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Sub Categories[]

The following effect categories are widely used enough to warrant a maintained list of applicable abilities or equipment.

Category Description
Stats List of stats (ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR) buffs and breaks.
Killer List of increasing damage buffs against certain races.
Ailments List of ailments protection and infliction.
Elements List of element resistance buffs and debuffs, and element imbues.
Mitigation List of general, physical, magic, and cover mitigation.
Evasion List of physical and magic evasion.
Equipment Stats List of equipment stats buffs.
Dual Wield List of dual wield effects.
Drop Rates List of drop rates enhancement effects.
Morale Equipment List of equipment that auto cast morale.
Intrinsic Abilities List of unit exclusive materia that provide significant improvements.
Ability Awakening
Latent Ability
Brave Ability
Explanations of types of upgradable abilities.

Passive Caps[]

Main article: Effect Stacking
Name Value
Stats (HP/MP/ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR) 400%
EQ Stats (Doublehand) 400%
EQ Stats (Dual Wield) 400%
Killer 300%
Killers limit break 50%
LB fill rate 1000%
LB gauge per turn 12
LB damage 300%
Jump damage 800%
EVO MAG 300%
Esper bonus stats 200%
Evoke damage 300%
Break status damage 300%
Common item drop rates 100%
Rare item drop rates 100%
Gil obtained 100%
Accuracy 100%
Evasion 100%
Reduce encounter 100
MP cost reduction 80%
Healing items potency Unknown


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