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Energy & Rank[]

See also: Rank Experience Chart

Energy is used to enter a battle. You gain one 1 energy every 5 minutes. The maximum energy you have is your rank level + 40 until level 100. Once you reach level 100, you will gain a maximum energy per 2 levels instead of 1. Rank level is currently capped at 300, allowing a maximum of 240 energy.

Any energy you gain from daily reward or inbox can overflow beyond its maximum, up to 500. Generally, it's best to avoid claiming energy above your maximum from daily or event rewards, unless you are about to use it up immediately because it does not regenerate when above your max.

Every time you gain a rank, you will receive your maximum energy on top of what you have, which will very likely result in an overflow.

Refilling energy using 100 lapis will give energy points equal to maximum quota and may overflow, i.e. a rank 10 player with 5 remaining energy points will have 55/50 after refilling.


See also: Mechanics

Battle Commands[]

Swipe one of the unit panels at the bottom of the screen up, down, left, or right in order to bring up the unit's command window:

  • Up: Normal Attack
  • Right: Ability
  • Left: Item
  • Down: Guard

You can also tap and hold a unit panel to see which direction brings up which command menu.

In the ability menu, you can set a unit's command to use one of its abilities, including magic and specials.

To use items, they have to be set in "Manage Items" menu before you enter the battle. You may also set these items in "Items" menu from home screen.

After setting commands for each of your units, if you tap their panels they will execute their commands in the order in which you tapped them. If no command is selected it's defaulted to normal attack.

Limit Burst & Evocation[]

Enemy may drop burst stone and esper stone when damaged. Burst stones increases your unit limit burst gauge while esper stones increases your party summon gauge. Each unit has their own limit burst gauge while summon gauge is shared with their party.

Once your unit has a full limit burst gauge, you can select its limit burst from the ability menu. Esper's evocation ability is also available in the ability menu if that unit has an esper equipped and the summon gauge is full.


For offensive ability, you can change your target by tapping a monster at the top of the screen. You may also target your own party member by holding tap to a desired unit, once a detail window pops up, tap "Target" button.

For healing or defensive ability, your can select target after selecting the ability. Unlike offensive ability, the target for healing/defensive ability is processed individually. You have to re-select the ability to change the target.

Server Time[]

Daily reset time is based on UTC-8 (PST) at midnight. This will reset the following:

EX Points[]

Main article: EXVIUS Points

EXVIUS Points (or EX Points) is a system designed to reward people who spend real money into the game. You can obtain EX points by purchasing anything with real money, either Lapis or premium bundles.

See the table below for a list of points awarded.

Purchase (USD) Purchase (EUR) Purchase (GBP) Purchase (THB) Lapis Points
$0.99 0.99€ £0.79 ฿36.00 Lapis120 1 (Once a day)
$3.99 3.99€ £2.99 ฿150.00 Lapis500 4
$6.99 6.99€ £4.99 ฿250.00 Lapis1,000 7
$9.99 9.99€ £7.99 ฿375.00 Lapis1,500 10
$19.99 19.99€ £14.99 ฿725.00 Lapis3,200 20
$59.99 49.99€ £39.99 ฿1,825.00 Lapis8,500 50
$99.99 99.99€ £79.99 ฿3,625.00 Lapis18,000 100

Accumulating these points will give you rewards based on milestones. Once you have obtained all rewards, your point will rollover from 0 and you can accumulate them to obtain their rewards again. EX summon tickets, and their guaranteed variants, can be used on a special banner with all units included, similar to rare summon banner.

See the table below for a list of milestone rewards.

