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Icon Name Stats How to obtain
Power Wrist Power Wrist ATK+5 Shop: Grandport, Aquapolis Olderion, Raven's Hideaway
Recipe: (Quest) Prowl Movements
Purchase: Premium Bundle
Hyper Wrist Hyper Wrist ATK+10 Recipe: Grandport, Lost Village of Marlo
Chest: Zadehl Westersands - Exploration, Wind Shrine - Exploration
Reward: (Event) In Search of True Strength
Purchase: Premium Bundle
Hard Gauntlet Hard Gauntlet ATK+40, DEF+3, HP +10%
Resistance: Blind (Null)
TMR: Franis
Desch's Earrings Desch's Earrings ATK+45 TMR: Desch
Storm Kickers Storm Kickers ATK+51, DEF+10
Effect: Inner Limit, Stormborne
TMR: Esther
Coin of Fate - Edgar Coin of Fate - Edgar ATK+50
Resistance: All status ailments (Null)
Effect: Royal Determination
STMR: King Edgar of Figaro
Seraph Comb Seraph Comb ATK+50
Effect: Seto's Story
Steward's Pumps Steward's Pumps ATK+55, DEF+24
Effect: Made-Up Steward
STMR: Lively Steward Shinju
Lucid Lenses Lucid Lenses ATK+55
Effect: Lucid Lenses (Ability)
STMR: Queen
Tifa's Gloves (FFVII: AC) Tifa's Gloves ATK+45
Effect: The Zangan Way's Ultimate Art
Marshal Glove Marshal Glove ATK+40
Effect: True Doublehand, Aurora
TMR: Elfreeda
Rush Glove Rush Glove ATK+40
Effect: Master of the Single Blade
TMR: Akstar
Colorful Lei Colorful Lei ATK+45
Effect: Aloha Spirit, Big Kahuna
TMR: Aloha Lasswell
Hermes Sandals (FFV) Hermes Sandals ATK+40
Effect: Traveler's Progression
TMR: Warrior of Light Bartz
Onion Boots Onion Boots ATK+40, MAG+40
Effect: Onion Command
Chest: (Event) The Crystal Tower - Exploration
TMR: Awakened Onion Knight
Recipe: (Event) The Crystal Tower - Exploration
Limited Moon Limited Moon ATK+60, MP +30%
Effect: High Tide
Warlord Leg Guards Warlord Leg Guards ATK+65
Effect: Lethal Legs
STMR: Zenaida
Iron Gloves Iron Gloves DEF+5 Shop: Royal Capital Grandshelt, Aquapolis Olderion, Raven's Hideaway
Recipe: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Chest: Grandshelt Catacombs - Exploration
Mythril Gloves Mythril Gloves DEF+6
Effect: Emergency Protect
Recipe: (Colosseum) Intermediate B-2
Chest: Felicitas Town
Reward: (Earth Key) Wolfsfang Peak - Exploration
Protect Ring Protect Ring DEF+8
Effect: Emergency Protect
Shop: Ghost Port Kolobos, Industrial City Dilmagia, Aquapolis Olderion
Recipe: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Regen Ring Regen Ring HP+80
Effect: Emergency Regen
Shop: Raven's Hideaway, Sorcerer's Hideaway, Capital of Despair Hellstya
Recipe: Grandport
Reward: (Colosseum) Intermediate D-2
Silver Armlet Silver Armlet MP+15, DEF+3 Shop: Lost Village of Marlo
Recipe: Lost Village of Marlo
Reward: (Quest) Bombs Away
Gold Armlet Gold Armlet MP+30, DEF+3
Resistance: Petrify (Null)
Chest: Junkyard - Exploration, Abandoned Orphanage - Exploration, (Event) The Empire of Light and Dark
Reward: (Quest) Location, Location, Location
Rune Armlet Rune Armlet MP+50, DEF+3 Star Quartz: Town of Kolts
Invigorator Invigorator MP+35, DEF+10
Effect: Energy Circulator
TMR: Heavenly Technician Lid
Soul of Thamasa Soul of Thamasa DEF+12, SPR+12, MP +30%
Ability: Dualcast
TMR: Trance Terra
Mog Beach Ball Mog Beach Ball MP+50, DEF+3, SPR+3, MP +30%, SPR +30% TMR: Summer Fina & Lid
Three Stars (FFVI) Three Stars DEF+3, SPR+3
Effect: Three Stars
STMR: Trance Terra
Star Pendant Star Pendant DEF+3
Resistance: Poison (Null)
Star Quartz: Town of Kolts
Chest: Port City Lydira
Silver Glasses Silver Glasses DEF+3
Resistance: Blind (Null)
Star Quartz: Town of Kolts
Chest: Town of Mitra
Headband Headband ATK+3
Resistance: Sleep (Null)
Star Quartz: Town of Kolts
Chest: Dalnakya Cavern - Exploration
White Cape White Cape DEF+3
Resistance: Silence (Null)
Star Quartz: Town of Kolts
Chest: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Colundo's Boots Colundo's Boots DEF+30, SPR+30
