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Recommended Progression

Day 1

  • Read this entire page.
  • Progress in the story mode (world) until Grandshelt Catacombs to obtain tickets and Lapis.
  • Reroll if you want to, otherwise use tickets or multi summons (Lapis5,000 or 10+1 ticket) to obtain several units.
  • Level up those units in the enhance vortex: Chamber of Experience (energy free until rank 15), or Cactuar Dunes which is open every weekend. Metal cactuars are fused to units to give them experience.
  • Once you have leveled enough, stop doing the enhance vortex and do any available events, but only if it's an exchange event.
    • An exchange event is an event stage that rewards special event currency upon completion. This currency can be spent on useful items, such as awakening materials or equipment.
  • If a raid event is ongoing, you can do that in tandem with enhance vortex.
  • Complete several rookie quests to obtain a lot of resources.
  • Learn how the account system works.

Week 1-2

  • Continue doing raid or exchange events to awaken your units and level them up further.
  • Increase friend slots and befriend powerful units. Use the help of community forums.
  • Continue with the story and obtain more espers and early equipment.
  • Finish the rest of rookie quests.
  • Finish easy trials for equipment. Use powerful friend unit to help.
  • Start doing easy, low rank expeditions, but only use units you can spare.

Future Plan

  • Finish any new event released.
  • Finish story season 1 to obtain Trust Moogle (ALL 100%) and lots of Lapis along the way.
  • Level up and awaken your esper. Raid event will help with magicites.
  • Finish more trials.
  • Start expanding your roster and summon more units.
  • Finish achievement trophies for Lapis and ring recipes.
  • Awaken abilities when they are game changing for your party.


See also: Unit List, Unit Rankings, How to reroll

If you are just starting out, decide whether you want to reroll for good units or not. Rerolling is the process of resetting the game over and over in hopes of getting good or favorable units from the limited summons you get early in game. While it's not necessary to enjoy most of the game with random units, you may get more enjoyment from doing harder content with stronger units, or maybe you just want to steamroll your enemies. See how to reroll.

Lapis & Tickets

Lapis and tickets are the backbone of the game's ecosystem. They are primarily used to summon units. Units are what the players live and die for. And so it is unwise to waste Lapis and tickets without the knowledge of them. While both can be used to summon units, Lapis has a much greater use in the game, and is the game's premium currency that can be purchased with real money.

Summoning Strategy

The game divides the unit pool in two: Rare units and standard units. Rare units can be summoned from various banners, such as featured summon, daily summon, and others. Standard units are considered free units that are not useful for any challenging battles.

  • Base rarity: The lowest rarity of a unit. Summoned unit starts at the lowest rarity. Generally, a higher base means rarer and stronger unit.
  • Max rarity: The maximum rarity a unit can be awakened to. Currently, 7-star★ or NV is the maximum for certain units. Any unit that cannot be awakened to 6-star★ is generally not useful baring some exception.

Short breakdown of the summon rate of rare units:

Rare Summon Rate
Base Rarity Crystal Featured Unit Off-banner Unit Total
3-star★ Blue - - 42.5%
4-star★ Gold - - 42.5%
5-star★ Rainbow 1.5% 10.5% 12%
NV Orange 1% 2% 3%

It's generally advised to summon for a good 5-star★ or higher unit. If reasonable, try to aim for two of a single 5-star★ or higher unit to gain access his/her 7-star★ form, which is most likely if summoning on a featured banner.

If you are free-to-play, consider completing a featured banner step-up, as there are usually guaranteed 5-star★ summons or exchanges. However, as much of the value is in being able to complete the step-up's, if you are unable to, you may be better off doing the daily Lapis250 summons. The Lapis500 summon is not recommended.

In the beginning, whether you plan to reroll or not, you should at least summon some units, either with tickets or multi summon. It helps you fill the party with decent units to start with; if you are lucky, you might get a strong unit right away.

Other use of Lapis

  • Upgrading your slot (units, equipment, materials, etc) is very important and low risk. Upgrade them whenever you are full, but still be mindful and fuse or sell off unnecessary units or items.
    • Do not fuse good units or units with high value TMR.
    • Gil Snappers' only purpose is to be sold for Gil.
    • Metal Cactuars can be fused to other units to increase experience.
  • Using Lapis to refresh your energy will vary depending on your rank. If you have low rank, it's better to buy the energy bundle instead, which gives 120 energy for Lapis100.
  • Using Lapis to revive is not recommended, as you can simply retry the battle.
  • Premium bundles that cost Lapis are generally not recommended to buy, especially expensive ones that cost Lapis2,500-3,000 with awakening materials and metal cactuars inside.
  • Occasionally there are Lapis250-350 bundles containing a Rare Summon Ticket and other goodies. The value of the ticket is debatable. However, since a daily summon costs you Lapis250, it's worth that much at least. You might find the ability to summon more on a good banner without being limited to once per day to also be important.