Points Reward
1 Lapis100
5 Icon-EX Summon TicketEX Summon Ticket
10 Icon-VIP CoinVIP Coin (300)
25 Icon-1/10 NV Summon Ticket1/10 NV Summon Ticket
50 5-star★ Trust Moogle (ALL 100%)
75 NV EX TicketNV EX Ticket
100 Icon-VIP CoinVIP Coin (1000)
125 Icon-Super Trust Moogle Exchange TicketSuper Trust Moogle Exchange Ticket (20)
150 NV EX TicketNV EX Ticket (2)
175 NV EX TicketNV EX Ticket
200 Icon-VIP CoinVIP Coin (1500)
225 Icon-1/10 NV Summon Ticket1/10 NV Summon Ticket
250 Icon-Super Trust Moogle Exchange TicketSuper Trust Moogle Exchange Ticket (30)
275 NV EX TicketNV EX Ticket
300 Icon-VIP CoinVIP Coin (2200)



See also: Mechanics, Unit List
Stats Effects
ATK Increase physical damage.
MAG Increase magic damage. Increase healing by a smaller amount.
DEF Increase physical defense.
SPR Increase magic defense. Increase healing by a larger amount.

White magic damage such as Banish or Holy uses SPR as their damage modifier.

Leveling up your unit will increase their stats in a fixed growth. You can increase your stats further by using enhancer pots. found in various gameplay modes and events, up to a certain limit. The maximum stats increase differs per unit. You can view your current unit progression and its enhanced stats, called Limit Breaker in-game, by going into unit detail window, and then click on the "Detail" button.


See also: Unit Experience Chart

Experience gained after clearing a dungeon will be distributed evenly to all units. Dead units will still gain experience. Capped units will still take their share of experience. Using a friend unit does not reduce your experience.

Unit Awakening[]

See also: Unit List

Each unit has their own base rarity and max rarity. Base rarity is the rarity of the unit summoned or obtained while max rarity is the maximum rarity the unit can be awakened to, shown as unfilled stars on the unit detail screen. Higher rarity increases the overall power of the unit and what ability it can learn. Certain conditions are required for awakening:

  • Unit is at maximum level.
  • You must have the required awakening materials.
  • You must have the required gil.

When awakened from 5-star★ to 6-star★, the unit will go back to level 1, only this time with higher relative stats, higher maximum levels, and more abilities to learn.

Rarity Max level
1-star★ 15
2-star★ 30
3-star★ 40
4-star★ 60
5-star★ 80
6-star★ 100
7-star★ 120
NV 120

Awakening a unit to 6-star★ requires Materials that are usually obtained during Events.

Awakening a unit to 7-star★ is an involved process, limited to a subset of base-5-star★ units. The unit requires a special Awakening Material, Unit's Prism, which is effectively a duplicate of that unit. More base-5-star★ units will have their 7-star★ awakenings added over time.

Awakening a unit to NV is a more involved process, limited to a smaller subset of base-5-star★ units. The unit's Super Trust Master Reward must already be obtained. The unit requires unit-specific fragments, acquired via converted duplicates of that unit, and ascension pearls. To EX awaken both ascension and transcension pearls may be required.

Ability Awakening[]

Main Article: Ability Awakening

Awakenable abilities are abilities which can be awakened to become even stronger. Awakened abilities are displayed with a different color icon on which their awakening level is displayed.

To awaken your abilities, go to "Units" menu from home screen, and then click on "Awaken Abilities" button. Units with awakenable abilities can be selected. Ability awakening materials and Gil are required to awaken an ability.

Trust Master Reward[]

Main article: Trust Master Reward

Every summoned unit (i.e. not those from story) come with an additional reward called the Trust Master Reward (TMR or TM). These are awarded when a unit reaches 100% in their Trust Master. TMR is obtained in the form of an equipment or materia, separate from the unit, and can be used by anyone.

To increase a unit TMR progress:

  • Clearing a dungeon has a 30% chance to increase trust mastery by 1%.
  • A unit fused with another identical unit will have its trust mastery combined, plus additional 5%.
  • 5-star★ Trust Moogle adds 10% trust mastery to any unit when fused.
  • 4-star★ Trust Moogle adds 5% trust mastery to any unit when fused.
  • 3-star★ Trust Moogle adds 5% trust mastery to a specific unit when fused.
  • 1-star★ Trust Moogle adds 1% trust mastery to any unit when fused.

You will need an average of 334 dungeon clears to obtain 100% trust mastery from 0%. Combining multiple units and using trust moogles will vastly reduce that amount. You won't obtain TMR if you fuse a 100% trust mastery unit to another unit of the same character, to avoid easily repeating the reward (also, it is disabled for equal units).

