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Dark Scepter++

An ominous staff of devastating power. It is exceedingly dangerous, with but a single swing said to summon calamities of untold proportions. Even if an ordinary person were able to wield it, however, they would likely be swallowed up by the immense negative power contained within the gem at its tip, which brings about a disordered state of mind and body. It is said that only those with courage and determination to face any crisis—no matter how difficult—may wield this staff.


  • Type: Weapon (Staff)
  • Stats: MAG+257
  • Element: -
  • Resistance: -
  • Additional effect: Enable use of Dark DisasterDark Disaster
    Dark DisasterDark Disaster
    Magic damage (40x) to all enemies


  • This item can be crafted via the "Enh. Equip." menu. It will only be viewable when you have one of the necessary materials to craft it.
Name Rarity Statistics Dark Matter
Dark Matter
Dark Scepter 1★ MAG+20 50 50
2★ MAG+41 50 100
3★ MAG+61 100 200
4★ MAG+82 100 300
5★ MAG+102 100 400
Dark Scepter+ 6★ MAG+153 200 600
7★ MAG+163 300 900
8★ MAG+173
Ability: Dark Disaster
300 1200
9★ MAG+184
Ability: Dark Disaster
400 1600
Dark Scepter++ 10★ MAG+224
Ability: Dark Disaster
500 2100
10★ (+10) MAG+257
Ability: Dark Disaster
700 2800

Crafting recipe

Materials Gil
Icon-Dark Matter.pngDark Matter (10)
Icon-Dark Scepter Plus.pngDark Scepter+Dark Scepter+
Dark Scepter+Dark Scepter+Staff
Stats: MAG+153

How to obtain