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Bag O'Toys+

A large-sized sack of toys said to resemble a much older and bigger one. It has a wide variety of toys made with great love and care by a certain toy-maker of legend. Although it can hold many more objects than a regular bag can, rumor has it that the sack the toy-maker carries for himself can somehow hold an infinite amount of them.



  • This item can be crafted via the "Enh. Equip." menu. It will only be viewable when you have one of the necessary materials to craft it.

Crafting recipe

Materials Gil
Icon-Glimmering Plastic Jewel.pngGlimmering Plastic Jewel (1)
Icon-Bag O'Toys.pngBag O'ToysBag O'Toys
Bag O'ToysBag O'ToysMace
Stats: ATK+110, MAG+40
Element: Ice
Ability: Mistle TossMistle Toss
Mistle TossMistle Toss
Allow use of throwable items
Two-handed weapon

How to obtain