Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki

Always Open[]

Each chamber is accessible at any given time.

King Mog's Lost Maps[]

King Mog's Lost Maps

Chamber of Enlightenment[]

Chamber of Enlightenment

Chamber of Forticite[]

Chamber of Forticite

Chamber of Crysts[]

Chamber of Crysts

Daily (Limited)[]

Each battle is accessible once per day only.

Daily Fragment Challenge[]

Daily Fragment Challenge

Chamber of Supercite[]

Chamber of Supercite

Daily Gil Hunt[]

Daily Gil Hunt


You may unlock one chamber for free for 24 hours. Once the unlock time runs out, the chamber will be locked again, allowing you to choose on which chamber to unlock for free. To unlock more than one chamber, you have to pay Lapis100 per additional chamber.

Chamber of Creation[]

Chamber of Creation

Chamber of Awakening[]

Chamber of Awakening

Chamber of Experience[]

Chamber of Experience

Chamber of Riches[]

Chamber of Riches


The Enchanted Maze[]

The Enchanted Maze

Cactuar Dunes[]

Cactuar Dunes

Gil Snapper's Cave[]

Gil Snapper's Cave

Chamber of Crystals[]

Chamber of Crystals