Resistance: Silence (Null)
TMR: Colundo
Black Choker Black Choker DEF+3
Resistance: Confuse (Null)
Star Quartz: Town of Kolts
Reward: (Earth Key) Ordol Port
Fairy's Scrunchie Fairy's Scrunchie DEF+15, SPR+15, HP +20%
Resistance: Confuse (Null)
TMR: Mim
Gold Anklet Gold Anklet DEF+3
Resistance: Petrify (Null)
Star Quartz: Town of Kolts
Reward: (Earth Key) Port City Lodin, (Quest) My Object of Affection
Fairy Ring Fairy Ring DEF+3
Resistance: Poison (Null), Blind (Null)
Shop: Capital of Despair Hellstya
Reward: (Colosseum) Beginner A-2, (Quest) Perfect Forecast?, (Quest) A Young Lady's Kiss
Jeweled Ring Jeweled Ring DEF+3
Resistance: Paralyze (Null), Petrify (Null)
Chest: Gronoa Shrine Depths - Exploration
Reward: (Quest) Ruin Subduin', (Event) Lunar New Year
Jeweled Belt Jeweled Belt DEF+10, HP +10%
Resistance: Paralyze (Null), Petrify (Null)
Recipe: Ancient Ruins Level 1
Safety Bit Safety Bit DEF+3
Resistance: Petrify (Null), Death (Null)
Effect: Null Death
Star Quartz: Sorcerer's Hideaway
Malboro's Eye Malboro's Eye Ability: Malboro's Eye (Ability) Reward: (Trial) The Rumble of Malboro
Yunalesca's Circlet Yunalesca's Circlet MAG+43, SPR+43
Effect: Summoner of Legend's Blessing
TMR: Yunalesca
Archmage's Mantle Archmage's Mantle DEF+12, MAG+50, SPR+10
Resistance: Silence (Null), Confuse (Null), Petrify (Null)
TMR: Archmage Kefka
Ribbon Ribbon MAG+5, SPR+5
Resistance: All status ailments (Null)
Reward: (Event) Monster Carnival, (Event) Kilika Woods - Exploration
TMR: Kefka
Black Choker (FFX-2) Black Choker DEF+15, SPR+15
Resistance: Blind (Null), Paralyze (Null), Confuse (Null), Disease (Null)
Effect: Feel the Paine
Reward: Rookie Panel Quests
TMR: Paine
Shortcake Shortcake SPR+54, SPR +10%
Resistance: All status ailments (Null)
Effect: Well-Fed
STMR: Rena
Moonshade Earring Moonshade Earring ATK+53, DEF+53, MAG+53
Effect: Auto-Refresh, Bond with Lilisette
STMR: Lilisette
Fire Ring Fire Ring DEF+2
Resistance: Fire (+5%)
Shop: Felicitas Town, Industrial City Dilmagia, Aquapolis Olderion, Raven's Hideaway
Recipe: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Chest: Ordol Port
Blaze Ring Blaze Ring DEF+4
Resistance: Fire (+10%)
Chest: Lanzelt Ruins - Exploration, Dwarves' Forge - Exploration
Red Ring Red Ring DEF+6
Resistance: Fire (+15%)
Reward: (Flamering Key) Downtown Zoldaad
Ruby Ring Ruby Ring ATK+5, SPR+10
Resistance: Fire (+15%)
Reward: (Quest) The Busy Dragoon
Ifrit's Claw Ifrit's Claw ATK+30, HP +10%
Resistance: Fire (+20%), Blind (Null)
Reward: (Trial) Beasts of the Dark - ELT
Emperor's Ring Emperor's Ring DEF+30, SPR+30
Resistance: Fire (+50%)
Effect: Bearer of Burden
STMR: Emperor Shera
Ice Ring Ice Ring DEF+2
Resistance: Ice (+5%)
Shop: Felicitas Town, Industrial City Dilmagia, Aquapolis Olderion, Raven's Hideaway
Recipe: Grandport
Frost Ring Frost Ring DEF+4
Resistance: Ice (+10%)
Shop: Capital of Despair Hellstya
Chest: Lanzelt Ruins - Exploration
Glacier Ring Glacier Ring DEF+6
Resistance: Ice (+15%)
Chest: City of Illusion
Reward: (Aurora Key) Societal Ruins - Exploration
Cursed Doll Cursed Doll MAG+50
Resistance: Ice (+30%), Confuse (-50%)
Reward: (Trial) The Mad Doll - ELT
Iceblade Hilt Iceblade Hilt MP+50, ATK+40, MAG+40
Resistance: Ice (+50%)
TMR: Kurasame
Cursed Doll+ Cursed Doll+ MAG+72
Resistance: Ice (+80%), Confuse (-100%)
Reward: (Trial) Scorn of the Mad Doll
Spark Ring Spark Ring DEF+2
Resistance: Lightning (+5%)
Shop: Felicitas Town, Industrial City Dilmagia, Aquapolis Olderion, Raven's Hideaway
Recipe: Grandport
Chest: Port City Lodin
Lightning Ring Lightning Ring DEF+4
Resistance: Lightning (+10%)
Chest: Lanzelt Ruins - Exploration, Mobreeze Airship Factory - Exploration
Yellow Ring Yellow Ring DEF+6
Resistance: Lightning (+15%)
Reward: (Quest) Pupil of the Magi, (Quest) Phantom Spirit?
