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Icon-Fire Cryst.png

Fire Cryst
Icon-Ice Cryst.png

Ice Cryst
Icon-Lightning Cryst.png

Lightning Cryst
Icon-Water Cryst.png

Water Cryst
Icon-Earth Cryst.png

Earth Cryst
Icon-Wind Cryst.png

Wind Cryst
Icon-Light Cryst.png

Light Cryst
Icon-Dark Cryst.png

Dark Cryst
Icon-Fire Megacryst.png

Fire Megacryst
Icon-Ice Megacryst.png

Ice Megacryst
Icon-Lightning Megacryst.png

Lightning Megacryst
Icon-Water Megacryst.png

Water Megacryst
Icon-Earth Megacryst.png

Earth Megacryst
Icon-Wind Megacryst.png

Wind Megacryst
Icon-Light Megacryst.png

Light Megacryst
Icon-Dark Megacryst.png

Dark Megacryst
Icon-Life Orb.png

Life Orb
Icon-Farplane Soul.png

Farplane Soul
Icon-Gaia's Tear.png

Gaia's Tear
Icon-Thickened Hide.png

Thickened Hide
Icon-Raptor Feather.png

Raptor Feather
Icon-Chromatic Ooze.png

Chromatic Ooze
Icon-Demon Tail.png

Demon Tail
Icon-Broken Blade.png

Broken Blade
Icon-Digital Circuit.png

Digital Circuit
Icon-Dragon Fang.png

Dragon Fang


Icon-Quality Stone.png

Quality Stone
Icon-Gummy Oil.png

Gummy Oil
Icon-Green Fluid.png

Green Fluid
Icon-Otherworldly Bone.png

Otherworldly Bone
Icon-Abominable Wing.png

Abominable Wing
Icon-Tough Scale.png

Tough Scale
Icon-Cursed Tusk.png

Cursed Tusk
Icon-Wizard Stone.png

Wizard Stone
Icon-Polymer Emulsion.png

Polymer Emulsion
Icon-Dragon Scale.png

Dragon Scale
Icon-Elemental Tear.png

Elemental Tear
Icon-Rockbeetle Husk.png

Rockbeetle Husk
Icon-Sparkling Stone.png

Sparkling Stone

Icon-Corpse Fly.png

Corpse Fly
Icon-Copper Ore.png

Copper Ore
Icon-Iron Ore.png

Iron Ore
Icon-Silver Ore.png

Silver Ore
Icon-Mythril Ore.png

Mythril Ore


Icon-Fine Alcryst.png

Fine Alcryst
Icon-Beast Meat.png

Beast Meat
Icon-Pearl of Wisdom.png

Pearl of Wisdom
Icon-Allure Powder.png

Allure Powder

Icon-Seed of Life.png

Seed of Life
Icon-Crimson Tear.png

Crimson Tear
Icon-Mystic Ore.png

Mystic Ore
Icon-Aqua Pearl.png

Aqua Pearl
Icon-Luminous Horn.png

Luminous Horn
Icon-Quality Parts.png

Quality Parts
Icon-Rainbow Needle.png

Rainbow Needle
Icon-Golden Egg.png

Golden Egg
Icon-Book of Ruin.png

Book of Ruin
Icon-Earth's Core.png

Earth's Core
Icon-Heaven's Ash.png

Heaven's Ash
Icon-Deepsea Bloom.png

Deepsea Bloom
Icon-Scripture of Time.png

Scripture of Time
Icon-Farplane Dew.png

Farplane Dew

Icon-God's Reliquary.png

God's Reliquary
Icon-Dragon Heart.png

Dragon Heart
Icon-Esper's Tear.png

Esper's Tear
Icon-Talmonite of Life.png

Talmonite of Life
Icon-Esper Shard.png

Esper Shard
Icon-Esper Cryst.png

Esper Cryst
Icon-Sacred Crystal.png

Sacred Crystal
Icon-Holy Crystal.png

Holy Crystal
Icon-Hard Pebble.png

Hard Pebble
Icon-Pure Stone.png

Pure Stone












Icon-Divine Crystal.png

Divine Crystal
Icon-Fairies' Writ.png

Fairies' Writ
Icon-Rainbow Bloom.png

Rainbow Bloom
Icon-Calamity Gem.png

Calamity Gem
