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Dragon Fang

The remains of dragon are so highly prized and so efficiently used as components that it is said that no dragon body has ever naturally decomposed. Their fangs are particularly popular and hold much of a dragon's magical power. The fangs are so hard, though, that using them for any craft requires special methods. They also have come to represent a warrior's prowess, as defeating a dragon requires an unfailing strength and an unflappable spirit.


Crafting Material

  • Abilities

How to obtain

Dropped from

Location Monster
Inferno Hollow Diresaur
Deserted Highroad Wyvern
Lechios Hills Diresaur
Lanzelt Lowlands Diresaur
Lanzelt Highlands Tyrannosaur
Lanzelt Snowfields Balaur
Shrine of Decay Lesser Lopros

Stolen from

Location Monster
Dalnakya Plains Mini Dragon
Inferno Hollow Diresaur
Kol Badlands Tyrannosaur
Lanzelt Lowlands Tyrannosaur
Lanzelt Highlands Tyrannosaur
Kolobos Reef Apatosaurus
Shrine of Decay Lesser Lopros

Colosseum Steal

Level Rank Round Monster
BGN C 1 Diresaur
BGN C 5 Tyrannosaur
BGN A 1 Wyvern
BGN A 2 Balaur
BGN A 4 Wyrm
INT A 5 Diresaur