Topaz Ring Topaz Ring MAG+5, SPR+10
Resistance: Lightning (+15%)
Reward: (Quest) The Littlest Spy
Faerie Earrings Faerie Earrings DEF+30, SPR+30
Resistance: Poison (Null), Sleep (Null), Silence (Null), Confuse (Null)
Effect: Faerie's Humble Protection
TMR: Rikku (FFX-2)
Recipe: (Event) Go Go Gullwings!
Water Ring Water Ring DEF+2
Resistance: Water (+5%)
Shop: Felicitas Town, Industrial City Dilmagia, Aquapolis Olderion, Raven's Hideaway
Recipe: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Chest: Dalnakya Cavern - Exploration
Tide Ring Tide Ring DEF+4
Resistance: Water (+10%)
Chest: Lanzelt Ruins - Exploration, Maranda Coast - Exploration
Torrent Ring Torrent Ring DEF+6
Resistance: Water (+15%)
Recipe: (Black Key) Foggy Thicket - Exploration
Reward: (Quest) A Small Repayment
Aquamarine Ring Aquamarine Ring DEF+10, SPR+5
Resistance: Water (+20%)
Reward: (Quest) Miraculous Waters
Brother's Goggles Brother's Goggles ATK+20, DEF+20
Resistance: Water (+30%), Blind (Null)
Reward: (Event) The Gapra Whitewood
TMR: Brother
Lunafreya's Necklace Lunafreya's Necklace MP+75, DEF+24, MAG+24, SPR+52, SPR +20%
Resistance: Water (+30%)
TMR: Lunafreya
Sweet Earrings Sweet Earrings HP+300, DEF+45, MAG+30, SPR+45, HP +30%
Resistance: Water (+30%)
TMR: Sweet Luka
Gigantuar's Mustache Gigantuar's Mustache DEF+35, HP +30%
Resistance: Water (+50%)
Reward: (Trial) Explosion of Needles
Gale Ring Gale Ring DEF+2
Resistance: Wind (+5%)
Shop: Felicitas Town, Industrial City Dilmagia, Aquapolis Olderion, Raven's Hideaway
Recipe: Grandport
Chest: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Squall Ring Squall Ring DEF+4
Resistance: Wind (+10%)
Chest: Lanzelt Ruins - Exploration, Windy Heights West - Exploration
Tornado Ring Tornado Ring DEF+6
Resistance: Wind (+15%)
Chest: Town of Sian
Reward: (Quest) Boarish Pride
Tourmaline Ring Tourmaline Ring MAG+5, SPR+10
Resistance: Wind (+15%)
Reward: (Quest) Protect the Forbidden Literature
Zephyr Cape Zephyr Cape DEF+10, MAG+10
Resistance: Wind (+20%)
Effect: Crisis Evasion
Chest: Moogle Town
Reward: (Quest) Parts Hunter
Jolly Snow Globe Jolly Snow Globe ATK+10, DEF+20, SPR+20, HP +10%, MP +10%
Resistance: Wind (+20%)
Effect: Jolly Set (Globe)
Reward: (Trial) Chamber of the Vengeful - Not Toying Around
Crescent Moon Charm (FFVII REMAKE) Crescent Moon Charm ATK+82, DEF+48, SPR+48
Effect: Null Charm, Wish to Stay Close
STMR: Avalanche's Tifa
Chacco Plushie Chacco Plushie ATK+65, DEF+12, SPR+12
Resistance: Wind (+50%)
Effect: Special Stuffed Animal
STMR: Trot
Earth Ring Earth Ring DEF+2
Resistance: Earth (+5%)
Recipe: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Chest: Village of Kol
Clay Ring Clay Ring DEF+4
Resistance: Earth (+10%)
Shop: Capital of Despair Hellstya
Chest: Lanzelt Ruins - Exploration, Junkyard - Exploration
Quake Ring Quake Ring DEF+6
Resistance: Earth (+15%)
Chest: Ruggles Underground Pass - Exploration
Reward: (Quest) A Thief's Legacy, (Quest) Tunnel to Tomorrow
Sphene Ring Sphene Ring DEF+10, SPR+5
Resistance: Earth (+15%)
Chest: Nirvana Woods - Exploration
Catastrophic Bracer Catastrophic Bracer ATK+15, DEF+10, SPR+15
Resistance: Earth (+15%)
Effect: Catastrophe Set (Bracer)
Reward: (Trial) Chamber of the Vengeful - Armeggeddon
Twilight Relic Twilight Relic ATK+15, DEF+15, SPR+15
