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Realm of the Dragon King
Check Realm of the Dragon King for more information about this region.

Edge of the RealmEdge of the Realm Peaceful Stream Peaceful Stream

Bright Forest Bright Forest Cavern of Desolation Cavern of Desolation Pass of Trials Pass of Trials

Clear Reef Clear Reef Fading Coast Fading Coast Endless Cliff Endless Cliff

Eternal Summit Eternal Summit

Edge of the Realm
Edge of the Realm
World Lapis
Region Realm of the Dragon King

The tip of a mysterious island which floats high in the sky. Surrounded by a storm-like distortion, normal airships are unable to get close to it.


Map of Edge of the Realm


No. Quest name Reward
1 The Last Concern Icon-Dragon Helm.pngDragon Helm

The Last Concern

No. Reward
1 Icon-Dragon Helm.pngDragon Helm
Story Summary
Quest NPC: Troubled Boy (Dialogue)
Visit Edge of the Realm at least once. Place at least two tents at campsite locations.
Start Quest
Receive the quest from #1 on the quest map.
Objective 1: Defeat the monsters
Give the client Sparkling Stone (3), Dragon Scale (3), and Silver Ore (3).