Trust progress also gives a chance to give bonus items at the end of each story dungeon, during the loot description screen. When a bonus item is awarded this way, the message "Trust Bonus" and the face of the character who triggered the bonus will appear. The chance of the bonus item is equal to the current progress of the unit, meaning a unit that already awarded its TMR will always give a bonus item.

Super Trust Master Reward[]

List of available Super Trust Master Rewards

In addition to the standard Trust Master Reward, 7-star★ and NV units have Super Trust Master Rewards (STMR) that are awarded upon reaching 100%. Unlike regular Trust Master Rewards, the trust mastery value is only increased by enhancing with a duplicate of that unit or with Super Trust Moogles:

  • Duplicate 5-star★ or 6-star★ unit will add 50% trust mastery towards the STMR.
  • Duplicate 7-star★ unit will add 100% trust mastery towards the STMR.
  • 5-star★ Super Trust Moogle adds super trust mastery to any unit when fused.
  • 3-star★ Super Trust Moogle adds super trust mastery to a specific unit when fused.


Enhancers are units that cannot be used in battle, they are used to enhance other units or to be sold for Gil. Each enhancers also has various rarities you can obtain, indicating their value. Types of enhancers:

Icon Name Usage

Metal Cactuar

Metal Cactuar Fused to other units for experience.

Gil Snapper

Gil Snapper Sold for Gil.

Trust Moogle

Trust Moogle Fused to other units for trust mastery.

Super Trust Moogle

Super Trust Moogle Fused to other units for super trust mastery.

Burst Pot

___ Pot Fused to other units for stats (HP/MP/ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR/LB).
Each stat has a different variant of pots.

Mini Tough Door

___ Door Fused to other units for stats limit increase (HP/MP/ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR).
Each stat has a different variant of doors.

During fusing, the process may yield a "Great Success" or "Amazing Success", resulting in 1.5x and 2x the amount of experience gained, respectively. This only affects experience - trust mastery, limit burst growth, and stats are not affected by "Great" or "Amazing" successes.

Enhancers can also be used to enhance the same family of enhancement units, in effect, combining the units and their bonuses into a single unit. For example, two Power Pots, which each boost ATK by 5, can be fused into a single Power Pot and boost ATK by 10 when used as enhancement by an eligible unit.

When enhancing the Metal Cactuar family this way, they do benefit from "Great" and "Amazing" successes, and the resulting Metal Cactuar will yield even more experience when fused by another unit.


A unit can be selected as a leader in a party. There is no leadership feature in battle, so the term is a misnomer. The leader unit cannot be removed from your party.


Main article: Espers

You can unlock various espers from the world map, most of which are optional and hidden, except for Siren, which is part of the storyline. To gain the benefits of an esper, you have to equip it to a unit, located in the units menu, just below the units themselves. The equipped unit can evoke the esper in the same way you use an ability, but your summon gauge has to be full.

1% of the esper's stats as well as any abilities the esper learns is added to the equipped unit. You can level up an esper with magicites, megacites or supercites, with certain colored ones worth 1.5 times more experience. Leveling up an esper increases its stats and skill points. Skill points can be used to unlock skill nodes containing additional stats or abilities. You can also increase an esper's skill points using esper ores, with certain colored ones giving 1.5 times more points.

Once leveled up to a maximum level, you can fight their stronger version in the same dungeon you fought them previously. Beating them will evolve them to the next tier of rarity. Their skill grid will be expanded, and their level reset to 1. But any skill points you accumulated/spent will carry over.

The esper skill grid can be reset, thus undoing all previously spent skill points on that specific esper. One free reset is available, but only for use on one esper. Afterwards, additional resets cost 100 Lapis.

Friend List[]

Friend list slot can be expanded either by rank or by purchasing the expansion with Lapis or utilizing Expansion Vouchers. You get a maximum of 40 slots from rank 20, and you can purchase 5 slots for Lapis100, to a maximum of 100 slots. They add up together for a maximum of 140 slots.