Sources of Lapis

  • Completing all of story and missions will give you over Lapis110,000.
    • Season 1: Lapis45,130
    • Season 2: Lapis69,930
  • (Renewable) If you were to login daily and complete updated contents, you will obtain around Lapis20,000 per month.
  • When you get a pop-up asking you to give a rating and review to the game, click them to get Lapis100. You don't have to actually rate them to get it. It'll be sent to your inbox. You can only get this reward once.
  • Daily Login Rewards gives you a varied amount of Lapis every month. Simply login every day to obtain the reward.
  • You will get Lapis100 every rank up.
  • Finishing 7 daily quests every day earn you Lapis50. On weekends, you can do 5 more daily quests for an extra Lapis50.
  • Participating in 5 Arena matches daily will reward you Lapis40, whether you win or lose.
  • Finishing a whole dungeon in the story mode will reward you Lapis100. Completing their mission will also reward you with Lapis. Advancing through story, finishing missions as you go along, will give you tons of Lapis.
  • Attaining the gold trophy will earn you Lapis500 each.
  • Reaching a certain Expedition milestone will earn you Lapis100 per week.
  • Spinning the Rewards Wheel up to 7 times may earn you up to Lapis150 per spin, plus an additional Lapis250 after every 50 spins.

Sources of Tickets

  • Events will give out tons of tickets, especially the exchange events.
  • Reaching a certain Expedition milestone will earn you 1 ticket per week.
  • Reaching a certain limited-event milestone will earn you 2 guaranteed 5-star★ tickets.
  • Reaching a certain limited-event milestone may earn you 5★ Select Summon Ticket.
  • Campaign and promotion for tickets are pretty frequent.

Content Breakdown

The game might feel overwhelming to a new player given that it has been updated with so much content, as well as time-limited events. Unlike console games, content in this game requires energy to do, which refills gradually. You can only play so much in a day. Let us break down the content so we can determine which content you should do or prioritize.

World Advancing story is pretty important, and not simply because you might enjoy the story. Many items, while usually not as strong as event items, can be found throughout the world. And you can only obtain Espers by advancing the story.
Events Events are time-limited, and so are their rewards. It's highly recommended that you finish as much as you can before doing other content. Certain events like Raid events don't use energy at all.
Enhance Enhance vortex is an on-demand vortex that fills out certain necessities like money, experience, or materials. They are usually not the best for the job, however, they can be used as a last ditch effort when no other event or vortex is opened. Aside from the daily vortex, There is also a weekend vortex, unlocked every weekend, which contains more bountiful rewards.
Trials There are many types of trials, which are meant to be challenging but rewarding. However, due to the nature of power creep you may find some trials that can be beaten easily by a newer player. Using a strong friend unit will allow you to beat a trial that you normally couldn't.
Arena and Colosseum Concurrent. Uses orbs instead of energy.
Expedition Concurrent. You will need to awaken and level up more units to be able to do expeditions better, but you should do as much as you can every day.
Daily Quests Always do daily quests every day.
Rookie Quests Easy quests intended for beginners. Rewards you with a lot of resources.
Trophies Some trophies will be completed through normal play while some require more work. Since they give Lapis500 for each gold trophy, it might be worthwhile to see which you can complete easily. Not to mention the recipes for strong rings. See Trophy Guide.
Party Improvement
Awakening and leveling up units The majority of the content in the game requires your units to battle enemies. Having a good party with max leveled units is a high priority.
Leveling up espers Not high priority, but try to learn their useful abilities like killers quickly.
Ranking up Concurrent. You will rank up while doing other content.


Main articles: World Map, Towns & Quests, Dungeons, Explorations

Whenever you are exploring a new town or an exploration map, check towns and explorations pages to obtain all of their hidden items and quests. While it might be fun to discover them yourselves, it's very difficult to keep track of them, and some of them are really hard to find. Many quests require you to defeat monsters in subsequent dungeons, so save your energy by accepting all quests beforehand.

