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Holy Crystal

When an esper crystal, said to be able to awaken a person's latent abilities, grows into its largest form, it results in one of these godly crystals. They are extremely rare to come across and will not react to an unremarkable human, as is also for sacred crystals. It is said that they call out to those who are worthy to them, and some of those who have discovered one of these crystals describe feeling as though they were lead by some power to them.


Awakening Material

  • Used by all units that can awaken to 5-star★.

How to obtain



Dropped from

  • Low chance from any boss battle monster or esper encounter.
Location Monster
Phantom Forest - Exploration Chimera
Deserted Highroad Chocobo Eater
Zadehl Southersands Golem
Shrine of Decay Experiment No. 8
Junkyard - Exploration Crane
Wind Shrine - Exploration Terror Knight
Electric Tower X-ATM092

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