Icon-Prismatic Horn.png

Prismatic Horn
Icon-Calamity Writ.png

Calamity Writ
Icon-Bugross Ore.png

Bugross Ore
Icon-Ulric Iron.png

Ulric Iron
Icon-Core Dust.png

Core Dust
Icon-Abyss Pearl.png

Abyss Pearl
Icon-Panther Fang.png

Panther Fang
Icon-Demon Wing.png

Demon Wing
Icon-Ancient Stone.png

Ancient Stone

Icon-Iridium Plug.png

Iridium Plug
Icon-Paraffin Oil.png

Paraffin Oil
Icon-Crystal Oscillator.png

Crystal Oscillator

Icon-Entrancing Tail.png

Entrancing Tail
Icon-Menacing Wings.png

Menacing Wings
Icon-Hard Rock.png

Hard Rock
Icon-Fury Seed.png

Fury Seed
Icon-Wicked Drop.png

Wicked Drop
Icon-Brilliant Ray.png

Brilliant Ray
Icon-Lucky Seedling.png

Lucky Seedling
Icon-Bizarre Box.png

Bizarre Box
Icon-Gold Ore.png

Gold Ore
Icon-Koltz Star.png

Koltz Star
Icon-Hope Diamond.png

Hope Diamond
Icon-Flaming Blood.png

Flaming Blood
Icon-Hermit's Teachings.png

Hermit's Teachings
Icon-Star Mote.png

Star Mote
Icon-Swordsmanship Notes.png

Swordsmanship Notes
Icon-Desert Mineral.png

Desert Mineral
Icon-Old Jungle Tree.png

Old Jungle Tree
Icon-Miraculous Thread.png

Miraculous Thread
Icon-Hide of the Guardian.png

Hide of the Guardian
Icon-Seed of Illusions.png

Seed of Illusions
Icon-Ancient Writings.png

Ancient Writings
Icon-High-grade Armor Oil.png

High-grade Armor Oil
Icon-Mysterious Drop.png

Mysterious Drop
Icon-Alter Blade.png

Alter Blade
Icon-Dream Blossom.png

Dream Blossom
Icon-Quality Gold Dust.png

Quality Gold Dust
Icon-White Alcryst.png

White Alcryst
Icon-White Milcryst.png

White Milcryst
Icon-White Heavicryst.png

White Heavicryst
Icon-White Giancryst.png

White Giancryst
Icon-White Purecryst.png

White Purecryst
Icon-Black Alcryst.png

Black Alcryst
Icon-Black Milcryst.png

Black Milcryst
Icon-Black Heavicryst.png

Black Heavicryst
Icon-Black Giancryst.png

Black Giancryst
Icon-Black Purecryst.png

Black Purecryst
Icon-Green Alcryst.png

Green Alcryst
Icon-Green Milcryst.png

Green Milcryst
Icon-Green Heavicryst.png

Green Heavicryst
Icon-Green Giancryst.png

Green Giancryst
Icon-Green Purecryst.png

Green Purecryst
Icon-Power Alcryst.png

Power Alcryst
Icon-Power Milcryst.png

Power Milcryst
Icon-Power Heavicryst.png

Power Heavicryst
Icon-Power Giancryst.png

Power Giancryst
Icon-Power Purecryst.png

Power Purecryst
Icon-Guard Alcryst.png

Guard Alcryst
Icon-Guard Milcryst.png

Guard Milcryst
Icon-Guard Heavicryst.png

Guard Heavicryst
Icon-Guard Giancryst.png

Guard Giancryst
Icon-Guard Purecryst.png

Guard Purecryst
Icon-Healing Alcryst.png

Healing Alcryst
Icon-Healing Milcryst.png

Healing Milcryst
Icon-Healing Heavicryst.png

Healing Heavicryst
Icon-Healing Giancryst.png

Healing Giancryst
Icon-Healing Purecryst.png

Healing Purecryst
Icon-Support Alcryst.png

Support Alcryst
Icon-Support Milcryst.png

Support Milcryst
Icon-Support Heavicryst.png

Support Heavicryst
Icon-Support Giancryst.png

Support Giancryst
