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Digital Circuit

A digital circuit of the type found in many machines. This is one of the easiest mechanical components to find. Mechanical devices took a leap forward with the invention of such circuits, but they still remain a privilege available only to the military and the wealthy. The day in which the average person has access to such technology, including the technology that drives airships, still appears to be far off.


Crafting Material

There are currently no recipes that use this material.

Involved in Quest

How to obtain

Dropped from

Location Monster
Grandshelt Castle Magitek Armor
Fulan Pass Magitek Armor
Kol Badlands Scolopendra
Lanzelt Ruins Epimetheus
Thunder Summit Searcher
Shrine of Decay Searcher

Stolen from

Location Monster
Fulan Pass Security Eye
Lanzelt Ruins - Exploration Io
Thunder Summit Searcher
Shrine of Decay Searcher

Colosseum Steal

Level Rank Round Monster
BGN A 5 Epimetheus
BGN S 3 Magitek Armor
BGN S 4 Security Eye