Resistance: Light (+20%), Blind (+20%), Disease (+20%)
Effect: Twilight Set (Relic)
Reward: (Trial) Chamber of the Vengeful - Bogeyman Nights
Solar Bangle Solar Bangle DEF+3, SPR+12
Resistance: Light (+15%)
Reward: (Quest) Further Developments
Saint's Gauntlet Saint's Gauntlet DEF+12, SPR+12
Resistance: Light (+20%)
TMR: Sister
Imperial Heels Imperial Heels DEF+10, MAG+15, SPR+15
Resistance: Dark (+15%)
Effect: Set of Virtue (Heels)
Reward: (Trial) Chamber of the Vengeful - The Empress Supreme
Dark Ring (FFV) Dark Ring DEF+6, MAG+52
Resistance: Dark (+30%)
Effect: Power of Darkness
TMR: Dark Mage Exdeath
Dark Gloves Dark Gloves ATK+28, DEF+28
Resistance: Dark (+40%), Blind (+80%)
Chest: Ancient Ruins Level 5
Angel Earrings Angel Earrings ATK+2, MP +20%
Resistance: Dark (+50%)
Effect: Auto-Regen
Reward: (Event) Cave of Shadows, (Event) Homecoming
TMR: Freya
Cloak of Flames Cloak of Flames DEF+18, MAG+40, MAG +30%, SPR +30%
Resistance: Fire (+20%), Ice (+20%)
TMR: Rubicante
Dragon's Crest (FFBE) Dragon's Crest ATK+40, MAG+40
Resistance: Ice (+30%), Lightning (+30%), Water (+30%)
Reward: (Trial) Dragon of the Abyss
Dragon's Crest+ Dragon's Crest+ ATK+48, MAG+48
Resistance: Fire (+30%), Ice (+30%), Lightning (+30%), Water (+30%), Earth (+30%)
Reward: (Trial) Scorn of the Dragon of the Abyss
Portal Charm Portal Charm DEF+3, MAG +15%
Resistance: Fire (+30%), Light (+30%), Dark (+30%)
TMR: Kupipi
Bomb Engagement Ring Bomb Engagement Ring ATK+30, HP +30%
Resistance: Fire (+30%), Ice (-50%), Water (-50%)
Reward: (Trial) Great Explosion Festival - ELT
Magic Control Ring Magic Control Ring ATK+65, MAG+65
Resistance: Fire (+15%), Lightning (+15%), Water (+15%), Wind (+15%), Light (+15%)
Effect: Natura Battle Magic
STMR: Kunshira
Twin Bunny Clips Twin Bunny Clips DEF+35, SPR+35
Resistance: Fire (+5%), Ice (+5%), Lightning (+15%), Water (+5%), Wind (+5%), Earth (+15%), Light (+15%), Dark (+5%)
Effect: Hoppy Memento
TMR: Sylvie
Sorcerer's Cape Sorcerer's Cape DEF+5, SPR+5
Resistance: All elements (+10%)
Reward: (Quest) The Abominable Stone Warrior, (Quest) Going after Materials
Alexandrite Ring Alexandrite Ring DEF+5, SPR+10
Resistance: All elements (+15%), All status ailments (-25%)
Reward: (Quest) Brother in a Trap
Knight's Medal Knight's Medal ATK+30, DEF+30, MAG+30, SPR+30
Resistance: All elements (+30%)
STMR: Awakened Rain
Garland's Cloak Garland's Cloak MAG+60
Resistance: All elements (+30%)
STMR: Garland (FFIX)
Muscle Belt Muscle Belt DEF+5, HP +10% Recipe: (Silver Chest) Port City Lydira
Chest: Zadehl Westersands - Exploration
Impenetrable Pendant Impenetrable Pendant DEF+20, DEF +50%
Effect: Impenetrable Pendant (Ability)
Reward: Parameter Quests
Golden Apple Golden Apple HP +15% Reward: (Quest) I Like it Sparkly
Rain's Insignia Rain's Insignia DEF+3, HP +15%
Effect: Knight of Grandshelt
Reward: Trial of the Burning Soul
Germinas Boots Germinas Boots DEF+5, SPR+5, HP +15%
Ability: Escape
Reward: (Flamering Key) Completion Bonus
Bling Necklace Bling Necklace DEF+15, SPR+15, HP +20%
Effect: Passionate
TMR: Ramira
Cat's Bell Cat's Bell MP+20, DEF+1
Effect: HP Stroll
Recipe: (Trophy) 10 trophies cleared
Chest: Wolfsfang Peak - Exploration
Hero's Ring Hero's Ring DEF+3, SPR+3, ATK +10%, MAG +10% Recipe: (Trophy) 30 trophies cleared
