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World Dimensional Vortex
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A vortex between dimensions reachable only by those with the power of vision. It is said that great challenges and great rewards await those who have proven themselves worthy. It is home to a large community of moogles, who rule over the land in their own mysterious ways.


The Farplane can be entered by touching a Farplane Monument found in every city or town in the world, or in the Home screen via tapping "Vortex" and selecting "Farplane" in the upper right corner of the screen.


Main article: Moogle Quests.

Dimensional Vortex[]

The Vortex of Desires can be found in the south of the Farplane. It can also be accessed by the main menu once the Farplane has been reached.

Room of Recollection[]

Upon entering the King Mog's building, head to the right to find the Book of Recollection. This can be used to view cleared Main Story scenes. The latest story chapter's part will not be available at the same time as its release.


Tower of Wind[]

Inside the tower of the wind is a training dummy. The training dummy allows you to do a mock battle, testing your damage or chain capabilities, without exhausting any energy. Each round of the battle starts with the esper and limit burst gauges at full. There are 10 turns available for each battle. You can view damage leaderboard by talking to the Moogle inside.

Tower of Earth[]

This tower is a place to test your skills against powerful foes. You can fight these bosses as many times as you'd like with no energy cost and you cannot bring a friend to fight along side, so you must win with just your five party members. Once defeated those bosses will reappear in the Chamber of the Reborn, inside Chamber of the Fallen, but without any additional rewards. To unlock a boss you have to defeat the previous one.

No. Boss Reward Lv HP MP
1 White Dragon Murasame 25 53,000 90
2 Demon Chimera Force Armor 45 200,000 120
3 Brachiosaur Killer Bow 65 240,520 400
4 Erinyes Apollo Harp 99 2,000,000 6,000

Tower of Water[]

Main article: Chamber of Seals

Tower of Light[]

Main article: A Vision of Might

Chamber of Arms[]

Main article: Chamber of Arms

Item Exchange[]

King Mog[]

The King Mog is where you exchange special currency from events. Aside from event exclusive equipments and materia, King Mog sells various consumables, Star Quartz, Rare Summon Ticket and various awakening materials.

Event Examples Currency Claim Period
Festival of the Autumn Moon Mogcake 9/1 - 9/22/16
Orbonne Monastery Vaults Auracite Shard 9/30 - 10/20
Halloween - Night of the Pumpkin Candy Corn 10/21 - 11/10
Grand Gaia Chronicles Karma 11/11 - 11/30
The Floating Continent Fish 4/20 - 5/10
The Battle of Judecca Blue Phantoma 5/19 - 6/7
Grand Gaia Chronicles (Update) Crimson Ore 6/16 - 7/4
Henne Mines Mote 7/7 - 7/26

Mog Minister[]

The Mog Minister is where you exchange special currency from events. Mog Minister sells Rare Summon Ticket, Ability Awakening crysts, and various awakening materials.

Event Examples Currency Claim Period
In Search of True Strength Memory Candy 10/6 - 10/19
The Frozen Cavern Debased Coin 11/24 - 12/13
Eternal Winter Candy Cane 12/22 - 1/11
Cherry Blossom Campaign Petal Token 4/5 - 4/14
Nibelheim Etched Coin 5/11 - 5/31
2nd Anniversary Countdown 2nd Anniversary Medal 6/29 - 7/19

Moogle Guard Captain[]

The Moogle Guard Captain is where you exchange Super Trust Moogle Exchange Tickets for a Super Trust Moogle. Additionally, Dark Matter, obtained from Dark Visions events, can be exchanged for weapons and recipes.

STM Exchange
Item Type Currency Limit
5-star★ Super Trust Moogle
(ALL 100%)
Enhancer Super Trust Moogle Exchange Ticket90 -
5-star★ Super Trust Moogle
(ALL 50%)
Enhancer Super Trust Moogle Exchange Ticket50 -
Dark Visions Equipment Exchange
Rarity Item Currency Limit
1★ Equipment Dark Matter50 1
2★ Recipe for Equipment Dark Matter40 1
3★ Recipe for Equipment Dark Matter90 1
4★ Recipe for Equipment Dark Matter90 1
5★ Recipe for Equipment Dark Matter90 1
6★ Recipe for Equipment+ Dark Matter190 1
7★ Recipe for Equipment+ Dark Matter290 1
8★ Recipe for Equipment+ Dark Matter290 1
9★ Recipe for Equipment+ Dark Matter390 1
10★ Recipe for Equipment++ Dark Matter490 1
10★ (+10) Recipe for Equipment++ Dark Matter690 1
10★ (+11) Recipe for Equipment++ Dark Matter1,290 1
Abyss Dark Weapons
- Dark Walküre Dark Matter10,000 1
- Dark Murasame Dark Matter10,000 1
- Dark Wonder Wand Dark Matter10,000 1
- Dark Wizard Rod Dark Matter10,000 1
- Dark Assassin Dagger Dark Matter10,000 1
- Dark Rune Bell Dark Matter10,000 1
- Dark Tigerfang Dark Matter10,000 1
- Dark Hellfire Dark Matter10,000 1
- Dark Yagrush Dark Matter10,000 1