Icon-Support Purecryst.png

Support Purecryst
Icon-Tech Alcryst.png

Tech Alcryst
Icon-Tech Milcryst.png

Tech Milcryst
Icon-Tech Heavicryst.png

Tech Heavicryst
Icon-Tech Giancryst.png

Tech Giancryst
Icon-Tech Purecryst.png

Tech Purecryst
Icon-Strength Orb.png

Strength Orb
Icon-Petrify Grenade.png

Petrify Grenade
Icon-Sleeping Powder.png

Sleeping Powder
Icon-Underdog's Secret.png

Underdog's Secret
Icon-Blue Butterfly Powder.png

Blue Butterfly Powder
Icon-Red Butterfly Powder.png

Red Butterfly Powder
Icon-Breath of Life (Item).png

Breath of Life
Icon-Twilight Stone.png

Twilight Stone
Icon-Dusk Jewel.png

Dusk Jewel
Icon-Dark Ore.png

Dark Ore
Icon-Tranquil Stone.png

Tranquil Stone
Icon-Silver Chunk.png

Silver Chunk
Icon-Blessing Needle.png

Blessing Needle
Icon-Cursed Sphere.png

Cursed Sphere
Icon-Sacred Branch.png

Sacred Branch
Icon-Glory Bug.png

Glory Bug
Icon-Antique Bone.png

Antique Bone
Icon-Pink Scale.png

Pink Scale
Icon-Dawn Shell.png

Dawn Shell
Icon-Achromatic Blossom.png

Achromatic Blossom
Icon-White Tail.png

White Tail
Icon-Dew Blossom.png

Dew Blossom
Icon-White Metal.png

White Metal
Icon-White Drake's Feather.png

White Drake's Feather
Icon-White Tome.png

White Tome
Icon-White Slate.png

White Slate




















Icon-Quality Sugar.png

Quality Sugar
Icon-Delicious Water.png

Delicious Water
Icon-Crimson Wing (IS).png

Crimson Wing






Icon-Twilight Feather.png

Twilight Feather
Icon-Pure Thread.png

Pure Thread
Icon-Worn Blueprint.png

Worn Blueprint
Icon-Steel Bone.png

Steel Bone
Icon-Black Oil.png

Black Oil
Icon-Magic Parts.png

Magic Parts
Icon-Sealed Box.png

Sealed Box
Icon-Crimson Wing.png

Crimson Wing
Icon-Azure Corundum.png

Azure Corundum
Icon-Miasma Chunk.png

Miasma Chunk
Icon-Aetherochemical Fiber.png

Aetherochemical Fiber
Icon-Corrupt Weed.png

Corrupt Weed
Icon-Broken Circuit.png

Broken Circuit
Icon-Rusted Lump.png

Rusted Lump
Icon-Titanium Alloy.png

Titanium Alloy
Icon-Black Pearl.png

Black Pearl
Icon-Meteor Light.png

Meteor Light
Icon-Black Box.png

Black Box
Icon-Earth Gemstone.png

Earth Gemstone
Icon-Laser Sensor.png

Laser Sensor
Icon-Mythril Shaft.png

Mythril Shaft
Icon-Electrolytic Condenser.png

Electrolytic Condenser
Icon-Iron Shavings.png

Iron Shavings
Icon-Metal Scrap.png

Metal Scrap












Icon-Corrosive Powder.png

Corrosive Powder
Icon-Philosopher's Stone.png

Philosopher's Stone

Icon-Smithy Hammer.png

Smithy Hammer
Icon-Velvet Ribbon.png

Velvet Ribbon
Icon-Carbon Fiber.png

Carbon Fiber

Icon-Unit's Prism.png

Unit's Prism

Icon-Illusion Stone.png

Illusion Stone
Icon-Rainbow Feather.png

Rainbow Feather
Icon-Orange Gem.png

Orange Gem
Icon-Strange Purple Liquid.png

Strange Purple Liquid
Icon-Monster Claw.png

Monster Claw
Icon-Medicinal Bark.png

Medicinal Bark





Icon-Lapis Lazuli.png

Lapis Lazuli
Icon-Neckless Doll.png

Neckless Doll