Monarch's Ring Monarch's Ring DEF+5, SPR+5, ATK +10%, DEF +10%, MAG +10%, SPR +10% Recipe: (Trophy) 40 trophies cleared
Domination Ring Domination Ring DEF+5, SPR+5, HP +10%, MP +10%, ATK +10%, MAG +10% Recipe: (Trophy) 50 trophies cleared
Ruler's Ring Ruler's Ring DEF+5, SPR+5, HP +5%, MP +5%, ATK +15%, MAG +15% Recipe: (Trophy) 60 trophies cleared
Ring of Dominion Ring of Dominion DEF+7, SPR+7, HP +30%, MP +30%, ATK +50%, DEF +50%, MAG +50%, SPR +50% Recipe: (Trophy) 70 trophies cleared
Genbu Ring Genbu Ring DEF+7, SPR+7, HP +20%, DEF +20%, SPR +20% Recipe: (Trophy) 80 trophies cleared
Byakko Ring Byakko Ring DEF+7, SPR+7, MP +20%, ATK +20%, MAG +20% Recipe: (Trophy) 90 trophies cleared
Origin Ring Origin Ring DEF+6, SPR+6, HP +20%, MP +20%, ATK +30%, DEF +30%, MAG +30%, SPR +30% Reward: Expert Quests
Untraceable Phone Untraceable Phone DEF+30, SPR+30, HP +15%, MP +15%
Effect: Bounty Call
Ability: Libra
TMR: Mastermind Xon
Great Raven's Cape Great Raven's Cape DEF+15, SPR+15
Effect: Raven's Essence, Phantom Moves
Reward: (Quest) The Legendary Raven
Wind Drake Horn Wind Drake Horn DEF+3
Ability: Jump
Star Quartz: Duggle Village
Flapping Wings Flapping Wings ATK+30
Effect: Dreams of Flight
TMR: Falma
Dragoon's Gauntlet Dragoon's Gauntlet DEF+10
Effect: High Jump
Reward: (Aurora Key) Gronoa Shrine Entrance - Exploration
Lasswell's Insignia Lasswell's Insignia DEF+3, ATK +15%
Effect: Knight of Grandshelt
Reward: Trial of the Tranquil Will
Gauntlets Gauntlets DEF+5, SPR+5, ATK +20%
Effect: Equip L Shield
Star Quartz: Mama Chocobo's Den
Guardian Visor Guardian Visor SPR+30
Effect: Equip L Shield
TMR: Latyl
Shield Gauntlet Shield Gauntlet DEF+28, SPR+25, HP +20%
Effect: Equip H Shield
Star Quartz: Mama Chocobo's Den
Genji Glove Genji Glove ATK+40, MAG+40, ATK +40%, MAG +40%
Effect: Dual Wield
TMR: Gilgamesh (FFV)
Mobius Ring Mobius Ring MAG+55
Effect: Dual Wield
TMR: Fina & Dark Fina
Bracer Bracer ATK+30, HP +15% TMR: Gaffgarion
Japa Mala Japa Mala DEF+3, HP +20%, MP +20%, ATK +20%, MAG +20% Reward: Rookie Panel Quests
TMR: Mercenary Ramza
Patches Patches ATK+15, DEF+15, MAG+15, SPR+15
Effect: Bear Charm
TMR: Xon
Wilderness Scarf Wilderness Scarf HP+50, DEF+32, SPR+30, ATK +20% Chest: Ancient Ruins Level 3
Pioneer's Glove Pioneer's Glove ATK+20, SPR+20
Effect: Mining Technique
TMR: Riley
Vossler's Gauntlets Vossler's Gauntlets ATK+27, DEF+24, SPR+32
Effect: Unsullied Pride
TMR: Vossler
Champion's Belt Champion's Belt ATK+30, DEF+30
Effect: Champion's Belt (Ability)
TMR: Snow
Coin of Fate - Sabin Coin of Fate - Sabin ATK+55
Effect: Training Pays Off
STMR: Monk Sabin of Kolts
Florid Hairpin Florid Hairpin ATK+25, MAG+25
Effect: Fencer's Poise
STMR: Fryevia
Ravenheart Ravenheart ATK+40, DEF+10, MAG+40, SPR+10, MP +10%, ATK +20%, MAG +20%
Effect: Ravenheart (Ability)
Ability: Dualcast
STMR: Malphasie
Upgrade Package Upgrade Package ATK+40, MAG+40
Effect: Life Extension, Security Version Upgrade, Drive Version Upgrade, CPU Version Upgrade
STMR: A.I. Katy
Surfer's Sandals Surfer's Sandals MP +10%, ATK +15%, MAG +15% TMR: Tide Rider Skaha
Celestial Gloves Celestial Gloves ATK+30, DEF+30, MAG+30, SPR+30 Reward: Rookie Panel Quests
TMR: Luneth
PNK-2 Booster PNK-2 Booster ATK+35, MAG+35
Effect: Auto-Limit
