Aura Staff

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Aura Staff

A staff that shines a blue light when held. It has the ability to greatly bolster the ATK, MAG, and SPR of the wielder. The extent of the aura emitted from the staff depends on the physical and mental condition of the person who wields it. While it shines in a bright bluish hue in the hands of the righteous, it releases a subdued air of miasma when held by those with evil intentions, unsettling fears, and the seriously ill.


  • Type: Weapon (Staff)
  • Stats: ATK+21, MAG+12, SPR+53
  • Element: -
  • Resistance: -
  • Additional effect: Enable use of Dispel
    Ability 3.png
    Dispel Affinity-White.png  Lvl 5 
    Remove all status effects from one enemy

Crafting recipe


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