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Icon Name Stats How to obtain
Ibara's Kimono Ibara's Kimono MAG+18, SPR+15
Resistance: Light (+5%), Dark (+5%)
Reward: (Event) Curse of the Tree Demon
Rustic Garb Rustic Garb ATK+5, MAG+5, SPR+15
Resistance: Ice (+15%)
Effect: EVO MAG +5%EVO MAG +5%
Increase EVO MAG (5%)
, Rustic Set (Garb)Rustic Set (Garb)
Rustic Set (Garb)Rustic Set
Increase HP/MP (10%) when equipped with Rustic Sandals
Recipe: (Event) I Smell a Rat
Elegant Apparel Elegant Apparel ATK+10, MAG+10, SPR+20
Resistance: Ice (+20%)
Effect: EVO MAG +10%EVO MAG +10%
EVO MAG +10%EVO MAG +10%
Increase EVO MAG (10%)
, Elegant Set (Apparel)Elegant Set (Apparel)
Elegant Set (Apparel)Elegant Set
Increase HP/MP (20%) when equipped with Elegant Pendant
Recipe: (Event) I Smell a Rat
Ibara's Kimono+ Ibara's Kimono+ MAG+28, SPR+23
Resistance: Light (+10%), Dark (+10%)
Recipe: (Event) Curse of the Tree Demon
Ibara's Kimono++ Ibara's Kimono++ MAG+42, SPR+32
Resistance: Light (+15%), Dark (+15%)
Recipe: (Event) Curse of the Tree Demon
Priestess's Attire Priestess's Attire HP+100, MAG+60, SPR+35, MP +10%
Ability: Spirit Fire - Fox ClawSpirit Fire - Fox Claw
Spirit Fire - Fox ClawSpirit Fire - Fox Claw
Magic damage (11x) to all enemies
TMR: Tsukiko
Woodland Wear Woodland Wear MAG+20, SPR+45, HP +10%
Resistance: Earth (+10%)
Reward: (Event) Bad Hare Day
Woodland Wear+ Woodland Wear+ MAG+20, SPR+60, HP +10%
Resistance: Earth (+15%)
Recipe: (Event) Bad Hare Day
Woodland Wear++ Woodland Wear++ MAG+20, SPR+65, HP +10%
Resistance: Earth (+20%)
Effect: Ancient Forest Set (Wear)Ancient Forest Set (Wear)
Ancient Forest Set (Wear)Ancient Forest Set
Increase HP/SPR (10%) when equipped with Evergreen Staff++
Recipe: (Event) Hare-Raising Horror
Sage's Robe (FFIV) Sage's Robe MP+100, MAG+70, SPR+68
Resistance: Fire (+70%)
STMR: Palom & Porom
Fryevia's Suit Fryevia's Suit ATK+30, DEF+1, MAG+30, SPR+1, ATK +10%, MAG +10%
Resistance: Light (+30%)
TMR: Aurora Fryevia
Charcoal Cloak Charcoal Cloak ATK+8, DEF+5, MAG+8, SPR+5
Resistance: Light (+15%), Blind (+25%), Disease (+25%)
Effect: Charcoal Set (Cloak)Charcoal Set (Cloak)
Charcoal Set (Cloak)Charcoal Set
Increase DEF/SPR (10%) when equipped with Charcoal Relic
Recipe: (Event) Grave Hexvius, (Event) Grave Hexvius (Update)
Snow Gown Snow Gown DEF+5, MAG+30, SPR+35
Resistance: Ice (+30%)
Ability: Let it Snow!Let it Snow!
Let it Snow!Let it Snow!
