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Green Alcryst.png

A small crystal which brings out the potential of abilities. It is necessary in awakening green magic.

Crafting recipe



Ability Awakening Material

  • As of batch 18 (2018-08-30)
  • Totals shown are for +1 and +2 awakenings combined.
Skill Unit Total Needed
All Resist Light Rasler 25
Barblizzaga Cerius 25
Barfiraga Cerius 25
Barthundaga Cerius 25
Barthundara Kuja 20
Biohazard Vaan 38
Blessed Heart Santa Roselia 38
Bran's Love Lunera 38
Daunting Step Ling 38
Durai Papers Orran 38
Extract Ilias 50
Heavenlord Veritas of the Heavens 50
Insolent fools! Emperor 38
Kabuff Golem (Unit) 25
Leader's Disposition Minfilia 25
Lucky Strike Desch 25
Mix Rikku 50
Noble Elf Bran 38
Reflect Marie 25
Soul Blade Zidane 38
Spineshatter Dive 0 Veritas of the Heavens 38
Spineshatter Dive 1 Veritas of the Heavens 16
Spineshatter Dive 2 Veritas of the Heavens 18
Spineshatter Dive 3 Veritas of the Heavens 18
Splendor of the Wind Onion Knight 50
Stop Detach Ayaka 38
True Hero Mercenary Ramza 50
Twist of Fate Xon 38

How to obtain

Dropped from