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Attack of Gilgamesh

Battle Info

Difficulty Energy Battle Gil Unit XP Rank XP Clear Reward
80 10 1 1150 10000 1100 Icon-Genji Blade.pngGenji Blade
Complete the quest Lapis100
Defeat Gilgamesh with a limit burst 5-star★ Trust Moogle
Party of 5 or less (Companion included) ATK +30%ATK +30%
No items Bushido - FreedomBushido - Freedom

Boss Info

Race Human


Level 100
HP 1,000,000
MP 3,000
ATK 365
DEF 270
MAG 345
SPR 240
Element Resistance
Fire Resistance Ice Resistance Lightning Resistance Water Resistance Wind Resistance Earth Resistance Light Resistance Dark Resistance
-10% - -10% -10% -10% -10% -10% -
Status Ailment Resistance
Poison Resistance Blind Resistance Sleep Resistance Silence Resistance Paralysis Resistance Confuse Resistance Disease Resistance Petrification Resistance
null null null null null null null null
Other Resistance
Immune to Gravity and Death. Immune to ATK/DEF/SPR Break.
50% MAG Break resistance.


  • Up to 8 actions per turn.
  • HP threshold: 80%, 50%, 30%.
  • Will use Gilgamesh Transform and Bushido - Freedom every threshold.
Name Effect Notes
Non elemental
X Slash Hybrid damage (1.6x) to all enemies
X Slash Hybrid damage (1.7x) to all enemies Slightly stronger below 50% HP
Tsubame Gaeshi Hybrid damage (1.6x) to one enemy
Tsubame Gaeshi Hybrid damage (1.7x) to one enemy Slightly stronger below 50% HP
Barrier Increase DEF (70%) to caster Will use on turn 1
Wall Increase SPR (70%) to caster Will use on turn 1
Break Increase DEF/SPR (300%) to caster See Water Break
Gilgamesh Transform Increase DEF/SPR (100%) to caster Threshold ability
Bushido - Freedom Inflict death to one enemy
Hybrid damage (5x) to all other enemies
Remove all status effects from all other enemies
Threshold ability
Muramasa Fire hybrid damage (1.9x) to one enemy
Decrease ATK/DEF (50%) to one enemy
MP drain to one enemy
Disable with fire attack
Used after 80% threshold
Electrocute Lightning hybrid damage (0.5x) to all enemies
Decrease DEF/SPR (40%) to all enemies
Inflict paralyze (50%) to all enemies
Disable with lightning magic/hybrid damage
Used after 50% threshold
Masamune Water hybrid damage (1.9x) to one enemy
Decrease MAG/SPR (50%) to one enemy
Disable with water attack
Used after 80% threshold
Whirlwind Blade Wind hybrid damage (1.9x) to one enemy
Inflict paralyze to one enemy
Decrease fire/water/wind/light resistance (50%) to one enemy
Disable with wind attack
Used after 80% threshold
Zantetsuken Earth HP damage (75%) to one enemy Disable with earth attack
Used after 80% threshold
Excalipher Light hybrid damage (1.9x) to one enemy Disable with light attack
Used before 80% threshold
Excalibur Light hybrid damage (2.2x) to one enemy
Inflict confuse to one enemy
Disable with light attack
Used after 80% threshold


  • The fight can be simplified into 2 things:
    • Managing his HP threshold.
    • Disabling his elemental abilities.

HP Threshold and Others

80%: Between unit boxes
50%: At the end of unit's HP bar
30%: Between current/max HP divider

  • Gilgamesh will use only 2 abilities on each threshold (80%, 50%, 30% HP):
    • Gilgamesh Transform: DEF/SPR buff
    • Bushido - Freedom: AoE Damage, ST Death, AoE Dispel
  • If you are lacking healing power, make sure to MAG break and guard before each threshold. Having DEF/SPR buffs up and summoning Golem can help mitigate some of the threshold damage.
  • On the turn you are planning to push below the threshold, there is no need to disable any element, since he will only use his threshold abilities and nothing else on that turn.
  • Take care of buffs, dispel, and raise dead party members after each threshold.
  • Many of his attacks are single target, which can be easily tanked with Provoke or Draw Attacks. This will also work against his single target Death effect from threshold.
  • Elemental damage, including earth percentage damage, can be resisted with elemental resistance.