Espers can be found throughout the world. Aside from Siren, the rest of them are located in hidden optional dungeons. Esper can be equipped to a party, giving you stats boost and abilities.


Main article: Events

Events can be found by clicking on Vortex. There are several types of events, each with a different system and different kinds of rewards. Event types aren't usually marked in-game, only story and raid events do. Some events, usually holiday events, are unique and differ from the rest.

Raid event and exchange event are good for beginners. They can give you a lot resources you need to strengthen your party. Since events are time-limited, make sure to farm them as much as you can.

Raid event

Raid dungeons use Raid orbs, similar to Arena orbs, instead of energy. They refresh once per hour, up to 5 orbs max. Ranking up or using Lapis refresh will fill up your orbs to full.

Raid event is extremely good for beginners as they can be done without wasting their energy. Coins from raid can be used to summon Metal Cactuar (EXP), Gil Snapper (Gil), Magicites (Esper EXP), and other event only unit/rewards.

Exchange event

By farming the event dungeons, you will obtain a unique currency that can be traded with King Mog/Mog Minister for various rewards: Metal Cactuar (EXP), summon tickets, consumables, awakening materials, exclusive event items, etc.

Exchange event is another good event for beginners, since it has most resources you need. Higher difficulty will yield higher currency per energy. To increase the amount of currency, you can use bonus units, including your friend's unit, in your party. A new summon banner is always introduced during the event that contains new units for bonus, it might be a good idea to summon several units.

Story event

Story events contain dungeons with increasingly high difficulty and energy requirements. These dungeons include story heavy elements.

Story events reward you with ability awakening materials, and various other rewards. The later dungeons might be too difficult for beginners to do. Unlike raid and exchange event, you don't usually farm this kind of event unless you want to farm for the event equipment's materials.

Challenge event

Challenge events are usually introduced as a second week event complement to raid or exchange event i.e. If a raid/exchange event lasts 14 days, this second event will be introduced after 7 days.

As the name implies challenge events are mostly difficult boss battles. As beginners you may not be able to clear this for a while.

Exploration event

Just like challenge event, exploration events are usually introduced as a second week event complement to raid or exchange event.

However, unlike challenge event, exploration events are easier and they are introduced in several difficulty stages.

Enhance Vortex

Main article: Category:Enhance

You will unlock the vortex very early in the story. It can be accessed from the home menu. The enhance vortex is a special dungeon with multiple chambers. One chamber can be unlocked for free per day, while the rest can be opened with Lapis100 each. It's generally not a good idea to use your Lapis for these unlocks.

When you unlock one or more vortex, it will show a timer to indicate when the vortex will be locked. The timer itself doesn't start when you unlock it. Instead, every vortex will be locked at 00:00 PST.

  • Chamber of Crystals: Drops esper leveling materials. Not recommended. Supercite expeditions do not use NRG, are far more efficient and is, in fact, the best way to farm esper experience in the game.
  • Chamber of Creation: Drops crafting materials. Not recommended. It's better to head to the material list, find the one you need, and look for the monsters that drop it.
  • Chamber of Awakening: Drops awakening materials used to increase the rarity of the units. Not recommended, as all awakening materials for lower rarities can be found in the Gil Shop.
  • Chamber of Experience: Gives large unit experience. The amount of experience is generally much larger than the one found in the story dungeons. Recommended to use for leveling your unit. Better rates of experience are given by events, participation in raids, or Mog King farming events, but are generally limited in King Metal Minituars given, or limited time. Cactuar Dunes gives better net experience when it's open.
  • Chamber of Riches: Gives you Gil. Not recommended. With a source of Gil Farmer on ELT, Gil170,000 can be earned. Selling gil snappers obtained from raid events, Daily Gil Hunt, or gil maps are far more efficient.

There are additional chambers in the enhance vortex that are always open and are not confined to the rules above.


See also: Chamber of the Fallen, Chamber of the Reborn, Chamber of Arms

Arena & Colosseum

Main article: Arena, Colosseum

Colosseum and Arena will be unlocked after you reach Royal Capital Grandshelt in the story. They can be accessed from the home screen. Colosseum pitches you against different enemies identical to ones found in the story, while Arena lets you challenge AI-controlled teams made by other players.