Icon-Burgundy Flask.png

Burgundy Flask

Icon-Base Metal.png

Base Metal
Icon-Minimum Hammer.png

Minimum Hammer
Icon-Brilliant Jam.png

Brilliant Jam
Icon-Faerie Nut.png

Faerie Nut
Icon-Medical Root.png

Medical Root
Icon-Weathered Wood.png

Weathered Wood







Icon-Adamantite Lump.png

Adamantite Lump

Icon-Gold Bullion.png

Gold Bullion
Icon-Violet Lumber.png

Violet Lumber
Icon-Crimson Cloth.png

Crimson Cloth
Icon-Earthen Scale.png

Earthen Scale
Icon-Ebony Fang.png

Ebony Fang
Icon-Midori's Ring.png

Midori's Ring
Icon-Steel Lump.png

Steel Lump
Icon-Black Leather (Item).png

Black Leather
Icon-Smoky Gemstone.png

Smoky Gemstone
Icon-Azure Fragment.png

Azure Fragment
Icon-Orientation Control Unit.png

Orientation Control Unit

Icon-Thick Sailcloth.png

Thick Sailcloth
Icon-Midnight Wings.png

Midnight Wings
Icon-Levistone Fragment.png

Levistone Fragment
Icon-Gold Circuit.png

Gold Circuit
Icon-Handless Clock Face.png

Handless Clock Face
Icon-Charged Filament.png

Charged Filament
Icon-Copper Bolt.png

Copper Bolt
Icon-Broken Gear.png

Broken Gear
Icon-Black Fabric.png

Black Fabric
Icon-White Gem.png

White Gem
Icon-Shiso Powder.png

Shiso Powder
Icon-Grassbeast Fang.png

Grassbeast Fang
Icon-Old Tree Seed Shell.png

Old Tree Seed Shell
Icon-Sunlands Silk.png

Sunlands Silk
Icon-Steel Ingot.png

Steel Ingot
Icon-Desert Branch.png

Desert Branch
Icon-Red Mineral.png

Red Mineral
Icon-Blue Mineral.png

Blue Mineral
Icon-Young Lady's Diary.png

Young Lady's Diary
Icon-Twilight Desert Herb.png

Twilight Desert Herb
Icon-Cloudy White Cloth.png

Cloudy White Cloth
Icon-Fleet-Footed Bird's Tail Feather.png

Fleet-Footed Bird's Tail Feather
Icon-Scorpion Stone.png

Scorpion Stone
Icon-Liquid Mako.png

Liquid Mako

Icon-Nameless Flower.png

Nameless Flower
Icon-Steel Joint.png

Steel Joint

Icon-Secret Toolbox.png

Secret Toolbox
Icon-Rusty Metal Parts.png

Rusty Metal Parts
Icon-Researcher's Notes.png

Researcher's Notes
Icon-Homemade Lubricant.png

Homemade Lubricant
Icon-Magnetic Needle.png

Magnetic Needle
Icon-Magic Silver Ingot.png

Magic Silver Ingot
Icon-Silver Hilt.png

Silver Hilt
Icon-Seawolf Fang.png

Seawolf Fang
Icon-Silver-Gray Log.png

Silver-Gray Log
Icon-Silver Orb.png

Silver Orb
Icon-Snow White Flower.png

Snow White Flower
Icon-Festive Petals.png

Festive Petals
Icon-Beautiful Purple Cloth.png

Beautiful Purple Cloth
Icon-Inviting Perfume.png

Inviting Perfume
Icon-Violet Silk Thread.png

Violet Silk Thread
Icon-Lifestone Ore.png

Lifestone Ore
Icon-Golden Devil Tail.png

Golden Devil Tail
Icon-Light-Eating Black Crystal.png

Light-Eating Black Crystal
Icon-Meteorite Fragment.png

Meteorite Fragment
Icon-Cosmo Powder.png

Cosmo Powder
Icon-Poisonous Fang.png

Poisonous Fang
Icon-Black Yarn.png

Black Yarn
Icon-Black Lumber.png

Black Lumber
Icon-Fused Stone.png

Fused Stone
Icon-Metal Ring.png

Metal Ring