Omega Medal Omega Medal ATK+35, MAG+35, HP +10%, MP +10% Reward: (Trial) Ancient Hellbringer - ELT
Omega Medal+ Omega Medal+ HP+500, MP+50, ATK+45, MAG+45
Resistance: Fire (+50%)
Reward: (Trial) Scorn of the Ancient Hellbringer - INT
Chocobo Feather Accessory Chocobo Feather Accessory ATK+45, DEF+45, MAG+45, SPR+45
Effect: Chocobo Protection
STMR: Chocobo Fina
Rhinestone Ring Rhinestone Ring DEF+5, SPR+15 Reward: (Quest) The Late-Returning Adventurer
Feral Horn Feral Horn MAG+5, SPR+10, HP +5% Reward: (Quest) Proof of Bravery, (Quest) Rival Products
Amulet Amulet DEF+3, SPR+3, MP +15%, MAG +15% Reward: (Black Key) Clouds of Lasting Light - Exploration
Earrings Earrings DEF+3, MAG +20% Star Quartz: Town of Kolts
Magic Choker Magic Choker MP+30, MAG +20% Star Quartz: Mama Chocobo's Den
Almaz's Glasses Almaz's Glasses MAG+35
Effect: Energy Conservation
TMR: Almaz
Mystic Sash Mystic Sash MAG+45 TMR: Wadow
Vermilion Flag Vermilion Flag MAG+60, SPR+50
Resistance: Death (Null)
Effect: The Beginning of the End (FF Type-0)
STMR: Wild Card Ace
Nutkin Hairpin Nutkin Hairpin MAG+40, MAG +40% TMR: Vesvia
Facade of Balance Facade of Balance MAG+45, MP +20%, MAG +30%
Effect: Fervor
TMR: Circe
Erinyes Ring Erinyes Ring MAG+40, SPR+40
Effect: Erinyes's Rage
Ability: Quadruple Black Magic
Reward: (Trial) Scorn of the Erinyes - INT
Keepsake Locket Keepsake Locket MAG+55
Effect: Amazing Moments
TMR: Kaktiria
Keepsake Locket+ Keepsake Locket+ MAG+55
Effect: Amazing Moments, Once and Always Family
Recipe: (Event) Gluttonous Consumer of the Cosmos
Heliolite Heliolite MAG+70
Effect: Evershining Stone
Magian Brooch Magian Brooch DEF+3, SPR+3, MAG +20%
Effect: Earth Mage's Knowledge
TMR: Maisie
Ashe's Ring Ashe's Ring DEF+3, MP +30%, MAG +30%
Resistance: Light (+50%)
TMR: Ashe
Magic Amplifier Magic Amplifier MP +20%, MAG +25%, SPR +25% TMR: Grace
Magistral Crest Magistral Crest MAG +30%, SPR +30% TMR: Vanille
Betrothal Ring (FF TYPE-0) Betrothal Ring MAG+40, SPR+40, MAG +40%, SPR +40%
Effect: Auto-Regen
Barbariccia's Bangles Barbariccia's Bangles MAG+50, HP +20%, MP +20%
Resistance: Wind (+50%)
Effect: Winds of Chaos, Standout Archfiend
STMR: Barbariccia
Precious Bread Precious Bread DEF+1, SPR+1, SPR +40%
Resistance: Water (-30%)
TMR: Mirfas
Galbana Lilies Galbana Lilies SPR+30
Effect: Dear Red Flowers
TMR: Reks
Kihana's Necklace Kihana's Necklace SPR+45 TMR: Kihana
Xezat's Journal (FFV) Xezat's Journal HP+800, DEF+45, SPR+45
Effect: Swift Song (Galuf, Warrior of Dawn Galuf, Xezat only)
TMR: Xezat
Aerith's Choker Aerith's Choker SPR+60
Resistance: Dark (+50%)
Effect: Auto-Refresh, Planet Defender
STMR: Aerith
Magick Gloves Magick Gloves MAG+10, HP +5%, MP +5% Reward: (Quest) Defend the Falling Walls, (Quest) Lost by the Adventurer
Ice Headband Ice Headband HP +15%, MP +15%, SPR +10% Reward: (Event) Winter Mayhem
TMR: Charie
Mystical Incense Burner Mystical Incense Burner DEF+3, SPR+3, HP +20%, MP +20%
Effect: Auto-Refresh
TMR: Majora
Defender's Bracer Defender's Bracer ATK+3, MAG+3, DEF +10%, SPR +10% Reward: (Colosseum) Advanced A-5
Domino's Boots Domino's Boots DEF+3, SPR+3, HP +20%, DEF +15%
Resistance: Paralyze (Null)
TMR: Domino
Arsha's Talisman Arsha's Talisman HP +20%, DEF +10%, SPR +10% Reward: (Event) Brigands' Den, (Event) No Bed of Roses
TMR: Elle