Elemental Abilities

  • Elemental abilities can be disabled by attacking Gilgamesh with that same element.
  • Abilities will be disabled for that turn only. You have to repeat every turn.
  • Before 80% threshold, Gilgamesh can only use one elemental attack, Excalipher. You may skip disabling Excalipher before 80% threshold as it's not threatening.
  • Start disabling his abilities after 80% threshold.
  • Gilgamesh will gain a lightning ability after 50% threshold, and it can only be disabled with magic or hybrid damage. You can purchase Thunder Blade from Magi Nation Mysidia to deal hybrid damage.
    • You can also combine a lightning weapon with any hybrid ability to disable his lightning (Note: Hybrid damage and physical elemental damage are different).
    • Osmose Blade is considered hybrid damage, and it has the added benefit of helping to reduce item consumption or complete the no item mission.
  • An ally can disable more than 1 element by using different elemental ability and weapons. If you're missing weapons or lack innate abilities remember that Espers can have them as well. Otherwise bring crafted abilities (e.g. Stone Blade, Water Blade).
  • Rain with dual wield Rune Blade (Light) and Air Knife (Wind) using Lava Floor (Fire/Earth) can disable 4 elements at once.
  • If you can't cover all elements, try disabling most threatening ones.
  • Disable priority:
    • Lightning (after 50% threshold): AoE Damage, DEF/SPR debuff, and paralyze. Highest priority.
    • Fire: Damage, ATK/DEF debuff, and MP absorb. Highest priority.
    • Light (after 80% threshold): Damage, confuse. High priority.
    • Wind: Damage, paralyze, and resistance debuff. High priority.
    • Water: Damage, MAG/SPR debuff. Low priority.
    • Earth: % Damage. Low priority.
  • If you get hit by Gilgamesh's lightning attack, wait until it wears of or dispel it before breaking the final threshold, otherwise you will not survive it.

Water Break

  • After receiving water damage the third time, Gilgamesh will use Break on that following turn.
  • Water attacks don't have to be used on consecutive turns.
  • Gilgamesh will only use Break once throughout the entire battle (e.g. it will not trigger on the 6th/9th/etc. water attack)
  • This can be beneficial if you bring Dispel since it gives you a breathing room for a turn.
  • If you attempt to get him below threshold and break him on the same turn, he'll use Break instead, with threshold abilities delayed to the next turn.

Setzer Cheese

  • Required units/Espers: Setzer,two or more chainers (Edgar), and someone with an elemental break. Need Diablos with Man-Eater.
  • Setzer setup: (Dual Man-Eater)
    • RHand: Any elemental weapon that both of the chainers can also equip. (Coral Sword Recommended)
    • Lhand: any non elemental weapon
    • Ability 1: Man-Eater
    • Ability 2: Dual Wield
      • Not necessary if dual wield is granted elsewhere.
    • Elemental Break must be at least -10% (Imperil or Coral Sword, both recommended)
  • Chainers:
    • Must have matching elemental weapon to Setzer
  • Setzer Set-up (Single Man-Eater)
    • RHand:Any elemental weapon that both of the chainers can also equip.
    • Lhand: any non elemental weapon
    • Ability 1: Dual Wield
      • Elemental Break must be equal to -50% and match the element used.
  • The strategy
    • Using Setzer's moves double dice/dice and getting 77,777 damage is the only way to accomplish this. The 77,777 damage will be multiplied by either 2.2 (Double Man-Eater strat), or 2.25 (Single Man-Eater) normally. However with the addition of the two chainers who have the same elemental weapon the multiple is increased to around 2* and then 4* damage. Use the two chainers and then use Setzer's double dice/dice as they chain (don't waste time the move is quick) to hit in the chain twice.
      • Math Dual Man-Eater ((77,777*2.2*2)+(77,777*2.2*4))=1,026,656 damage
      • Math Single Man-Eater ((77,777*2.25*2)+(77,777*2.25*4))=1,049,989 damage

