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Duggle Village refers to a town. For a dungeon, visit Duggle Village (Dungeon).
Duggle Village
Duggle Village
World Lapis
Region Gronoa

A small underground settlement located near the Gronoa Shrine. The people here, in seeking a foundation in a land plagued by a wicked miasma, live in reverence of an ancient armor.

This town is unlocked after clearing Rotten Shrine.


Treasure Map of Duggle Village

Treasure Chests
1 Icon-Gold Needle.pngGold Needle
2 Icon-Star Quartz.pngStar Quartz
3 ImperilImperil - recipe
4 Icon-Fire Megacryst.pngFire Megacryst
5 Icon-Platinum Mace.pngPlatinum Mace
6 Icon-Star Quartz.pngStar Quartz
7 Icon-White Mask.pngWhite Mask
8 Icon-Black Key.pngBlack Key #9 (Demon Killer)
Silver Chests (requires Magic Key to open)
1 Icon-Golden Shield.pngGolden Shield - recipe


Quest Map of Duggle Village

No. Quest name Reward
1 A Stitch in Time Saves Nine Icon-Thunder Spear.pngThunder Spear - recipe

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

No. Reward
1 Icon-Thunder Spear.pngThunder Spear - recipe
Start Quest
Receive the quest from #1 on the quest map.
Objective 1: Deliver 5 quality stones
See Quality Stone for more information.

Involved in Quests

Origin Name Location
Gronoa Shrine Entrance - Exploration Warrior of Earth and Sea Quest marker for Warrior of Earth and Sea
Gronoa Shrine Entrance - Exploration Footprints into the Past Quest marker for Footprints into the Past


General Shop
Name Effect Price
Hi-Potion Restore HP (500) to one ally Gil500
Turbo Ether Restore MP (70) to one ally Gil2,000
Antidote Cure poison to one ally Gil100
Eye Drops Cure blind to one ally Gil100
Smelling Salts Cure sleep and confuse to one ally Gil200
Echo Herbs Cure silence to one ally Gil200
Unicorn Horn Cure paralyze to one ally Gil500
Vaccine Cure disease to one ally Gil2,000
Gold Needle Cure petrify to one ally Gil500
Smoke Screen Guarantees success in escaping from most enemies Gil100
Bomb Fragment Fire damage (200) to one enemy Gil100
Antarctic Wind Ice damage (200) to one enemy Gil100
Zeus's Wrath Lightning damage (200) to one enemy Gil100
Fish Scale Water damage (200) to one enemy Gil100
Giant Feather Wind damage (200) to one enemy Gil100
Earth Drum Earth damage (200) to one enemy Gil100
Holy Torch Remove all status effects from one enemy Gil2,000
Frag Grenade Fixed damage (10,000) to all enemies
Decrease DEF (75%) for 3 turns to all enemies
Shuriken Physical damage (60x) to one enemy
Chain=Absolute Mirror of Equity
Tent Recover HP/MP (100%) to all allies Gil500
Fat Chocobo Shop
Name Type Description Price
5-star★ Trust Moogle Enhancer Increase trust mastery when fused (10%) Star Quartz300
(Limit: 1)
Curaga Materia Heal (1000 HP, 3.4x) to all allies Star Quartz200
(Limit: 1)
Genji Shield Heavy Shield DEF+140, SPR+70
Resistance: Death (Null)
Effect: Null DeathNull Death
Null DeathNull Death
Nullify instant KOs
Star Quartz100
(Limit: 1)
Wind Drake Horn Accessory DEF+3
Ability: JumpJump
Physical damage (1.8x) with jump delay (1 turn) to one enemy
Star Quartz50
(Limit: 1)
Elixir Item Recover HP/MP (100%) to one ally Star Quartz5
Phoenix Down Item Revive one KO'd ally (20% HP) Star Quartz5