Icon-Aldore Wootz Ore.png

Aldore Wootz Ore
Icon-Gungan Lacquer Tree.png

Gungan Lacquer Tree
Icon-Deluxe Gunpowder.png

Deluxe Gunpowder
Icon-Fluorine Rubber.png

Fluorine Rubber
Icon-Teak Log.png

Teak Log
Icon-Dark Matter (KH).png

Dark Matter
Icon-Serenity Power.png

Serenity Power
Icon-Fury Stone.png

Fury Stone
Icon-Power Stone.png

Power Stone
Icon-Mythril Stone.png

Mythril Stone
Icon-Nameless Katana's Hilt.png

Nameless Katana's Hilt
Icon-Jester Woodblock Print.png

Jester Woodblock Print
Icon-City Camouflage.png

City Camouflage
Icon-Lump of Darksteel.png

Lump of Darksteel
Icon-Twin Crystals.png

Twin Crystals
Icon-Crimson Lotus Tear.png

Crimson Lotus Tear
Icon-Priceless Stone.png

Priceless Stone
Icon-Gold Powder.png

Gold Powder
Icon-Purple Emulsion.png

Purple Emulsion
Icon-Twisted Black Horn.png

Twisted Black Horn
Icon-Crimson Hand-Woven Cloth.png

Crimson Hand-Woven Cloth
Icon-Shining Magical Thread.png

Shining Magical Thread
Icon-Brilliant Scarlet Feather.png

Brilliant Scarlet Feather
Icon-Cracked Jewel.png

Cracked Jewel
Icon-Sky Blue Stone.png

Sky Blue Stone
Icon-Engraved Blade.png

Engraved Blade
Icon-Small Magical Ore.png

Small Magical Ore
Icon-High-Grade Powder.png

High-Grade Powder
Icon-Metallic Gel.png

Metallic Gel
Icon-Silk Twine.png

Silk Twine
Icon-True Beast Fur.png

True Beast Fur
Icon-Beast Fur.png

Beast Fur
Icon-Synthetic Fiber Cloth.png

Synthetic Fiber Cloth
Icon-Darkblade Hilt.png

Darkblade Hilt
Icon-Shadow Tar.png

Shadow Tar
Icon-Red Beryl.png

Red Beryl




Icon-Orichalcum (KH).png

Icon-Breath of Wind.png

Breath of Wind
Icon-Dazzling Stone.png

Dazzling Stone
Icon-Thunder Gem.png

Thunder Gem
Icon-Frost Shard.png

Frost Shard
Icon-Blue Eye.png

Blue Eye
Icon-Platinum Ore.png

Platinum Ore


Icon-Glass Frit.png

Glass Frit

Icon-Massive Stone.png

Massive Stone
Icon-Demon Heart.png

Demon Heart
Icon-Fine Flour.png

Fine Flour
Icon-Lotus Seed Paste.png

Lotus Seed Paste
Icon-Brown Egg.png

Brown Egg
Icon-Coarse Rock Sugar.png

Coarse Rock Sugar
Icon-Standard Mogcake Box.png

Standard Mogcake Box
Icon-Rare Mogcake Box.png

Rare Mogcake Box
Icon-Premium Mogcake Box.png

Premium Mogcake Box
Icon-Cavern Ore.png

Cavern Ore
Icon-Stainless Steel.png

Stainless Steel
Icon-Blood Alcryst.png

Blood Alcryst
Icon-Blood Stone.png

Blood Stone


Icon-Nail Polish.png

Nail Polish
Icon-Face Powder.png

Face Powder
Icon-Hair Spray.png

Hair Spray
Icon-Red Egg.png

Red Egg
Icon-Blue Egg.png

Blue Egg
Icon-Rainbow Egg.png

Rainbow Egg
Icon-Crystal Egg of Power.png

Crystal Egg of Power
Icon-Crystal Egg of Mind.png

Crystal Egg of Mind
Icon-Shadow Bahamut Gem.png

Shadow Bahamut Gem
Icon-Shadow Bahamut Scale.png

Shadow Bahamut Scale
Icon-Shadow Bahamut Jade.png

Shadow Bahamut Jade
Icon-Shadow Bahamut Wing.png

Shadow Bahamut Wing
Icon-Shadow Bahamut Heart.png

Shadow Bahamut Heart
Icon-Shadow Bahamuts Ore.png

