Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki
Movement Frames Hits Multicast Difficulty
None 80-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12 12

(Doublecast) Easy - 5 frames or less
(Triplecast) Hard - 1 frame or less

Unit Ability Damage Element Target Notes
Shantotto Tornado Magic Wind AoE
Pure Summoner Rydia
Dark Fina From 7-star★
Seabreeze Dark Fina From 7-star★
Rem From 7-star★
Lulu From 7-star★
White Knight Noel From 7-star★
Mediena From 7-star★
Immortal Flame Katy From 7-star★
A.I. Katy From 7-star★ if (S)TMR is equipped
Warrior of Light Krile
Palom & Porom
Benevolent Beauty Rem
Blossomed Mage Lexa
Any Frozen Hurricane Magic Ice AoE Materia. Single cast only.
Dark Fina Boreas Gale Magic Wind AoE From 7-star★
Single cast only.
CD: available on turn 2
Seabreeze Dark Fina
Adam Jensen Typhoon Explosive System Physical Fire AoE From 7-star★
Base skill and +1 only
CD: available on turn 1
Malphasie Thousand Wings Hybrid AoE
Thousand Wings+ Hybrid AoE Accessible via Thousand Wings, Thousand Wings+
Barbariccia Tempest Eye Wall Magic LightningWind AoE From 7-star★
Single cast only.
CD: available on turn 1
Popstar Katy Command - Showtime Magic AoE From 7-star★
Accessible via Dress Rehearsal
Sora Hurricane Blast Physical ST
Yuri Whirlwind Evasion 2 +2 Hybrid Wind AoE Ability awakening
Unei Snowstorm Magic Ice AoE Single cast only.
Bart Angel Physical Wind AoE
Emeralda Tornado Hand Physical Wind ST
Beowulf Saber Hybrid AoE From 7-star★
CD: available on turn 6
High Seraph Ultima Twister Magic Wind AoE
Immortal Flame Katy Fortune - Anyone's Call Magic AoE
Immortal Knight Garland Fiend of Wind - Cyclone Physical Wind AoE
Ardyn Dark Tornado Physical AoE
Gilgamesh Secret Sword Art - Naginata Physical AoE