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Holy Wand

Holy Wand

One of the twelve shining arms. The wand is noted for its unique design reminiscent of a spear, and is considered a masterpiece, spoken of in legends, among the white mages to this day. This holy wand is said to cleanse the unclean, and only Visions, or those who hold the heart of light can use it. Only those accepted by The Troubled Strategist, Sheratan, can wield the wand.


  • Type: Weapon (Staff)
  • Stats: ATK+16, SPR+120
  • Element: Light
  • Resistance: -
  • Additional effect: Dual White MagicDual White Magic
    Dual White MagicDual White Magic
    Cast 2 times: White magic
    and enable use of HolyHoly
    HolyHolyWhite Magic Affinity Lvl 7 
    Light magic damage (2.3x) with SPR scaling to one enemy

Crafting recipe


How to obtain