filled with [specialized items]. King Mog used to own these maps, but because the maps disappear and then reappear in a different location after use, all of his maps have scattered across the Farplane.


Dungeon unlock

Can be used to unlock its respective event dungeon

How to obtain

Dropped from

  • Most enemies during King Mog events



Map Content Quantity
Trust Moogles Map ALL 1% Trust Moogles 3~5
Megacrysts Map (Exploration) Megacrysts 25~30
Rank EXP Map Rank EXP 10,000
Materials Map (Exploration) Awakening Materials 3~6★
Star Quartz Map Star Quartz 9
Gil Map Gil Snapper Tower 5