Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki
Daily Fragment Challenge


  • Origin: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
  • Type: Daily
  • Reference: Announcement

Located in the Enhance tab of the Vortex, this dungeon is available once per day, and can be completed once. At least one NV unit is required. All NV units will be eligible upon their release. Upon completion, between 1 to 3 Unit Fragments for each NV or NVA unit in the party (No duplicate units, regardless of rarity) will be rewarded.

Note: To view how many item drops have been obtained, when determining whether to abandon or keep the run, follow these steps.

  1. Have a unit in shift form in the party.
  2. Rapidly tap the menu button when it's grayed out after the items drop.
    1. As the unit shifts back the menu button (☰) will be tappable, allowing the item count to be viewed and the option to quit.

Battle Info[]

Difficulty Energy Battle Gil Unit XP Rank XP Clear Reward
50 10 1 100 900 350
No mission
Fat Chocobo