Evade Cheese

  • All of Gilgamesh's attacks, except for Excalipher and Excalibur, can be evaded. However, secondary effects like Death or Paralyze can be applied even if the attack misses. Still, with the right gear, a single unit can be used to defeat Gilgamesh with auto attacks.
  • Unit Requirements:
    • 100% Evade
      • Evades the damage from Gilgamesh's attacks, except for his Light element attacks.
    • Weapon w/ Light Element
      • Seals the Light element, preventing Gilgamesh from using Excalipher and Excalibur.
      • Neither of these attacks can be evaded. Excalibur also inflicts Confusion.
    • Resist Death (Null)
    • Resist Paralyze (Null)
      • Nullifies the Paralyze effect from Electrocute and Whirlwind Blade.
      • Paralyze will cancel the Evade effect and allow all of Gilgamesh's abilities to deal damage.
      • This is available from several sources, but Assassin's Vest provides it along with 10% Evade.
  • This strategy can be used to complete all of the Missions.
    • The Trust Moogle mission requires getting the last hit with a limit burst, which can be tricky to time with just one unit.
  • If you can't meet the other requirements, you can still benefit by having a perfect dodge unit, usually Noctis/Ling, using Fish/Provoke to evade most of his attacks.
    • Raise them if they are KO'd by death.
    • You can also use two perfect dodge units and raise the other unit when they have died, but the effort required would be even greater than doing this fight normally.


Note: List was last updated on August 21st 2017.

Elemental Weapons

Name Type How to obtain
Beast Hammer Hammer Event reward
Candy Gun Gun Event reward
Chirijiraden Katana Event reward
Fire Rod Rod Craftable, Chest
Crimson Saber Great Sword Event reward
Flame Lance Spear Craftable, Quest reward
Flametongue Sword Craftable, Chest
Vernard Sword Event reward
Wind Drake Talon Fist Chest
Dandelga Great Sword TMR
Lightning (Use with hybrid skill)
Coral Sword Sword Craftable, Quest reward
Mighty Hammer Hammer Event reward
Rod of Lightning Rod Craftable, Chest
Shock Whip Whip Craftable
Sparky Gun TMR
Thunder Spear Spear Chest
Aqua Blade Sword TMR
Brotherhood Sword TMR
Trident Spear Craftable, Chest
Water Drake's Rod Rod Event Reward
Viking Axe Axe TMR
Air Knife Dagger Gale key completion bonus
Kaiser Knuckles Fist TMR
Kazekiri Katana Purchasable
Sonic Knuckles Fist Gale key
Zwill Crossblade Dagger Event Reward
Survival Edges Dagger Event reward
Wind Spear Spear Craftable
Artisan Spear TMR
Gaia Blade Sword Event reward
Golem's Staff Staff Gale key
Durandal Great Sword Event reward
Excalibur Great Sword TMR
Healing Staff Staff Fat chocobo
Holy Lance Spear Fat chocobo
Rune Blade Great Sword Chest

Notable Units

Unit Notes


  • Can equip high variety of elemental weapons
  • Can cover wind element
  • Auto-Potion do not count in "No item" challenge!


  • Has 100% light resistance
  • Can heal party with Curaga
  • Has Dispel, Focus
  • Very useful limit burst

Dark Fina
Dark Fina

  • Has Dual Black Magic
  • Can cover water, wind, lightning, and earth elements
  • Draw back is her survivability


  • Can equip all elemental weapons


  • Can equip high variety of elemental weapons
  • Can cover wind element



  • High evasion
  • High MAG break
  • Can raise party members
  • Can remove all status ailments
  • MP battery






White Knight Noel
White Knight Noel

  • Has many tanking abilities
  • Can cover wind element

Warrior of Light
Warrior of Light

  • Has many tanking abilities
  • Has 100% light resistance
  • High MAG break
  • Can cover light element
  • Can Raise an ally if needed


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