Increase ice resistance (50%) for 3 turns to all allies
Reward: (Event) Eternal Winter, (Event) Holiday Road
Cotton Robe Cotton Robe DEF+6, MAG+3, SPR+3 Shop: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Recipe: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Chest: Latius Woods - Exploration
Silk Robe Silk Robe DEF+9, MAG+4, SPR+6 Shop: Port City Lodin
Recipe: Port City Lodin
Reward: (Quest) A Hello to Arms
Ashen Cloak Ashen Cloak ATK+18, DEF+10, MAG+18, SPR+10, MP +10%
Resistance: Light (+20%), Blind (+50%), Disease (+50%)
Effect: Ashen Set (Cloak)Ashen Set (Cloak)
Ashen Set (Cloak)Ashen Set
Increase DEF/SPR (15%) when equipped with Ashen Relic
Recipe: (Event) Grave Hexvius, (Event) Grave Hexvius (Update)
Tattered Overcoat Tattered Overcoat DEF+10, SPR+25
Resistance: Dark (+20%), Petrify (Null)
Recipe: (Event) Darkness Apocalypse
Traveler's Garbs Traveler's Garbs DEF+12, MAG+3, SPR+9 Shop: Grandport
Recipe: Grandport
Chest: Phantom Forest - Exploration
Scion Thaumaturge's Robe Scion Thaumaturge's Robe DEF+12, MAG+24, SPR+40, HP +15%, MP +15%
Exclusive: Papalymo
Recipe: (Event) March on Titan, (Event) March on Garuda
Sakura's Robe Sakura's Robe DEF+14, MAG+77, SPR+42
Resistance: Lightning (+50%)
Effect: Auto-LimitAuto-Limit
Increase LB gauge (1) per turn
STMR: Blossom Sage Sakura
Fides Lacerna Fides Lacerna DEF+15, SPR+28, MP +10%
Resistance: Dark (+15%)
Star Quartz: Mama Chocobo's Den
Cure Robe Cure Robe DEF+15, MAG+20, SPR+42
Resistance: All elements (+10%)
Reward: (Event) Join the Grandshelt Knights!
Astral Robe Astral Robe DEF+15, MAG+65, SPR+42, MP +10% TMR: Sol
Sara's Robe Sara's Robe DEF+15, MAG+20, SPR+55
Resistance: Wind (+30%)
TMR: Sara
Ukiyo's Kariginu Ukiyo's Kariginu DEF+15, MAG+32, MP +10%
Resistance: Light (+10%), Dark (+10%)
TMR: Ukiyo
Magician Robe (FFIX) Magician Robe DEF+16, MAG+24, SPR+20 Chest: (Event) Memoria - Exploration, (Event) Chronicle Battle: Soulcage
Recipe: (Event) Chronicle Battle: Soulcage
Wizard's Robe Wizard's Robe DEF+18, MAG+12 Shop: Felicitas Town
Recipe: (Silver Chest) Village of Ambel
Chest: Lanzelt Ruins - Exploration
Sage's Surplice Sage's Surplice DEF+18, SPR+12 Shop: Underworld Gaberada
Recipe: Golzas Canyon - Exploration
Chest: Grandport
Frosted Gown Frosted Gown DEF+18, MAG+20, SPR+20, HP +10%
Effect: Auto-FaithAuto-Faith
Auto-buff MAG (200%)
Recipe: (Event) Pop Hits
Sun Robe Sun Robe ATK+8, DEF+20, MAG+28
Resistance: Light (+15%)
Chest: Estavilla
Gaia Gear Gaia Gear DEF+20, MAG+5, SPR+5
Resistance: Wind (-50%), Earth (+50%), Petrify (+30%)
Shop: Industrial City Dilmagia, Village of Ambel, Town of Kolts, Aquapolis Olderion, Town of Amore, Raven's Hideaway
Recipe: (Quest) Sins of the Past
Chest: Kolobos Reef - Exploration
Reward: (Event) A Frosty Offensive
Crimson Dragon Robe Crimson Dragon Robe DEF+20, MAG+20, MP +10%
Effect: Null ConfusionNull Confusion
Null ConfusionNull Confusion
Increase resistance to confuse (100%)
(Popstar Katy only)
Recipe: (Event) Red Hot Music
Maester's Robe Maester's Robe DEF+20, MAG+36, SPR+8 Reward: (Event) Gagazet
Mantle of Darkness Mantle of Darkness ATK+20, DEF+20, MAG+20, SPR+20
Resistance: Dark (+20%)
Effect: Darkness Set (Mantle)Darkness Set (Mantle)
Darkness Set (Mantle)Darkness Set
Increase ATK/MAG (40%) when equipped with Amulet of Darkness
Recipe: (Event) Fundamental Forces
Black Robe (FFV) Black Robe DEF+20, MAG+33, SPR+32