It is recommended that you participate in 10 arena battles every day (winning is not required) for the daily rewards and spend the rest of your orbs to finish the colosseum. Afterwards, you can attempt to obtain the trophy for 100 consecutive arena victories or to get higher rankings for better rewards.


Main article: Expedition

Rookie Quests

Main article: Rookie Quests


See also: Trophies, Trophy Guide

Hero's Ring is an accessory that increases your ATK and MAG by 10%, which is very useful for new players. It's also used as material to craft stronger rings like Monarch's Ring, Domination Ring, Ruler's Ring, and Ring of Dominion.

Hero's Ring can be crafted using a recipe rewarded from completing 30 trophies. Most of these trophies can be completed through normal play in just over 2 weeks, as long as you keep in mind some of the requirements, whereas some you have to grind more for. See Trophy Guide for the full guide.

General Tips

Power Creep

Power creep is a process that often occurs in games where new content (in this case units) slowly outpace the power of previous alternatives. This leads to players abandoning previous options in favor of pursuing the latest and more powerful alternatives, resulting in an inevitable increase in power throughout the game. As more, stronger units are released, older content will not seem as difficult due to the power level difference from whence the content was released to what was available at that time. As the game's life cycle continues on, newer content will be released to challenge what units are currently available.

Leveling up


Later you will find that you need more gil for things like Expeditions or Ability Awakenings. By this point, you should have many of the common materials from completing the game normally, and can just sell off stacks of them to gain a large amount of gil. This, combined with events that give you many Gil Snappers, will allow you to have more gil than you'll know what to do with.

Gearing up


The first thing you need to get is a

Stats: ATK+80

from Rookie Quests if you haven't already.



  • Start by gathering equipment from towns, quests, explorations, and events (King Mog, Raids, etc.) to help establish an arsenal.
  • Tackle trial bosses as soon as you are ready; they often provide mid to high tier gear as completion rewards. Check out boss guides to get an idea of where you are compared to the power needed to defeat a specific boss.


Main article: Mission

Trust Master Rewards

Main article: Trust Master Reward


  • Don't over-invest into poor quality units at the start. Main character units like Rain or Lasswell under-perform when compared to other NV base units. Do a little research into the units you initially summon, and invest into those instead. See Rankings.
  • Don't play the story mode straight through, as it is permanent content whereas events can give exclusive equipments, items and units and are time limited.
  • Don't waste your Lapis; use Lapis very sparingly. Spending your Lapis on inventory upgrade will be necessary, but make sure to free up slots first if you can manage.
  • However, don't sell units. Any unit can receive buffs or awakenings in the future, and some units can fill a certain niche which can be used to cheese trials, even 3-star★ and 4-star★ units. Only units that are safe to sell are ones summoned from friend points.
  • Always do arena and daily quests every day. The amount of Lapis and bonus you get from them will add up over time.
  • Not making friends is a critical mistake a lot of beginners make. As you play you'll have the option to ask friend units to temporarily join your party for missions and quests. Start developing an eye for potential friends with powerful unit you can put onto your friend's list. A high-powered friend at early levels can easily carry your group through a tough fight; also, a friend may have a duplicate unit as the one you have, allowing you to synergize abilities or chain attacks without you having to own two of the same unit.
  • Don't chase after NV base unit if you cannot reach the safety net. There is always a possibility that you spend a lot of resources and end up with nothing if you don't manage to reach the net.
  • Don't ignore great 7-star★ max units. Units like Sylvie, Seeker of Freedom Vaan, Nichol of the Epsilon Star, etc. have a lot going for them, especially before you start getting NV base units. A good 7-star★ max unit can potentially be as powerful or as useful as a NV base unit depending on the condition of the fight.
  • Don't actively spend resources to awaken 7-star★ units to NV. Most NV awakenable units are mediocre and are generally worse than NV base units.
  • Keep expanding your roster and leveling up more units. Don't just focus on a select few units after you max them.
  • Take note of your rank up timing. Ranking up gives you 100 Lapis, restores your energy by your max energy (e.g. 50/99 -> 150/100), refreshes arena, raid, and weapon enhancement event if raid event and/or weapon enhancement event is up. You should use up all of your orbs first before you rank up.
  • Don't pay attention to Dark Visions rankings and just try to clear all stages. It is supposed to be a competing ground for veterans and big spenders.
  • Join FFBE Global communities like Facebook and Reddit to get a feel for the game, its endgame, and a sense of the community playing it. Ask for help and advice to get quick responses.