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A crystal which brings out the potential of abilities. It is necessary in awakening healing abilities.

Crafting recipe



Ability Awakening Material

  • As of batch 12 (2018-03-15)
  • Totals shown are for +1 and +2 awakenings combined.
Skill Unit Total Needed
Bless Rosa 13
Bloodlust Dracu Lasswell 20
Burst Heal Aiden 20
Divine Grace Santa Roselia 38
Double Recover Nine 20
Elven Song (Lunera) Lunera 25
Endless Dream Helena 25
Guardian Mog Terra 13
Healing Smile Juggler 13
Healing Waters Primm 20
Imperial Lance Wilhelm 20
Indomitable King 25
Instant Cure Beach Time Fina 25
Invigorate Primm 13
Invigorating Dance Ling 20
Lift Spirits Charlotte 25
Magic Martyr Queen 38
Pray Roselia 5
Priestess Miracle Luka 25
Recovery Oil Aileen 20
Refreshing Ale Beach Time Fina 25
Regenerate Luka 20
Ritual White Witch Fina 20
Song of Memories Ruggles 20
Special Recipe Ilias 30
Spirit Hand Ace 20
Undying Wish Rem 38

How to obtain

Dropped from