Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki

Dual Wield


  • Type: Special Ability (Passive)
  • Effect:
Enable dual wielding of one-handed weapons


  • Attack twice when you use any ability which deals physical or hybrid damage.
  • Does not work on limit bursts.
  • ATK rating shown in your stats is misleading; damage is calculated independently for each weapon.
    • For example:
A unit with base ATK of 200 wields 100 ATK weapon in the right hand and 50 ATK weapon in the left hand. The stats will show 350 ATK, but this rating is not used in any damage calculation.
Any physical skill (except limit bursts) will attack first with right hand (300 ATK) and then with the left hand (250 ATK).
An equivalent non-Dual Wield rating would be 390 ATK. (Derived from 3002 + 2502) See damage calculations.
Double/Triple-casts while dual wielding will attack with only the right hand (300 ATK).
Limit bursts, however, will attack using the highest ATK weapon regardless of the hand it is equipped in (300 ATK).
  • Elemental effect from one weapon will affect both hands, allowing you to have dual elements. See elemental mechanics.
  • Status effect from one weapon will also affect both hands, allowing both attacks to inflict status ailments.
  • While this allows two weapons to be equipped, two shields cannot be.

Crafting recipe


How to obtain



Learned by

Name Min rarity Level
Cowboy Jake 4-star★ 1
Adventurer Locke 5-star★ 1
Ardyn 5-star★ 1
Awakened Onion Knight 5-star★ 1
Bergan 5-star★ 1
Cloud (FFVII: AC) 5-star★ 1
Dark Knight Leon 5-star★ 1
Dark Knight Luneth 5-star★ 1
High Seraph Ultima 5-star★ 1
Kadaj 5-star★ 1
Knight of Pluto Zidane 5-star★ 1
Lilisette 5-star★ 1
Machina 5-star★ 1
Madam Edel 5-star★ 1
Magitek Warrior Terra 5-star★ 1
Noel 5-star★ 1
Onion Knight 5-star★ 1
Onion Knight Refia 5-star★ 1
Raegen 5-star★ 1
Untamed Wolf Edel 5-star★ 1
War Hero Raegen 5-star★ 1
Warrior of Light Bartz 5-star★ 1
Xezat 5-star★ 1
Xuan Wu & Qing Long 5-star★ 1
Zenaida 5-star★ 1
Zeno of the Beta Star 5-star★ 1
Garland (FFIX) 5-star★ 30
Rakish Thief Zidane 5-star★ 45
Nyx 5-star★ 48
Riku 5-star★ 80
Bai Hu & Zhu Que 6-star★ 1
Gilgamesh (WOTV FFBE) 6-star★ 1
Nameless Gunner Jake 6-star★ 1
Rico Rodriguez 6-star★ 1
2B 6-star★ 77
A2 6-star★ 77
Alhena 6-star★ 100
Kitone 6-star★ 100
Lightning 6-star★ 100
Luneth 6-star★ 100
Ray of Hope Larsa 6-star★ 100
Yazoo & Loz 6-star★ 100
Yunalesca 6-star★ 100
Beatrix 7-star★ 120
Awakened Dragon Akstar NV 1
Edward & Alphonse Elric NV 1
Faris -Neo Vision- NV 1
Lasswell & Raegen NV 1
Solitary Patron Snow NV 1
Dark Fina & Sol NV 100
Gilgamesh NV 120
Untamed Wolf Edel NV 120
Warrior of Light Bartz NV 120

Trust Master Reward