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This page is an exploration stage of the Fulan Pass dungeon.


Treasure Map of Fulan Pass

Treasure Chests
1 Icon-Bomb Fragment.pngBomb Fragment
2 Icon-Javelin.pngJavelin
3 Icon-Body Boost.pngBody Boost
4 Icon-Earth Key.pngEarth Key #3 (Capella)
5 Icon-Star Quartz.pngStar Quartz
6 Icon-Ether.pngEther
7 Icon-Power Wrist.pngPower Wrist
8 Icon-Bronze Shield.pngBronze Shield
Silver Chests (requires Magic Key to open)
1 BaraeroBaraero - recipe
2 Stone BladeStone Blade - recipe
3 BioBio - recipe
Collection Points
Copper Ore
Dark Cryst
Earth Cryst
Fire Cryst
Ice Cryst
Light Cryst
Lightning Cryst
Water Cryst
Wind Cryst
Magicite Shard
White Magicite

Involved in Quests

Origin Name Location
Royal Capital Grandshelt Return Flight Quest marker for Hunt for the Model Airship
Port City Lodin Demon Tollbooth Quest marker for Danger on the Road
Port City Lodin Fruit...or Death? Quest marker for Fruit of Life
Port City Lodin Hello? Sailor? Quest marker for Preparing for Departure
Farplane In Search of Kupo Nuts 300px200px

Unit EXP Guide

In order to gain the maximum amount of experience points possible, you must win all monster encounters available until obtaining a certain amount of Gil. You can open the menu to keep track of the amount of gil you obtained from the dungeon. Because the amount of Gil you can collect is predetermined, it will indicate your progress in defeating all available monster encounters.

If you want to clear the map completely:

  • Kill monsters until you have 402 Gil. Full steal 804 Gil
  • Defeat the boss. And you should have 427 Gil. Full steal 854 Gil
  • You should conclude the dungeon exploration with a total of 465 Gil and 11216 Exp.
Battles Gil Unit Exp
Zone 22 402 10816
Boss 1 25 400
Dungeon Clear 38
Total 23 465 11216

Battle Info

Difficulty Energy Battle Gil Unit XP Rank XP Clear Reward
6 23 465 11216 127 -
Complete the quest Lapis20
Evoke Siren Lapis10
Clear without an ally being KO'd Lapis10
No continues Lapis10
Monster Boss Drop
Centipede (2)
Coeurl (6)
Cutpurse (10)
Human Trap (6)
Magitek Armor (9)
Mammon (7)
Mu (5)
Rukh (1)
Security Eye (8)
Cutpurse (5) Allure Powder
Beast Meat
Broken Blade
Crimson Tear
Digital Circuit
Esper Cryst
Esper Shard
Farplane Soul
Gaia's Tear
Golden Egg
Gummy Oil
Life Orb
Luminous Horn
Pearl of Wisdom
Quality Parts
Rainbow Needle
Seed of Life
Thickened Hide