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Icon Name Stats How to obtain
Microphone Stand Microphone Stand ATK+16, MAG+72
Effect: MP +20% (Chic Ariana only)
Reward: (Event) A Musical Showdown
Wooden Hammer Wooden Hammer ATK+18 Shop: Port City Lodin
Recipe: Dalnakya Cavern - Exploration
Iron Hammer Iron Hammer ATK+24 Shop: Village of Kol
Recipe: Village of Kol
Chest: Zadehl Westersands - Exploration
War Hammer War Hammer ATK+30 Shop: Felicitas Town, Village of Ambel, Town of Amore, Downtown Zoldaad
Recipe: Grandport
Reward: (Quest) The Hungers Game
Slogging Wrench Slogging Wrench ATK+31, MP +30% Reward: (Event) Taking to the Skies
Mythril Hammer Mythril Hammer ATK+37 Shop: Underworld Gaberada
Recipe: Dwarves' Forge - Exploration
Chest: Golzas Canyon - Exploration
Purchase: Premium Bundle
Blessed Hammer Blessed Hammer ATK+44, MAG+6, SPR+28 Recipe: Mysidia Underground - Exploration
Reward: (Gale Key) Aquapolis Olderion
Sledgehammer Sledgehammer ATK+50
Effect: Confuse (30%)
Chest: Mysidia Tower - Exploration
Rock Hammer Rock Hammer ATK+51
Element: Earth
Effect: Stone KillerStone Killer
Stone KillerStone Killer
Increase physical damage against stone monsters (50%)
Chest: City of Ash Anabeth
Beast Hammer Beast Hammer ATK+54
Element: Fire
Reward: (Event) Shadow of the Empire
Platinum Hammer Platinum Hammer ATK+55 Shop: Ilteah Town, City of Trials Dendalio, Town of Desolation Visectrum, Unbound Offensive
Chest: Dragon's Village
Thor's Hammer - Replica Thor's Hammer - Replica ATK+72 Reward: (Trial) Chamber of Arms - Tegmine
Mighty Hammer Mighty Hammer ATK+72, HP +15%
Element: Lightning
Reward: (Event) The Crystal Tower
Frying Pan Frying Pan ATK+85, HP +15%
Effect: Beloved's EncouragementBeloved's Encouragement
Beloved's EncouragementBeloved's Encouragement
Increase resistance to sleep (100%)
(Yang only)
Reward: (Event) Fabul Castle Guard
Gaia Hammer Gaia Hammer ATK+90
Element: Fire
Effect: Machine KillerMachine Killer
Machine KillerMachine Killer
Increase physical damage against machinas (50%)
Reward: (Event) The Tower of Zot, (Event) Tower of Zot, (Event) On the Road Again
Sledgehammer (DQMSL) Sledgehammer ATK+167, HP +20%
Effect: Man-EaterMan-Eater
Increase physical damage against humans (50%)
TMR: Überkilling Machine
Master's Hammer Master's Hammer ATK+108
Element: Earth
Reward: (Event) Morze's Soiree and the Fountain of Power
TMR: Ruggles
Thor's Hammer Thor's Hammer ATK+145
Ability: Thor's RageThor's Rage
Thor's RageThor's Rage
Lightning physical damage (2x) with ignore DEF (50%) to one enemy
Reward: (Trial) Chamber of Arms - Tegmine
Mechabo Hammer Mechabo Hammer ATK+154, HP +20%
Effect: Mechabo Hammer (Ability)Mechabo Hammer (Ability)
Mechabo Hammer (Ability)Mechabo Hammer
Increase LB gauge (3) per turn
Increase physical damage against machinas (50%)
STMR: Heavenly Technician Lid
Healing Avatar's Hammer Healing Avatar's Hammer ATK+154, SPR+41
Effect: Blessed HandsBlessed Hands
Blessed HandsBlessed Hands
Increase LB gauge fill rate (100%)

Ability: Unstoppable ProtectionUnstoppable Protection
Unstoppable ProtectionUnstoppable Protection
Increase resistance to stop (100%) for 3 turns to all allies
, Charming ProtectionCharming Protection
Charming ProtectionCharming Protection
Increase resistance to charm (100%) for 3 turns to all allies
STMR: Healing Avatar Lid

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