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Icon Name Stats How to obtain
Battle Axe Battle Axe ATK+28 Shop: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Recipe: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Chest: Grandshelt Catacombs - Exploration
Great Axe Great Axe ATK+32 Shop: Village of Kol, Felicitas Town, Town of Amore
Recipe: (Quest) Don't Stop! (Hammer Time)
Chest: Lost Village of Marlo
Ogrekiller Ogrekiller ATK+36 Chest: Junkyard - Exploration
Reward: (Colosseum) Beginner B-4
Iron Axe Iron Axe ATK+58 Reward: (Event) Monster Carnival, (Event) Estark's Challenge
Mythril Axe Mythril Axe ATK+48 Shop: Town of Kolts, Downtown Zoldaad
Recipe: Lake Dorr - Exploration
Chest: Wind Shrine - Exploration
Reward: (Event) A Frosty Offensive
Giant's Axe Giant's Axe ATK+50 Shop: Underworld Gaberada
Recipe: Magic Library - Exploration
Chest: Aquatic Cove - Exploration
Reward: (Colosseum) Intermediate A-5
Rune Axe Rune Axe ATK+53, SPR+12 Chest: Ghost Ship - Exploration, Magi Nation Mysidia
Golden Axe Golden Axe ATK+55 Chest: Abandoned Orphanage - Exploration
Reward: (Colosseum) Advanced A-3
Purchase: Premium Bundle
Demon Axe Demon Axe ATK+65, HP +5%
Element: Dark
Reward: (Black Key) Forgotten Walls - Exploration
Death Sickle Death Sickle ATK+72
Ability: DeathDeath
DeathDeathBlack Magic Affinity Lvl 6 
Inflict death (30%) to one enemy
Chest: North Side District Block A3 - Exploration
Platinum Axe Platinum Axe ATK+76 Shop: Ilteah Town, City of Trials Dendalio, Town of Desolation Visectrum, Unbound Offensive
Recipe: (Silver Chest) Nirvana Woods - Exploration
Chest: Roaring Volcano - Exploration
Reward: (Quest) Preparing the Feast
Gigantaxe Gigantaxe ATK+76, HP +15% Reward: (Event) The Dreadnought
Mining Pick Mining Pick ATK+82 Chest: (Silver Chest) Smokey Caves - Exploration
Gigas Axe Gigas Axe ATK+85, SPR+15 Reward: (Event) Mana Mystery
Leucos Voulge Leucos Voulge ATK+101
Exclusive: Werei
Recipe: (Event) The Shadow Lord Invades
King of Beasts King of Beasts ATK+102
Effect: Beast KillerBeast Killer
Beast KillerBeast Killer
Increase physical damage against beasts (50%)
Star Quartz: Mama Chocobo's Den
Ulfhedinn Axe Ulfhedinn Axe ATK+112
Effect: Store LBStore LB
Store LBStore LB
Increase LB gauge fill rate (50%)
, Damage range 110% - 190%, Accuracy+50%
Two-handed weapon
Reward: (Event) Shrine of Ru'Avitau
Thunder Axe Keraunos Thunder Axe Keraunos ATK+120
Element: Lightning
TMR: Merald
Moon Axe Moon Axe ATK+125
Effect: Confuse (30%)
TMR: Robbin' 'Ood
Viking Axe Viking Axe ATK+125
Element: Water
TMR: Mercedes
Refined Engine Axe Refined Engine Axe ATK+130
Element: Fire
TMR: Killian
Glacial Axe Glacial Axe ATK+136, DEF+32, SPR+32
Effect: Twin Sisters' ProtectionTwin Sisters' Protection
Twin Sisters' ProtectionTwin Sisters' Protection
Increase ice and water resistance (20%)
Reward: (Event) Grand Chaos
Nightfall Cleaver Nightfall Cleaver ATK+160
Effect: Axe of GloamingAxe of Gloaming
Axe of GloamingAxe of Gloaming
Increase equipment ATK (25%) when dual wielding
Reward: (Event) Spring Equipment Enhancement Event
Demon Axe (FFBE) Demon Axe ATK+165
Effect: Earth-Shattering Battle AxeEarth-Shattering Battle Axe
Earth-Shattering Battle AxeEarth-Shattering Battle Axe
Increase physical damage against stone monsters (75%)
, Damage range 110% - 190%, Accuracy+50%
Two-handed weapon
Reward: (Trial) Scorn of the Great Explosion Festival
Massive Bouquet Massive Bouquet ATK+171, DEF +20%
Element: Earth
Effect: Damage range 110% - 190%
Two-handed weapon
STMR: Sieghard & Ignacio
Ignition Axe Ignition Axe ATK+201
Element: Fire
Effect: Damage range 110% - 190%, Accuracy+50%
Two-handed weapon
STMR: Ignacio

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