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This page is an exploration stage of the Earth Shrine dungeon.


Treasure Map of Earth Shrine

Treasure Chests
1 Icon-Potion.pngPotion
2 Icon-Broadsword.pngBroadsword
3 Icon-Antidote.pngAntidote
4 Icon-Star Quartz.pngStar Quartz
5 Icon-Leather Plate.pngLeather Plate
6 Icon-Potion.pngPotion
Silver Chests (requires Magic Key to open)
1 BarstoneBarstone - recipe
Collection Points
Lumber (20%)
Copper Ore (20%)
Earth Cryst (10%)
Fire Cryst (10%)
Ice Cryst (10%)
Light Cryst (10%)
Magicite Shard (15%)
Red Magicite (5%)

Involved in Quests

Origin Name Location
Town of Mitra Secrets Unearthed Quest marker for Tome of Secrets

Unit EXP Guide

In order to gain the maximum amount of experience points possible, you must win all monster encounters available until obtaining a certain amount of Gil. You can open the menu to keep track of the amount of gil you obtained from the dungeon. Because the amount of Gil you can collect is predetermined, it will indicate your progress in defeating all available monster encounters.

If you want to clear the map completely:

  • Kill monsters until you have 63 Gil.
  • Defeat the boss. And you should have 68 Gil.

You should conclude the dungeon exploration with a total of 81 Gil and 150 Exp.

Battles Gil Unit Exp
Zone 13 63 130
Boss 1 5 20
Dungeon Clear 13
Total 14 81 150

Battle Info

Difficulty Energy Battle Gil Unit XP Rank XP Clear Reward
3 14 81 150 13 -
Complete the quest Lapis20
No items (except keys) Lapis10
Defeat a belmodar with a limit burst Lapis10
No continues Lapis10
Monster Boss Drop
Dire Rat (12)
Steel Bat (11)
Tarantula (2)
Belmodar Aqua Pearl
Gaia's Tear
Golden Egg
Rainbow Needle
Raptor Feather
Thickened Hide