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1. Can I play the game without an internet connection?
No. You must always be online to play the game.

2. Is this game pay to win? Can I go far without paying?
People who pay more do have an advantage over those who don't. But plenty of Lapis (the in-game currency) and summon tickets are given regularly to all players to summon more units.

Luck plays a part in getting you rarer, stronger, units. While they do make the game easier, you can win most battles without them. Understanding the gameplay mechanics, battle, and party dynamics is more important than simply paying for units.

3. How "grindy" is this game? Can I play this game casually?
The game is as time consuming as you are willing to be. It has content scaled from casual to hardcore for players. Large portions of the game's content can be played and enjoyed with low to medium amounts of time. But there is some grinding content that allows you to apply the same level of time investment generally found in online RPGs.

4. How often is the game updated?
The game is updated once per week.

5. How can I save my progress?
Your progress is saved server-side. However, your account is saved locally unless you link it to Facebook. Once linked, the Facebook account is permanently attached to the game, and you won't be able to unlink it in the future.

6. How do I transfer my account to another device?
Link your game to a Facebook account, and then in another device, login with Facebook from the title screen.

7. What is rerolling? How do I do it?
Rerolling is the process of resetting the game over and over in hope of getting good or favorite units from the limited summons you get early in game. To reroll, see How to reroll page.

8. What are the difference between various summon banners?
In the summon menu, the banners are divided into rare and standard tabs. The difference between these 2 tabs are the currency used. Rare banners uses Lapis or Summon Ticket to summon while standard banners are either free or uses a different currency. Aside from banners listed below, there might occasionally be a promotional banner with a different system. See Unit List for the list of units on the summon pool.

Summon Currency Summon Pool
Once a Day Limited Summon Lapis Rare summon unit with increased rate for featured units.
Featured Summon Lapis
Rare Summon Ticket
4★+ Guaranteed Ticket
Rare summon unit with increased rate for featured units.
Rare Summon Lapis
Rare Summon Ticket
4★+ Guaranteed Ticket
Rare summon unit.
Raid Summon Raid Coin Event materials, unit, or enhancers.
Exvius Summon EX Summon Ticket
4★+ Guaranteed EX Ticket
5★+ Guaranteed EX Ticket
Rare summon unit.
10+1 Ticket Summon 10+1 Summon Ticket Rare summon unit.
Vision Summon Vision Shard One specific unit.
Arena Summon Arena Summon Ticket Misc. item or enhancers.
Standard Summon Friend Point Standard summon unit.

9. How long do friend list refresh?
At least 3 hours, refreshing at the next top of the hour.

10. How do I share my unit to friends?
By default, the leader in your current party will be the shared unit. This can be changed in the option to the leader of a party of your choosing, allowing you to change party without changing shared unit.

11. When do I get arena weekly/monthly reward?
You will receive them in the mail a couple of days, usually 2, after the reset.

12. What is TMR (Trust Master Reward)?
TMR are rewarded when a unit reaches 100% in their Trust Mastery. TMR is obtained in the form of an equipment or materia, separate from the unit, and can be used by anyone.

13. When will a certain unit be released?
We simply don't know. While the game is based on the Japanese version, which is around 9 months ahead of us, we don't follow the exact same schedule. You can see the Japanese update history here.

14. Will I lose my Lapis if I move my account to a different store (Google/Apple/Amazon)?
You will not lose your Lapis, but you will lose your access to it. Lapis is tied to the store, Google Play, Apple App Store, and Amazon App. When you come back to your original store, your Lapis will still be there.

15. How do I unlock locked chests?
They can be unlocked with a Magic Key, an item that requires 3 Fine Alcryst and 3 Screamroot to craft. To unlock locked chests during explorations, you have to bring it as consumable items. However, the same cannot be applied in town, as you have to unequip the key from consumable items. The key is used up upon unlock. See the list of all locked chests here.

16. How do I check status effect during battle?
Tap and hold the unit or the monster sprite and a status effect screen will appear. You can also target your own party member from this screen by selecting target, useful for waking them up from sleep or confusion.

17. Do buffs and debuffs stack?
Active buffs/debuffs with the same effect don't stack, but passive buffs do. See the Mechanics page for more detail.

18. How do I progress through the story? I'm stuck at a certain part.
The game's story mode is mostly linear and can be progressed by clicking on the town/dungeon with the "Next" arrow. However, the story is incomplete and the game is always continually updated with more story content every month. Whenever you have reached the part where it shows "To Be Continued", you have reached the end of current story. Check Walkthrough or towns, dungeons, and explorations pages to see all currently released content.

19. How do I unlock content in the Farplane?
You can't. Wait until the developer updates the Farplane.

20. Why am I stuck in the world map and can't go back into home screen?
It's a bug. You are stuck in the tutorial mode. You can either start over if you haven't linked your account to Facebook, or you can contact Gumi's customer service.

21. Do we use up our own resources when gifting to friends?
Friend gift feature is completely free and don't use up any of your resources. Be sure to send gift to your friends every day!

22. What is a Trust Ability?
A Trust Ability is obtained by every 7-star★ unit and is different for every 7-star★. It ist activated by equipping the unit's own TMR. This does not work by equipping the unit's STMR.

23. What is STMR (Super Trust Master Reward)?
STMR are rewarded when a 7-star★ unit reaches 100% in their Super Trust Mastery. This percentage is independent of the unit's Trust Mastery and is increased by fusing two duplicate 5-star★ or 6-star★ units or one 7-star★ unit into the 7-star★ base unit. STMR is obtained in the form of an equipment or materia, separate from the unit, and can be used by anyone.