Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki
For the FFT variant, visit Dispel (FFT).



  • Type: Magic Ability (White Magic Lv 5)
  • Effect:
Remove all status effects from one enemy
  • MP: 7


  • Dispel will clear stats and element buffs/debuffs, stop, berserk and reflect but won't clear the status ailments.
  • By using Dualcast or similar abilities, status effects can be removed from an ally.
    • Leave one ally with an unused action (executing this method as the last unit's action will cause the target option to disappear).
    • After selecting dualcast, select a spell and Dispel (Dispel must be the second spell).
    • Select an enemy to target and cast the spells.
    • During midcast, quickly select and longhold on an ally of choice such that a menu featuring their stats and Target appears.
    • After selecting Target, the ally of choice will have its status effects dispelled.

Crafting recipe

Materials Gil
Icon-Light Cryst.pngLight Cryst (10)
Icon-Light Megacryst.pngLight Megacryst (5)
Icon-Life Orb.pngLife Orb (5)
Icon-Elemental Tear.pngElemental Tear (3)
Icon-Alcryst.pngAlcryst (1)

How to obtain




Learned by

Name Min rarity Level
Exdeath 3-star★ 34
Shylt 4-star★ 1
Maria 4-star★ 7
Mystea 4-star★ 7
Kuja 4-star★ 18
Refia 4-star★ 21
Terra 4-star★ 22
Cecil 4-star★ 51
Lenna 4-star★ 54
Alma 4-star★ 60
Latyl 5-star★ 1
Mediena 5-star★ 1
Xezat 5-star★ 1
Santa Roselia 5-star★ 16
Dancing Heart Penelo 5-star★ 20
Edea 5-star★ 20
Fang 5-star★ 30
Lovely Katy 5-star★ 30
Dark Mage Exdeath 5-star★ 36
Krile 5-star★ 39
Sakura & Ayaka 5-star★ 40
Doctor Aiden 5-star★ 52
Kupipi 5-star★ 52
Yuna 5-star★ 70
Joachim 5-star★ 80
Onion Knight Refia 6-star★ 34
Solitary Patron Snow NV 1


Name Min rarity
Alexander 2-star★
Carbuncle 2-star★
Ramuh 2-star★
Siren 2-star★