Fina's Insignia Fina's Insignia DEF+3, MP +15%
Effect: Eternal Bloom
Reward: Trial of the Pure Heart
Mystical Skull Mystical Skull DEF+3, SPR+3
Effect: Hyper Mentalist
TMR: Helena
Black Belt Black Belt DEF+15
Effect: Counter
Star Quartz: Town of Kolts
Twenty-sided Die Twenty-sided Die Effect: Critical Boost, Physical Evade TMR: Sazh
Clan Master's Headband Clan Master's Headband DEF+12, ATK +30%, MAG +30%
Effect: Evade, Dual Blade Technique
TMR: Jiraiya
Ring of the Lucii Ring of the Lucii MAG+3, SPR+3, ATK +30%, MAG +30%
Effect: Holy (FFXV)
Ability: Alterna, Death (FFXV)
TMR: Noctis
Revenant Necklace Revenant Necklace Resistance: Light (-10%)
Effect: Imbued with the Demon's Might
TMR: Dark Spirit Sol
Grand Star Grand Star ATK+25, DEF+25, MAG+25, SPR+25
Effect: Radiance that Conquers Nature, Radiance that Conquers Civilization, Radiance that Conquers Evil
Reward: (Trial) Chamber of Arms - Warden Welter
Olive's Journal Olive's Journal ATK+40
Effect: Gun Mastery, Machine Killer
STMR: Olive
Coeurl Floatie Coeurl Floatie MAG+70
Resistance: Water (+20%), Earth (+20%)
Effect: Summer Coeurl Rider
STMR: Beach Buoy Shinju
Flower of Reunion (FFVII REMAKE) Flower of Reunion ATK+48, MAG+68, SPR+68
Effect: Reunited
STMR: Cetra Descendant Aerith
Winry's Earrings Winry's Earrings ATK+45, SPR+45
Resistance: Fire (+50%), Lightning (+50%), Water (+50%), Earth (+50%)
Effect: A Tale of Two Brothers (Edward & Alphonse Elric only)
STMR: Edward & Alphonse Elric
Rizer's Crown Rizer's Crown ATK+100
Effect: Phoenix's Fighting Spirit
STMR: Golden Rizer
Kurasame's Cape (FF Type-0) Kurasame's Cape ATK+70, MAG+70
Resistance: Death (Null)
Effect: Proof of Having Lived
STMR: Ice Reaper Kurasame
Troldmand Haircuff Troldmand Haircuff MP+55, DEF+55, SPR+55
Resistance: Fire (+30%), Ice (+30%), Lightning (+30%), Water (+30%)
Ability: Barrier, Human Rune I, Dragon Rune I, Insect Rune I
Exclusive: Healer
STMR: Ilmatalle
Auron's Jug (FFX) Auron's Jug HP+1000, ATK+80
Effect: The Story Continues
STMR: Legendary Guardian Auron
Peacefinders Peacefinders ATK+45, MAG+65
Effect: M Spirit Killer
STMR: Physalis -Neo Vision-
Nomad's Necklace Nomad's Necklace ATK+65
Effect: Jumping Jackhammer
STMR: Skye
Yuna's Necklace (FFX) Yuna's Necklace ATK+55, MAG+55, SPR+60
Effect: LB Damage +50%, Whistle Promise
Ability: Hymn of the Fayth
STMR: Summoner Yuna
Recipe: (Event) Chronicle Battle: Sin
Ashe's Leg Armor (FFXII) Ashe's Leg Armor DEF+32, MAG+90, SPR+80
Effect: Knowledge of Mist, Liberator's Truth
Females only
STMR: Dynast-King's Scion Ashe
Insignia of Avan (Hyunckel) Insignia of Avan ATK+54, SPR+54
Effect: Avan's Teachings (Warrior), Shining Purple Light
TMR: Immortal Hyunckel
Insignia of Avan (Dai) Insignia of Avan ATK+56, MAG+56
Resistance: Lightning (+30%), Dark (+30%)
Effect: Avan's Teachings (Hero), Shining Blue Light
TMR: Hero Dai
Insignia of Avan (Maam) Insignia of Avan ATK+60
Resistance: Water (+30%), Light (+30%)
Effect: Avan's Teachings (Warrior Priest), Shining Red Light
TMR: Martial Artist Maam
Insignia of Avan (Popp) Insignia of Avan MAG+60
Resistance: Fire (+30%), Earth (+30%)
Effect: MP Regen II, Avan's Teachings (Mage), Shining Green Light
TMR: Mage Popp
King of the Lions' Cloak (WOTV FFBE) King of the Lions' Cloak HP+1000, DEF+60, SPR+20
Effect: Heroism of the Lion