Shadow Bahamuts Ore
Icon-Shadow Bahamut Fang.png

Shadow Bahamut Fang
Icon-Purple Nail Polish.png

Purple Nail Polish
Icon-Purple Lipstick.png

Purple Lipstick
Icon-Purple Hair Spray.png

Purple Hair Spray
Icon-Purple Perfume.png

Purple Perfume
Icon-CD Album.png

CD Album
Icon-Glowing Star.png

Glowing Star
Icon-Royal Fire Orb.png

Royal Fire Orb
Icon-Royal Earth Orb.png

Royal Earth Orb
Icon-Royal Wind Orb.png

Royal Wind Orb
Icon-Royal Water Orb.png

Royal Water Orb
Icon-Royal Dark Orb.png

Royal Dark Orb
Icon-Royal Light Orb.png

Royal Light Orb

Icon-Tung Oil.png

Tung Oil
Icon-Moon Jade.png

Moon Jade
Icon-Sun Jade.png

Sun Jade
Icon-Fire Opal.png

Fire Opal
Icon-Red Flax.png

Red Flax
Icon-Gold Flax.png

Gold Flax
Icon-Gunmetal Alloy.png

Gunmetal Alloy
Icon-Sealed Treasure.png

Sealed Treasure
Icon-Glitz Gem.png

Glitz Gem
Icon-Dense Ore.png

Dense Ore

Icon-Bavarium Dust.png

Bavarium Dust
Icon-Bavarium Ore.png

Bavarium Ore
Icon-Bavarium Shard.png

Bavarium Shard
Icon-Refined Bavarium.png

Refined Bavarium
Icon-Elven Crystal.png

Elven Crystal
Icon-Manufactured Wood.png

Manufactured Wood
Icon-Scarlet Orb.png

Scarlet Orb
Icon-Black Thread.png

Black Thread
Icon-Scarlet Hide.png

Scarlet Hide
Icon-Grey Feathers.png

Grey Feathers
Icon-Scarlet Egg.png

Scarlet Egg

Icon-Turret Shell.png

Turret Shell
Icon-Cowry Shell.png

Cowry Shell

Icon-Nano Seeds.png

Nano Seeds
Icon-Nano Shard.png

Nano Shard
Icon-Nano Crystal.png

Nano Crystal
Icon-Nano Core.png

Nano Core
Icon-Rainbow Shell.png

Rainbow Shell
Icon-Decayed Seeds.png

Decayed Seeds
Icon-Burnt Shard.png

Burnt Shard
Icon-Dull Crystal.png

Dull Crystal
Icon-Dark Core.png

Dark Core
Icon-Corrupted Stone.png

Corrupted Stone
Icon-Wicked Roots.png

Wicked Roots
Icon-Lock of Black Hair.png

Lock of Black Hair
Icon-Red Cloth.png

Red Cloth
Icon-Cursed Needle.png

Cursed Needle
Icon-Black Ash.png

Black Ash
Icon-Pure Blood.png

Pure Blood
Icon-Black Grimoire.png

Black Grimoire
Icon-Crimson Dragon Scale.png

Crimson Dragon Scale
Icon-Copper Coin.png

Copper Coin
Icon-Bronze Ingot.png

Bronze Ingot
Icon-Silver Ingot.png

Silver Ingot
Icon-Golden Ingot.png

Golden Ingot
Icon-Glass Ingot.png

Glass Ingot
Icon-Rancid Seeds.png

Rancid Seeds
Icon-Fragile Shard.png

Fragile Shard
Icon-Fallen Gem.png

Fallen Gem
Icon-Damaged Core.png

Damaged Core
Icon-Jinxed Stone.png

Jinxed Stone
Icon-Entangled Roots.png

Entangled Roots
Icon-Bundle of Purple Thread.png

Bundle of Purple Thread

Icon-Amethyst Shards.png

Amethyst Shards
Icon-Frost Fragment.png

Frost Fragment
Icon-Blazing Stone.png

Blazing Stone
Icon-Enlightenment Point(s).png

Enlightenment Point(s)
Icon-Blight Stone.png

Blight Stone
Icon-Crimson Saber Key.png

Crimson Saber Key
Icon-Purple Lightning Key.png

Purple Lightning Key
Icon-Reincarnation Key.png

Reincarnation Key



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