Resistance: Dark (+30%)
Recipe: (Event) Barrier Tower
Reward: (Event) On the Road Again
Gentiana's Outfit Gentiana's Outfit DEF+22, MAG+46, SPR+32
Resistance: Ice (+20%)
TMR: Gentiana
Ayaka's Kimono Ayaka's Kimono DEF+22, SPR+68
Resistance: Light (+30%)
Effect: Sacred Beast's GraceSacred Beast's Grace
Sacred Beast's GraceSacred Beast's Grace
Increase esper's bonus stats (10%)
TMR: Kimono Ayaka
Lotti's Robe Lotti's Robe DEF+25, MAG+30, SPR+25, HP +10%, MAG +20% TMR: Lotti
Aiden's Trench Coat Aiden's Trench Coat DEF+25, SPR+65
Effect: Dark DisguiseDark Disguise
Dark DisguiseDark Disguise
Increase resistance to all status ailments (100%)
, Night CamouflageNight Camouflage
Night CamouflageNight Camouflage
Recover MP (5%) per turn
(Doctor Aiden, Aiden only)
TMR: Doctor Aiden
Elephim's Dress Elephim's Dress DEF+25, MAG+30, SPR+75, HP +20%
Effect: Minstrel's SilkMinstrel's Silk
Minstrel's SilkMinstrel's Silk
Decrease MP used for songs (20%)
, Minstrel's PassionMinstrel's Passion
Minstrel's PassionMinstrel's Passion
Increase LB gauge fill rate (50%)
STMR: Elephim
Galmia Set Galmia Set DEF+28, MAG+28, SPR+28 Reward: (Black Key) Completion Bonus
Lezard's Cloak Lezard's Cloak DEF+28, MAG+55, SPR+42
Effect: Disconnected from HumanityDisconnected from Humanity
Disconnected from HumanityDisconnected from Humanity
Increase dark resistance (50%)
(Lezard Valeth only)
TMR: Lezard Valeth
Formal Suit Formal Suit MP+200, DEF+40, MAG+35, SPR+74
Resistance: Light (+30%), Dark (+30%)
Effect: PrestigePrestige
Decrease MP used (30%)
Increase resistance to all elements (30%) for 3 turns when HP drops below 50%
STMR: Rivera
Kimono Vest Kimono Vest DEF+30, SPR+30 Recipe: (Event) Dracotaur Lancer
Siren's Robe Siren's Robe DEF+30, MAG+40, SPR+40
Resistance: Sleep (Null), Silence (Null)
Reward: (Trial) Beasts of the Dark - ELT
Pure White Robe Pure White Robe DEF+30, SPR+44, MP +15%
Resistance: Light (+30%)
Reward: (Event) In Search of True Strength
Robe of Forgiveness Robe of Forgiveness DEF+30, SPR+55, HP +10% TMR: Olif
Amiculum Nigra Amiculum Nigra DEF+30, MAG+72, SPR+72, MP +30%
Resistance: Sleep (Null), Paralyze (Null)
Effect: Auto-RefreshAuto-Refresh
Recover MP (5%) per turn

Females only
STMR: Dark Fina
Cleric's Robes Cleric's Robes DEF+32 Recipe: Lanzelt Ruins - Exploration
Chest: Windy Heights West - Exploration, Nature Capital Naturia
Yuna's Clothes Yuna's Clothes DEF+32, MAG+44, SPR+78
Resistance: Fire (+20%), Ice (+20%), Lightning (+20%), Water (+20%)
Effect: Summoner's SoulSummoner's Soul
Summoner's SoulSummoner's Soul
Increase EVO MAG (20%)
STMR: Yuna
Black Robe Black Robe DEF+34, MAG+20 Recipe: (Silver Chest) Magic Library - Exploration
Chest: Ghost Ship - Exploration, (Event) Flying Fortress - Exploration
Reward: (Colosseum) Intermediate C-4
White Robe White Robe DEF+34, SPR+20 Recipe: (Silver Chest) Sorcerer's Hideaway
Chest: Town of Amore, (Event) Flying Fortress - Exploration
Reward: (Colosseum) Intermediate D-5
Fina's Clothes Fina's Clothes DEF+35, SPR+25, HP +10%
Effect: Purest of HeartsPurest of Hearts
Purest of HeartsPurest of Hearts
Increase resistance to sleep, silence, and paralyze (100%)
(Fina, Lotus Mage Fina, Blue Mage Fina, Draconian Princess Fina only)
Females only
Reward: Trial of the Pure Heart
Serenica's Surplice Serenica's Surplice DEF+34, MAG+29, SPR+67