Ability: Boon of the Lion
STMR: King of Leonis Mont
Lulu's Necklaces (FFX) Lulu's Necklaces MAG+60
Effect: Magic Booster
TMR: Besaid Mage Lulu
Daisy's Armguard Daisy's Armguard DEF+60
Effect: Power to Fight the Hollow, Shield Mastery
STMR: Daisy
Recipe: (Event) A Journey Filled with Love
Dragon Fang (The Adventure of Dai) Dragon Fang ATK+56, MAG+56
Effect: LB Damage +50%, Dragonoid Transformation Ritual
TMR: Dragon Knight Baran
Flame of Vengeance Flame of Vengeance ATK+53
Effect: Flame of Vengeance (Ability), Burning Pride
TMR: Full Moon Karten
Celebratory Hair Ornaments Celebratory Hair Ornaments HP+1500, MAG+47, SPR+44
Effect: HP +50%, Stone Killer+
Exclusive: Magic Attackers
TMR: Lehftia -Warrior's Prayer-
Kimahri’s Pendant (FFX) Kimahri’s Pendant ATK+80, MAG+55
Effect: High Jump, Leap of the Ronso
STMR: Ronso Warrior Kimahri
Spirit Tiger Mask Spirit Tiger Mask HP+7500, ATK+70, HP +100%
Effect: Tiger Spirit's Protection
Exclusive: Physical Attacker units
STMR: Rain -Warrior's Prayer-
Beast King Flute Beast King Flute HP+1500, DEF+60
Resistance: Lightning (+30%), Wind (+30%)
TMR: Beast King Crocodine
King Gloves King Gloves ATK+50
Resistance: Dark (+30%)
Effect: King's Spirit
TMR: Duran
Admiral's Medal Admiral's Medal ATK+50, MAG+50
Effect: High Honor
TMR: Eldryn
Guy's Belt (FFII) Guy's Belt ATK+45, DEF+55, HP +100%
Effect: Man-Eater+, Gaia's Divine Protection
Yunalesca's Circlet Yunalesca's Circlet MAG+43, SPR+43
Effect: Summoner of Legend's Blessing
TMR: Yunalesca
Pixie Dust (FFX-2) Pixie Dust MAG+100
Exclusive: Magic Attackers
STMR: Songstress Yuna
Crystal Gloves (FFX-2) Crystal Gloves ATK+85
Effect: LB Damage +75%
Exclusive: Physical Attacker units
STMR: Dark Knight Paine
Sand Mantle (Legend of Mana) Sand Mantle ATK+70
Effect: Yearning for Friends
TMR: Elazul
Silver Pendant (FFIX) Silver Pendant MAG+70, SPR+110
Effect: Distant Memory, Layers of Harmony
STMR: Determined Dagger
Kuja's Boots (FFIX) Kuja's Boots DEF+22, MAG+60, SPR+20
Effect: Approaching Desire
TMR: Planet Destroyer Kuja
Magie Schirm Magie Schirm HP+2500, DEF+55, SPR+55
Resistance: Wind (+40%), Earth (+40%), Light (+40%), Dark (+40%)
Ability: Demon Rune I, Fairy Rune I, Reaper Rune I
Exclusive: Healer
STMR: Ihana
Citan's Spectacles (Xenogears) Citan's Spectacles ATK+80
Effect: Unwavering Katana, Liberated Sword Techniques
STMR: The Emperor's Emissary Citan
Elly's Boots (Xenogears) Elly's Boots MAG+80
Effect: Gebler Combat Knowledge, Rising Ether Ability
STMR: Holy Mother Reborn Elly
Holly Headpiece Holly Headpiece MP+80, MAG+60
Effect: Festive Fortune, Holiday Headwear
TMR: Cheerful Caroler Ayaka
Rundarine Rundarine ATK+75
Resistance: Water (+30%)
Effect: Elmont-Style Fun, Underwater Navigation Unit
STMR: Marine-Type Runda
Fina's Summer Jacket Fina's Summer Jacket MAG+80
Resistance: Fire (+30%)
Effect: Must-Have Summer Item, Favorite Cat-Ear Hood
STMR: Vacation Voyager Fina
Gilgamesh's Hood (FFV) Gilgamesh's Hood ATK+81
Effect: Maneater+ I, Hood of the Head of Exdeath's Guard
STMR: World's Hero Gilgamesh
ABI-MK2 Drone ABI-MK2 Drone DEF+40, SPR+50
Resistance: Fire (+20%), Ice (+20%), Lightning (+20%), Water (+20%), Wind (+20%), Earth (+20%)
Effect: AI Assistance
TMR: Master Machinist Abigail

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