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Example of latent ability

Latent abilities are additional abilities a unit can learn.

To unlock and awaken these abilities, go to "Units" menu from home screen, click on "Awakenable/Latent Abilities" button, then select the "Latent Abilities" tab. This will show all owned units that can learn latent abilities. Enlightenment Points are required to unlock and awaken an ability.

Latent abilities only need to be unlocked once. For example, if you unlock one of Lotus Mage Fina's latent abilities, all current and future copies of Lotus Mage Fina will also have this ability unlocked.


How to obtain Enlightenment Points

Enlightenment Points are currently only obtainable from the Chamber of Enlightenment. Except for the Free Daily, each dungeon has to be unlocked by an Enlightenment Key. The keys are obtainable from special events and promotions, Events, and Series Boss Battles.

Dungeon Energy Drop
Chamber of Enlightenment - Free Daily 1 NRG  Enlightenment Point (350)
Chamber of Enlightenment - Bronze  Bronze Enlightenment Key  Enlightenment Point (300)
Chamber of Enlightenment - Silver  Silver Enlightenment Key  Enlightenment Point (1,000)
Chamber of Enlightenment - Gold  Gold Enlightenment Key  Enlightenment Point (3,000)
Chamber of Enlightenment - Diamond  Diamond Enlightenment Key  Enlightenment Point (10,000)

Unlock Costs

Level Cost
Base  Enlightenment Point (300)
+1  Enlightenment Point (1,300)
+2  Enlightenment Point (3,400)

List of all latent abilities