Resistance: Confuse (Null)
Effect: Serenica's Surplice (Ability)Serenica's Surplice (Ability)
Serenica's Surplice (Ability)Serenica's Surplice
Increase MP (10%)
Increase resistance to charm (50%)
TMR: Serena
Sage's Robe Sage's Robe DEF+35, MAG+15, SPR+15 Recipe: (Colosseum) Intermediate S-3
Chest: Aquapolis Olderion
Reward: (Colosseum) Beginner S-2
Drakesguard Robe Drakesguard Robe DEF+35, MAG+20, SPR+20
Effect: Auto-RegenAuto-Regen
Auto-heal (60 HP, 1.2x) per turn
Recipe: (Event) Vision of Bahamut
Dark Robe Dark Robe DEF+35, MAG+55, SPR+20
Resistance: Dark (+30%)
TMR: Victoria
Black Robe (FFII) Black Robe DEF+35, MAG+42, SPR+21
Resistance: Fire (+15%), Ice (+15%), Lightning (+15%), Dark (+15%)
Chest: (Event) Mysidian Tower - Exploration
Yoshikiri's Robe Yoshikiri's Robe DEF+35, SPR+35, HP +20%, SPR +20% Reward: (Event) Fundamental Forces: Shinobi Arc
Wanderer's Overcoat Wanderer's Overcoat ATK+10, DEF+36, SPR+24
Resistance: Wind (+40%), Silence (+60%), Confuse (+60%)
Chest: Ancient Ruins Level 4
Platinum Robe Platinum Robe DEF+38, SPR+15 Shop: City of Trials Dendalio, Town of Desolation Visectrum, Unbound Offensive
Recipe: (Silver Chest) Dragon's Village
Scion Conjurer's Dalmatica Scion Conjurer's Dalmatica DEF+38, SPR+45, HP +10%, MP +10%
Exclusive: Y'shtola
Recipe: (Event) March on Ifrit, (Event) March on Titan, (Event) March on Garuda
Lava Robe Lava Robe DEF+39, SPR+18
Resistance: Fire (+20%)
Chest: River of Fire - Exploration
Magi Robe Magi Robe DEF+40, MAG+23, SPR+23 Reward: (Colosseum) Advanced C-5
Great Mage's Robe Great Mage's Robe DEF+40, MAG+30, SPR+30, MP +20% Reward: (Event) The Psycho Clown, (Event) Road Through Hell
Vestment of Mind Vestment of Mind DEF+40, SPR+35
Effect: Mind ChargeMind Charge
Mind ChargeMind Charge
Recover MP (3%) per turn
TMR: Aiden
Strategic Cape Strategic Cape DEF+40, MAG+52, SPR+38, MP +20%
Resistance: Ice (+50%), Water (+50%)
TMR: Maritime Strategist Nichol
Diamond Robe Diamond Robe DEF+42, SPR+26 Recipe: (Silver Chest) Plains Town Relaks
Lordly Robe Lordly Robe DEF+45, MAG+35, SPR+35
Effect: Auto-ProtectAuto-Protect
Auto-buff DEF (100%)
Mitigate physical damage taken (30%) for 99999 turns to caster
, Auto-ShellAuto-Shell
Auto-buff SPR (100%)
Mitigate magic damage taken (30%) for 99999 turns to caster
TMR: Alma
Rainbow Robe Rainbow Robe DEF+45, MAG+45, SPR+45
Resistance: Fire (+30%), Ice (+30%), Lightning (+30%), Water (+30%), Wind (+30%), Earth (+30%), Light (+30%)
TMR: Marie
Fina's Kimono Fina's Kimono DEF+45, MAG+64, SPR+45
Resistance: Ice (+70%), Light (+70%)
STMR: Kimono Fina
Lordly Robes (FFBE) Lordly Robes DEF+45, MAG+65, SPR+65
Effect: Auto-RefreshAuto-Refresh
Recover MP (5%) per turn
Reward: Parameter Quests
Imperial Robe Imperial Robe DEF+50, MAG+30, SPR+30, HP +15%
Resistance: Dark (+30%), Blind (+50%)
Effect: Set of Virtue (Robe)Set of Virtue (Robe)
Set of Virtue (Robe)Set of Virtue
Increase MAG/SPR (40%) when equipped with Imperial Heels
Reward: (Trial) Chamber of the Vengeful - The Empress Supreme
Minister's Coat Minister's Coat MP+150, DEF+53, MAG+85
Effect: Refresh +10%Refresh +10%
Refresh +10%Refresh +10%
Recover MP (10%) per turn
, LB Damage +50%LB Damage +50%
LB Damage +50%LB Damage +50%
Increase LB damage (50%)
STMR: Wizardess Shantotto
Chain Robe Chain Robe DEF+55, SPR+30, MP +15% TMR: Meliadoul

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