While entering any dungeon you will be prompted to pick a friend unit from a list. This is never a complete list, and is cycled every 15 minutes. You can manually cycle the list by restarting the app or running a low NRG dungeon and picking an unwanted companion. If you pick a stranger unit, you will get a chance to add them once you finish the dungeon. The Friend unit behaves like a normal unit. Once a friend is used that particular friend cannot be used again for 3 hours.

The rank of stranger units the game offers you depends on your own rank. So if you are a higher rank, stranger units offered by the game will also be higher rank.

You can also add friend manually from friend menu. Search Friend allows you to add someone if you know their ID. Add Friend gives you a randomized list of people you can add as a friend.



Main article: World Map


Towns are places you can enter without using energy. Just like towns in other RPGs, you can purchase items from shops, find treasure chests, start quests, and occasionally progress through a story in towns.


There are several types of stage inside a dungeon: Wave battle, exploration maps, and esper battle. Entering any of the stages requires energy.


Main article: Arena

Arena can be accessed from the home screen by clicking on the "Arena" button. In the arena, you will fight against AI controlled units of other players and accumulate points by winning against them. Consecutive wins increases the amount of points you receive. These points are used in a weekly and monthly leaderboard, giving you more rewards the higher you are.

An orb will be consumed to enter a battle. You can have up to 10 orbs simultaneously and they recharge at a rate of 1 per hour from the moment you use one. All 10 orbs are automatically replenished when you rank up.


Main article: Colosseum

Colosseum will be unlocked after you reach Royal Capital Grandshelt in the story. It can be accessed from the arena screen by clicking on the "Colosseum" button.

Colosseum is a game mode that pitches you against different enemies. The battles fought here start easy but get considerably harder once you hit higher rank. The battle is identical to the one found in the story dungeons, with the exception of these limitations:

  • Consumable items can't be used
  • Lapis revival can't be used
  • Friend unit can't be used
  • Actions don't count towards trophy achievement, except for colosseum achievements

You have to accumulate 1000 colosseum points before you can fight the round's boss. Each successful battle adds 100 points while an unsuccessful battle subtracts 50 points. Losing in a boss battle does not subtract any points. After defeating the boss for the first time, a special reward is given and you advance to the next round. A different reward is given for every subsequent victory.

Colosseum shares the same orb system with Arena. An orb will be consumed to enter a battle. You can have up to 10 orbs simultaneously and they recharge at a rate of 1 per hour from the moment you use one. All 10 orbs are automatically replenished when you rank up. It takes a minimum of 825 orbs to complete all rounds of the Colosseum plus 88 more to craft the Blood Sword.

To make your Colosseum party static, you can go to Menu > Option and select Colosseum party. The chosen party will always be your default Colosseum party.


Main article: Expedition

To access expedition, click on the "Expedition" button on the home screen.

This game mode allows you to send units on expeditions to bring back treasure. An expedition has to be funded with Gil and a party of up to 5 units. Each expedition lasts for a specified period of time. Units sent on an expedition cannot be used in normal battle until their return, except for Arena, Colosseum, or battles in the Farplane. Up to 4 expeditions may be running at the same time.

Each expedition is ranked by difficulty, with higher ranks requiring a higher number of more powerful units to complete. Units with higher stats will have higher chance of success. Each expedition has a different bonus requirement, units that meet its requirement will gain higher success rate. You can bring specific consumables to increase the success rate further.

All units that embark on an expedition will receive experience. Successful expeditions will return with some type of treasure, plus a number of Relics which are used to craft Adventurer materia and count toward a weekly set of achievements with additional rewards. Occasionally you will get a great or amazing success from successful expedition. Great success will grant you one additional reward. This reward will be of the same type as the specified expedition reward, but the quality or quantity might be lower. Amazing success will grant you two additional rewards; One is the same as the one from great success, and the other is an Ancient Coin.


Events, Trainings & Challenges are accessible via Vortex. Events usually involves accumulating event points to get a certain reward, or it will drop an event item that can be exchanged from King Mog in the Farplane.

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