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Magic Key

A curious key said to possess the power to unlock magically-sealed treasure caskets over the realm. Arcane scholars posit that the magical energies imbues within it neutralize the incantations cast upon the chest, allowing mystic seals to be broken. A remarkable tool for treasure-hunters, unfortunately its powers are lost after a single use.


A key that can open a Silver Chest.

Crafting recipe

Materials Gil

Icon-Fine Alcryst.pngFine Alcryst (3)
Icon-Screamroot.pngScreamroot (3)


How to obtain


Lapis Shop

Amount Cost
1 Lapis100
5 Lapis400
10 Lapis700
20 Lapis1,200
30 Lapis1,500


To unlock silver chests during explorations, you have to bring the Magic Key as a consumable item. However, you may leave the key unequipped for unlocking silver chests in a town.