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Specified series' units will receive a 300% parameter boost to all stats, stackable with everything else.
Series' Neo Vision units will receive both the stat bonus and a drop bonus that increases the amount of Brave Insignias and Chronicle Medals received. A higher EX awakening level will further increase this amount. The bonus is cumulative so you can use as many as you can, including one from a friend companion.

Battle List

Series Name Notable Reward Type Effect
Challenge of the Brave See Challenge of the Brave for more information.
FFX Chronicle Battle: Seymour Flux Jecht's GauntletJecht's Gauntlet Accessory ATK+15, DEF+15
Effect: Natural TalentNatural Talent
Natural TalentNatural Talent
Increase ATK (20%) when equipped with a great sword
FFX Chronicle Battle: Behemoth Barrier BracerBarrier Bracer Accessory HP +20%
Resistance: Water (+30%), Wind (+30%), Earth (+30%)
FFBE Chronicle Battle: Keeper Garote ResurgenceResurgence Bow ATK+77, SPR+120, MP +10%
Effect: Damage range 125% - 175%, Accuracy+70%
Two-handed weapon
FFBE Chronicle Battle: Voa Andigo Icon-Artist's Headdress.pngArtist's Headdress Accessory MAG+20, SPR+20
Effect: Artist's Headdress (Ability)Artist's Headdress (Ability)
Artist's Headdress (Ability)Artist's Headdress
Increase MAG/SPR (10%)
Recover MP (3%) per turn
Decrease encounter rate (25%)
FFBE Chronicle Battle: Rampaging Tetra Sylphid - - -
FFBE Chronicle Battle: Ochu Icon-Black Eye.pngBlack Eye Accessory ATK+35, MAG+35
Resistance: Dark (+30%), Paralyze (+75%), Confuse (+75%), Petrify (+75%)
FF TYPE-0 Chronicle Battle: Vajra - - -
FF TYPE-0 Chronicle Battle: Lieutenant Colonel Charlot Silver BraceletSilver Bracelet Accessory HP +10%, MP +10%
FFVI Chronicle Battle: Valigarmanda - - -
FFVI Chronicle Battle: Red Dragon Thunder ShieldThunder Shield Light Shield DEF+51, SPR+60
Resistance: Lightning (+50%)
Ability: ThundagaThundaga
ThundagaThundagaBlack Magic Affinity Lvl 6 
Lightning magic damage (20x) to all enemies
FFVI Chronicle Battle: Ultros Hyper WristHyper Wrist Accessory ATK+20
Hyper Wrist (FFVI)+3 - recipe Accessory ATK+45, ATK +20%
Effect: Bird Hunter's MethodBird Hunter's Method
Bird Hunter's MethodBird Hunter's Method
Increase physical and magic damage against birds (50%)
(FFVI units only)
Ninja GearNinja Gear Clothes ATK+20, DEF+13, SPR+3
Ninja Gear (FFVI)+3 - recipe Clothes ATK+40, DEF+23, SPR+23
Resistance: Fire (+40%)
Effect: Ninja's TranquilityNinja's Tranquility
Ninja's TranquilityNinja's Tranquility
Increase equipment ATK/SPR (25%) when single wielding any weapon with or without shield
(FFVI units only)
FFVII REMAKE Chronicle Battle: Rufus Shinra Guard StickGuard Stick Rod ATK+7, MAG+114, SPR+103
FFVII REMAKE Chronicle Battle: The Valkyrie Mythril ArmletMythril Armlet Accessory DEF+5, SPR+20, SPR +20%
Supernatural WristguardSupernatural Wristguard Accessory ATK +30%
FFBE Chronicle Battle: Zeno of the Beta Star Icon-Silver Knight's Gauntlet.pngSilver Knight's Gauntlet Accessory DEF+20, SPR+30
Resistance: Ice (+30%), Light (+30%)
FFXI Chronicle Battle: Lady Lilith Icon-Tactician Magician's Coat.pngTactician Magician's Coat Clothes DEF+30, MAG+30, SPR+40, HP +10%, MP +10%
Exclusive: Shantotto, Livid Shantotto
FFIX Chronicle Battle: Soulcage Battle BootsBattle Boots Accessory ATK+20, DEF+32, MAG+20, SPR+16
Resistance: Paralyze (+50%)
Effect: Combat ShoesCombat Shoes
Combat ShoesCombat Shoes
Increase HP (30%)
Decrease MP used (25%)
Magician RobeMagician Robe Robe DEF+16, MAG+24, SPR+20
FFIX Chronicle Battle: General Beatrix General's AttireGeneral's Attire Clothes ATK+10, DEF+19, SPR+26
Resistance: Fire (+30%)
FFXV Chronicle Battle: MA-X Maniple Wyvern LanceWyvern Lance Spear ATK+86
Effect: High JumpHigh Jump
High JumpHigh Jump
Increase jump damage (100%)
Battle-worn FatiguesBattle-worn Fatigues Clothes ATK+30, DEF+41, SPR+25
Effect: Brave Warrior Keeping Hope AliveBrave Warrior Keeping Hope Alive
Brave Warrior Keeping Hope AliveBrave Warrior Keeping Hope Alive
Increase ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (20%)
FFXV Chronicle Battle: Leviathan Hero's ShieldHero's Shield Heavy Shield HP+25, DEF+90, SPR+30, HP +10%
Scepter of the PiousScepter of the Pious Staff ATK+12, MAG+155, SPR+67
Effect: King's Worship of the HexatheonKing's Worship of the Hexatheon
King's Worship of the HexatheonKing's Worship of the Hexatheon
Increase esper's bonus stats (50%)
FFXV Chronicle Battle: Ifrit Moogle CharmMoogle Charm Accessory DEF+33, SPR+28
Resistance: All elements (+10%)
Effect: Draw AttacksDraw Attacks
Draw AttacksDraw Attacks
Increase chance of being targeted (50%)
Aranea's HelmAranea's Helm Helm ATK+20, DEF+24, SPR+24

Unreleased Battles

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